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Reviewed 04 August 2009 is another reality style site from the makers of BangedInPublic, DateSiteLiars, MyFirstButtSex and ShareMyBackseat (see reviews for more details). No prizes for what this site is all about. Join fucker Markus on his quest for nubile pink lady cracks - and when he finds them he knows exactly how to pleasure them - all in fucking brilliant quality 16:9 HD!


This is 100% guaranteed German hardcore and as we all know our continental chums certainly know how to dish up porn - cock sucking, facials, anal and ‘normal’ up the cunt action is served up hotter than a Chicken Madras garnished with chilli flavoured napalm!


All the sites in this series are identical in layout, navigation and features. Obviously the content is totally different but barring that, that is it. Everything works as it should and like I’ve said before despite it being simplistic its quite pleasing visually and laid out competently.


I like the fact as a member, you can cast a vote for all the XXX scenes and even add them to your favourites - which is handy because none of the content can be downloaded. There is a well thought out slideshow tool for the photo galleries, with numerous options to enhance your viewing pleasure. Resolution is described as being XL or XXL (which works out at 900x600 and 1500x1000 respectively). The photos are big, crisp and clear.


This site (like all the others - see links below) is new so the archive is not bursting at the seams yet - currently 32 movies and the same number of matching picture galleries - but with weekly updates this will be expanded.


Unfortunately, as with all the sites in this series, although the movie content is superb quality full screen 16:9 HD and available in Low/High formats (700kbps/1.5Mbps), they are streaming only. No downloadable content, including images (I suppose you could right click the photos… save as… but that’s a bit time consuming. The host server lags like fucking shit too. Disappointing because the quality, content and length of these movies is top notch. Lets hope this situation changes sometime soon.


The off the wall style humour appeals to me as does the hardcore fucking and general quality feel! Comparing this type of site with others it compares well - only let down by the slow streaming and complete lack of downloads. If these issues were addressed it’d be up there with the best in the reality realm. Having said all that, $19.95 (30 days access) is definitely very competitive and cheaper than most, so if you have a bit of time on your hands its still worth a look.


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