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Reviewed 07 April 2011


I Fucked Her Finally” is all about banging that teen dream you always wanted to fuck but somehow she never let you no matter what. Probably because you were too shy or inexperienced to try anything. Or maybe she was out of your league in the looks department. Whatever the case, there’s always that ONE you fantasize about, yearn for and would love to capture but she gets away.  Well, these guys finally fuck their girl, and I found this collection of 49 videos to be excellent for serving up some steaming hot first time virgin pussy plundering.


The site launched in Jan. of 2010 and has been regularly updating since then, about every two weeks. It’s also part of a huge network of porn sites (20+) which are geared toward the teen niche, so if that’s your scene, this site and the network in general is the place to spend a lot of time. Be advised that this is Euro porn so for the most part, you won’t hear any English spoken. But the well written and horny scene descriptions make it quite clear what’s going on!


Each video is a variation on the theme of a guy trying to get in the pants of an innocent pretty girl who hasn’t gone “all the way” with him yet.  I always love “first timer” material and this stuff is pretty damn good. The girls fit the part with their fresh pure teen looks while the guys use their persuasive charms and a few good lines (well, in Russian anyway!) to seduce the object of their lustful desire. That’s the turn on here and it’s played quite realistically unlike a lot of American porn in this genre where the porn star girl has a very difficult time faking that she’s a virgin!   It looks real here, lots of painful moaning upon penetration and throughout the scene.


The videos start with the guy and girl talking, usually on her bed but some scenes are outdoors, so there’s a nice variety in the “foreplay” element… the one weakness is that we don’t know what they’re saying in the beginning because of the language barrier, but soon enough, there’s no need for words.  The guy usually starts making his move by gently fondling her breasts, kissing, working his way down and you can tell the girl is getting hotter and hotter by the minute.. This initial portion usually goes on for about 3-4 minutes so if you’re eager to get into the action you can always watch by clip instead of downloading the whole movie.  As I said, it looks like the chicks are getting turned on for real and that’s always my way of judging  good porn… does it look real and make you want to see more and more of it? For me, it does at “I Fucked Her Finally”.


I checked out two movies here and watched both all the way through which I sometimes don’t, but, I got hooked on these and stuck around from start to finish.  So, that’s a good sign! I watched the update from Jan. 2011 featuring “Dorothy”, a slender pretty young blonde with long hair. In this scene, her boyfriend of one month is sick and she goes to his place to bring him some food. Awww, how nice of her!  He starts kissing her and eventually coaxes her to remove her top, baring her lovely petite firm breasts. She’s on her back and gets her first taste of intercourse showing an authentic pleasure/pain response and facial expressions. There’s some kissing interspersed so it really is done like a horny young couple having their first sex. True, this isn’t a particularly original theme in pornoland, but if a site does it well or perhaps better than others out there, I have to give it honest high marks for doing a good job of it.


The guy then goes for the BIG A… yeah, ANAL! I didn‘t expect there‘d be anal, but he tongues her butt hole a bit and  takes her back door virginity with a solid railing that goes on for awhile. Again, she’s really good and authentically into it as a first time anal virgin would be. The video also contains oral - her on him and him on her and he finishes off in her mouth. Overall it’s a quite exciting video and one I would recommend.  It contains a photo gallery with beautiful large photos that track the video, available for download in zip file and viewing in slideshow.


The second video was from December 2010 featuring “Vika” another pretty slender blonde. As with the other video, they begin by chatting on the bed and she eventually sheds her top and shorts to reveal her cute matching bra and panties. The foreplay action is really hot and Vika is as real and authentic as Dorothy in her sexy reactions and the look of first time pain.  This video also includes anal.  Wow, maybe in Eastern Europe all virgins get a back door surprise for their first time, eh?  Well, whether they do or not, it seems to be part of the package at this place!


The camera work is awesome, and the girls spread their legs wide open in mish, doggie and on their side so you can see every painfully exciting  thrust.  Even though I know you probably aren’t watching the guys, I felt they also did a great job….not rough or abusive, just hot young studs who love to make out, fuck, and bang their beautiful virginal hard to get girlfriend. Solid sex action all the way. There’s some hot oral action too, with these gals sucking dick to perfection.


Viewers can leave comments and rate the videos and it’s always interesting to read prior comments and suggestions.


Click on “Updates” and “Recent Updates” to find out when the next episode is scheduled.  As indicated, they are regularly updating this site about every two weeks and I was pleased that it hasn’t stopped. There’s an excellent and continuing archive of hymen busting fun in this collection. Oh wow, did I just say that? Yeah, I did!


To find out more about the models click on “All Our Girls”, currently 354 in the network. The main weak point is a lack of a more robust search engine to help you find precisely the type of girl or scene you want. You can break it down by Name, Date and Rating, but it would be nice if there were more ways to search, by hair color, boobs, etc. Click on a model’s photo and you’ll be led to her bio information and links to other scenes she appears in at the network.


Customer Support is available via 24/7 at the “help” link to answer your billing and technical questions.  Members are also encouraged to leave comments after the movies to receive extra membership benefits!


It’s easy to navigate around here, the links are clear and self-explanatory.  The Tour page is also good for getting a feel for the hot content, watching previews and seeing if this is your cup of tea. As a part of a BIG network of fresh teen porn, plus a growing and regularly updated archive of what I consider to be above average “cutie chick loses her virginity” material, I think it’s safe to say you will find what’s on offer here to be quite good. These girls take it like a champ, maybe they love their boyfriend enough to give him the ultimate gift, their pink bodies, spread legs wide open and delightful moans.  And maybe after you watch these videos, you’ll also be able to say “I Fucked Her Finally!”


30 days access costs just $29.95 (recurring) and membership includes access to a HUGE porn network  with  over  27+ Euro teen sites, 4,000+ movies,  hundreds of girls and regular updating!


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