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Reviewed 15 August 2010


I had an inkling this site was going to be epic as soon as I heard I’d be reviewing it. I mean, a site that goes by the name ‘In The Crack‘, has got to be good right? In fact it deserves an extremely large fluorescent pink outlined tick in its super smutty box for this alone. But its not just a dirty headline. This is a luxurious babe site with a twist. Some of the worlds most cock hardening chicks including Carli Banks, Eufrat, Isis Taylor, Kayden Kross, Lexi Belle and Sunny Leone are lined up and if that was all, I would leave a happy man, however its much more than that.


If I didn’t know better content appears to have been pulled directly from the ‘Ultimate Guide to Gynaecology’ handbook - the only thing missing is overlaid titles with arrows pointing to such things as ’The Clitoris’ or ’Labia Majora’. Unlike a female anatomy guide these pussies are picture perfect and were never destined for some dusty bookshelf. The pictures and videos were shot for pure unadulterated sexy fun and the term ‘in your face’ has never been more apt. Ultra close up imagery is standard and these girls are kind enough to insert speculums for the best possible view of their cervix (that’s the ‘thing’ in the picture on the right, third down). I tell no lie this is a masturbation master class - lube and Kleenex at the ready! has been online since 2001, and thus is a well established site with a humungous cunt rich archive and high end production values. Keeping up with technological advances over recent years means its high resolution images all the way and true HD movies are  the norm. Earlier content is obviously of the period but still very good indeed. Currently there are 400+ photosets containing just shy of 200 images per set and 700+ 30 minute movies in the video vault. That’s a lot of porn folks. Material is updated two or more times a week so the collection is guaranteed to grow (like my cock did when I perused the site).


The WMV only movies are displayed in a very appealing way with a very good scene description, file size, movie length and four download options (sampler, 640x360, 1280x720 and 1920x1080). Each presentation is split into smaller parts which is handy as there is no streaming material. The full HD movies are a sight to behold and I just wanted to fist fuck these horny chicks and consume their succulent and glistening inner sanctum… SLURP… TMI? This is the real deal - some sites talk it up but this one fucking delivers - has turned me into a frigging screen licker!


Photos are served up in an equally impressive way, with a host of options (such as how many thumbnail images per page, thumbnail size or whether or not you want enlargements to open in a new or the same window). Plus there are multiple resolutions to choose from (typically 2000x1800, 1800x2400 and 2400x1800 - the latter, larger than life size). There are two download options (small or large images in zip files) at the foot of each gallery page.


Action is always up close and personal and feature some very exciting solo and multi girl scenes with an emphasis on gaping pussies, spread open wide gash courtesy of medical speculums, fisting, masturbation with finger and dildos, squirting orgasms, chocolate starfish views and one of my all time favourites… pissing. I wish more sites would focus on this fetish and while I have seen a lot of average sites over the years this one does full justice to the golden gush. Watch as pee shoots out of the tiny pink exit cascading over what is already a sopping wet cunt - awesome! Imaginative sets add to what is already a first class production.


Although the membership price of $34.95 (for 30 days unrestricted access) is marginally higher than regular, I think its well worth the additional outlay. is 100% exclusive, perfectly executed and to be fair you pay a premium for anything this special - figure it out - Ford or Ferrari? Enough said. Crack’s have never looked so good! Highly recommended.


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