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Reviewed 15 March 2009


This site describes itself as "One hot model covered in cum by up to 50 guys." As part of the hardcore Meat Member network, is another in their lineup of gonzo reality style offerings. If you're a bukkake fan, (bukkake being a Japanese term for groups of men cuming on one chick,) this site is a great choice to fulfill your fantasy. The chick usually starts each scene masturbating or playing with a dildo, and there's also some girl/girl lesbo action in some scenes. A bunch of guys (yeah, up to 50!) jack off and take turns cuming on her in various scenarios and setups. The girls offer their lovely faces for a drenching of mass proportions, but not before they've gotten the dudes worked up, teasing, showing off their pussies and boobs, using dildos and other toys. There's a creative and diverse range of scenes here, kind of a Roman orgy feel. After the girl has gotten the guys hot and worked up, the action really gets going as they start chanting and yelling when they're ready to get down and dirty. In the lead up to this, the camera shows the guys playing with themselves, sometimes doing close-ups on their facial expressions, hands down their pants, etc. as they all focus intently as a group on the sexy stuff the girl is doing.


None of the guys are pros - (unless there's a few hiding in the batch!). These are Average Joes, all sizes, shapes and ethnicities. The girls are also a nice array of varying body types - big boobs, smaller tits, white chicks and some ebony babes, upscale model looking types like Isabel Amour, etc. so there's a girl for all tastes, always a big plus. The one thing they all have in common is that they're gorgeous and nasty, they love being the center of very wet attention while showing off their yummy bodies and driving guys over the freakin edge. It's a rare guy who'd turn down a chance to fill the hot and eager mouths of some of the hottest chicks in porn like Lisa Sparxxx, Jennifer Dark, Missy Monroe and more, so it probably wasn't too difficult for the producers to quickly assemble a roomful of horny guys eager to blow their load. I'd say it probably took about two seconds and they had their bukkake crowd assembled and ready to stroke. Wow, this experience must have made their day or maybe their entire year, eh? And this is the real deal - no fake dongs spewing fake cum. The guys jack off until the girl is a mess, her hair drenched and mouth filled to the brim. So let's get in here and take a closer look so you'll know a bit more about


The main Tour page features sneak peeks into 16 of the scenes, with trailers and scene descriptions. The scenes average around 30 minutes, and are downloadable in WMV format. The site has only been online since November 2008, so at this time, their archive contains 19 videos. The good news is that this is a regularly updating site within the huge Meat Network, averaging about two weeks in between. So, with membership here, you're getting a mass amount of porn. If they continue to add to ItsFacials, there will soon be lots more vids for your viewing pleasure here.


I previewed their latest update featuring Michelle Avanti. Michelle is a beautiful brunette stunner with hot and natural looking breasts. The scene starts with her alone on the set and a big pink sign that says "Bukkake Salon" on the wall. We see her sitting in a hairdresser's salon chair wearing a sexy pink bra and little skirt, a lot of nice teasing, showing her pussy, then she masturbates with a large Rabbit dildo vibe, (a sparkly one  woohoo!). As she gets more turned on, the camera pulls back and we see the roomful of guys intensely stroking. Then we get a bonus - what appears to be one of my fave chicks, Ashley Blue, enters the scene wearing latex gloves and holds her hands above her head, clapping ritualistically three times as if to give the signal: "Let the games begin!" Ashley is like the Bukkake Hairdresser Queen of the Day. Cool and funny. Now we know what the word "salon" means - this is a sperm treatment beauty salon and Ashley guides the action as the guys jack off into Michelle's hair - nothing like a warm protein treatment to make a babe's hair shine, eh? Ashley thoroughly rubs cum into Michelle's hair and forehead while talking dirty. Very creative and nasty scene, nice camera angles of her boobs and facial expressions, and I really liked the dialogue of the chicks while the guys shot their loads. The video contained 110 screencaps, and 200+ hi res pics. The hi res were quite good, many large screen. The vidcaps were smaller and of average quality. They were available in slideshow format, but no zip file. Running time: 29 minutes. You can download each clip separately or download the entire movie in WMV format. Members can rate each scene - 1=ugly as sin, 10= sexy as hell.


I previewed their top rated update featuring blonde Trinity James. As with the other scene, it starts with her alone, first playing with her pussy for the camera - getting herself turned on - then using a glass dildo while she lays on a desk. The tease masturbation build up is always a hot part of these scenes. Then it cums time to pull the camera back and  again reveal the roomful of stroking guys who finally reach the point of no return and start yelling "Hey Ho Let's Go!", the signal to start the bukkake action. The guys step up and cum in her eagerly open mouth, tongue out, while she holds a large cup which she drools into until the stem part of the cup is full of a mixture of her saliva and their cum. She takes load after load and really looks like she's getting off on it like a true bukkake loving whore. She then drinks the collected cum from the stem of the glass. Running time: 30 minutes, with 100+ vidcaps. This particular video didn't contain a hi-res photo gallery, although most of the movies at the site do have both types of galleries. Again the vidcaps were just okay - nothing spectacular. The hi-res are much better for seeing all the close-up action.


Customer Support is available via 24/7 live chat, by phone or email. Bonus content on top of the huge network of sites includes a mega feed of DVD's covering all the popular niches, fetishes, etc. Wow, that's a lot of bang for your buck and great value.


My general impression: fulfills quite well the niche it was designed to target: a place for bukkake fans that dig watching nasty girls taking loads of cum in a gonzo/reality setting. These girls love being front and center while guy after guy gets off. It's not for everyone - if you're turned off seeing a room full of guys stroking and moaning, there's plenty of other sites within the big Meat network to divert you when you join.


The Meat network contains several other facial sites - Fucked Up Facials, No Cum Dodging Allowed and Facial Cum Targets, so there's plenty in this network for fans of facials. But, Its Facials is all about the bukkake, so for those who dig this type of content, I think you'll find it's worth a trip to the Bukkake Salon just  to see that  chick get a sperm shampoo! Over time, I think this site has potential to add even more crazy, wild scenes, so definitely worth keeping an eye on!


30 days access will set you back £29.95, though 90 days, priced at $59.95, will just about scratch the surface of this huge network.


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