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Reviewed 23 June 2009


Through the course of my work here at XXX Pwnage, I receive a fair number of emails. Mixed in with my usual bag of annoying spam merchants (talking of which don’t you just hate those pharmaceutical fuckers incessant emails that start with ‘Hi TINY D1ck‘?! The ’i’ in dick replaced with a ’1’ to get through my anti-weirdo defences - cheeky bastards!), but I digress. One which really took my eye was from a girl called Kelly Anderson. Its not everyday I receive emails from hot sexy babes (worst luck) and it just got better. Here was an invitation to review her site. Okay I have reservations about solo girl amateur sites. There are literally thousands of clones out there - all of varying quality. I have no shame in saying my benchmark is and always has been, a site I hold in high esteem (ditto Desirae Spencer - aka ‘Miss Sex on Legs‘). To surpass my am-icon, this site would have to push boundaries to the max. So I gathered up the login info, clicked the link and entered for the first time.


Well, my first impressions were, WOW! Kelly hails from Ft Lauderdale, Florida, and is, without a shadow of doubt, cock bulgingly gorgeous. A picture perfect blonde stunner with stats to match (36-28-34). This sweet girl, looked way to innocent to be doing what I saw on the home page - a double take - are my eyes deceiving me? - no, she really is gulping down spunk like its going out of fashion! A dirty start is always good.


From the obvious title you’ll have figured out that Kelly is indeed a housewife - a cheating housewife at that. She can be found fucking and sucking off her husband Shawn one minute, the next his best friend(s), all captured on HQ video! And did I mention she is bisexual? No, well she is, so fans of girl on girl are more than catered for, with some pussy licking exploits to raise the temperature even higher than a midday siesta on Cocoa beach in July.


Okay, a general overview of the site is in order. Navigation is simple, nothing complex about a top situated menu with quick access headings: Home, Bio, Photo Gallery, Live Webcam, Bonus XXX, My Friends and Blog. All self explanatory. Initially when you login to the Member Area, you will arrive at the ‘Videos’ section (the most recent listed first). This makes sense as this is by far the hottest area. I noted that there were five pages here. Thinking well, it looks good so far but maybe there isn’t much content? Duh, forget that. I scrolled down… scrolled some more, then some more. Fuck, this page goes on forever. Slightly overwhelmed (and bear in mind I’m usually underwhelmed) this was completely unexpected - 176 superb quality amateur videos on the first page alone. If there are five pages like this we are so on to a winner here, I thought to myself - and we are - and there is!


Bear in mind this is a genuine 100% amateur hardcore - so it came as a complete, yet pleasant surprise to find features akin to mega buck production here at The very latest videos come in a number of download/streaming formats. Low Speed, High Speed plus Podcast Download and PSP (iPod suitable). As always download the highest quality for best results. Some of the archive material is only available in standard WMV but its all good.


As regular readers will know I do love a good photo gallery and when you click the appropriate link you’ll be greeted with three options: Video Screenshots, XXX Photos and My Girlfriends all slideshow equipped. I would have liked to have had access to the video screenshots from within the Video homepage, but that’s a relatively minor issue. The XXX Photos are where its at here. There are currently 105 individual photo galleries featuring Kelly in a variety settings, poses (including stunning lingerie sets) and girl/girl, girl/boy fuck fests - all dated and available in some eye popping resolutions (average being an impressive 897x600 right up to super high resolution 1616x1072, which truly are fucking great). Individual images vary up to a max of 150 or so and some of the older material (dating back to around 2007) don’t come zipped up to download but hey it would appear this is where the site is headed long term.


Kelly, whom incidentally sports a beautifully smooth waxed pussy to expose her luscious pink lips, also performs live on webcam at least once a week where her fans can interact with her and get a personal ‘show’ - well worth checking out! Click here for a screen capture I grabbed during my visit - the show lasts about one hour and then you can take Kelly into ‘private’ for your own entertainment!


And as if you needed more content… check out ‘My Friends’ a place to check out similarly inspired sites with freebie galleries to entice you in.


If you care to take a look at the galleries we have provided here you’ll get an idea of what to expect from this oh so dirty girl… messy hand jobs, blow jobs, cum swallowing, public flashing/exhibitionism, group sex, group masturbation, fucking, feet wanks, anal with toys… the list goes on and on and I’m sure more fetishes will be added and she takes requests seriously too (‘Kelly takes a piss’ is my request!).


Summing up… I don’t say this lightly but this is one of the most professional amateur sites you’ll find online at this juncture. It has everything you could wish for and more than I expected. Weekly updates. The scores don’t lie, our highest ranking amateur site ever… fucking rocks!


Joining is easy and very cheap too. $24.95 gets you 30 days unrestricted access (recurring at just $19.95 per month thereafter). However the very best value deal is to sign up for $89.95 (180 days) which then recurs at a mind blowing $15.95 for 30 days thereafter. Get in there now!


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