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Reviewed 05 April 2011


It’s a dangerous world out there filled with horny bad guys wearing freaky black masks lurking around unlocked doors, just waiting to break in and grab whatever they want. “Horny Thief Tales” brings the fantasy of “break and enter” to life at this site.  Every woman’s worst nightmare and every guy’s secret bad boy wet dream cum true….fucking a pretty helpless teen senseless while robbing her home. But at this site, the cutie teens oddly seem to get into the action (after putting up a bit of a struggle), going along with whatever the bad guys want, which always includes yummy blowjobs and presenting their lovely tight pussies for a good railing.


This site is a fairly new addition to a network of 20+ sites, launching in 2010 with 28 videos currently in the collection. The girls are fresh faced Euro teens, all natural with perky tits and innocent looking faces. Their appearance heightens the fantasy and naughty thrill of the videos here, which usually start with a pretty girl asleep in skimpy shorts, panties or tank top, sometimes in bed, sometimes on her sofa, suddenly rudely awakened to find two big dudes in black ski masks wanting a lot more than money or jewelry! The guys start fondling and groping the scared chick while she unzips their pants and gets busy on their poles. Before you know it, a mini orgy is underway. In one of the vids, they flip the script a bit and the robber is a chick breaking into a guy’s place. When the guys come home and catch her, they take their revenge out on her pussy! Hey, what‘s a guy to do, right?  In another video, two very hot babes are sunning topless on their patio when they hear a noise and go inside to investigate. The horny thieves grab them, but soon realize that this is a fabulous sexual opportunity from heaven and a wild  fucking fourway ensues.


While this isn‘t the most original of themes, the girls play their roles well.  I particularly enjoy that the guys wear masks. That’s a pretty popular fantasy both of guys and chicks, the anonymous attacker freak in a mask, so, it’s good to see that fetish played out here. In most scenes, they keep the masks on throughout the sex action.


Even though the theme is hardcore, the guys don’t nastily abuse the girls. There’s a bit of ass slapping and forceful mouth and throat fucking, but it’s not over the edge. The underlying concept is that the girls to an extent enjoy what’s happening, along with the idea that fear leads to pussy pounding wet arousal. These gals find out how panty-soaking a good dose of terror can be! And yeah, it’s every woman’s fantasy to be taken by masked intruders! No brutality is needed to subdue these “victims”, the robbers are able to get what they want without being excessively cruel mean boys! It’s just “rough” enough to keep it interesting.


There‘s a minimum of dialogue and it‘s not in English which  is probably  a huge plus factor for a lot of you, no boring or distracting stuff to get in the way of pure action.  The sex is straightforward and consists of blowjobs, mish, doggie, cowgirl, etc. with both of the guys working the girl from each end of her tender bod. No need for toys or artificial assistance here… just solid fucking, sucking, deep throating and titty fondling.


Click on “Recent Updates” to see all the updates across the network. “Horny Thief Tales” has been doing an excellent job of getting the debauchery flowing your way, with updates approximately every 10 days. The “Upcoming Updates” link shows the next video in the pipeline, and it’s a positive sign that there was indeed another “thief” video ready to roll in the next 10 days.


Each video has a sexy and well written scene description that gets you in the mood and fully explains the setup. You should also check out the Tour of this site for scene previews, photos, and trailers. This network tends to specialize in teen material, so it’s no surprise the girls here emphasize that “look”- pink shorts, cute T-shirts and socks, A-cup bras, etc.


There’s a fairly good variety here… they might want to switch it up  a bit and vary the sexual acts or introduce a few more kinks into the mix, but overall you can’t go too far wrong watching creamy petite Euro girls opening up wide for the camera as two masked men go at it!


Movies are available for full download in high/lo quality or you can stream/download by individual clip in WMV or flash (hi/lo quality). The movies run an average of 30 mins or so. Picture quality is excellent, and each vid comes with a big picture gallery available in zip file and slide show with huge, crisp photos. Viewers can comment on each episode and also rate the vids. They say that active members who give accurate and detailed comments can earn additional free membership days - nice! Navigation is easy and straightforward, with a clear toolbar at the top which also includes all the bonus sites in the network and pics/info for all their girls (354) with  stats and bios plus links to  other videos they‘ve done in the network. And WOW, nearly all these girls are teenie lovelies, so if that’s your preference, you’ll find heaven on earth here.  You can search by model also.


Click on “help” for Customer Service to get technical or billing assistance. They provide a phone number for 24/7 support.


“Horny Thief Tales” fills a niche that a lot of people dig even though they might not admit it.  If you want hard HARD badass stuff, this place isn’t quite at that speed, but it’s kinky enough and the sex and camera work showing the petite girls pussies and mouths getting railed more than makes up for any “softness” in the approach. These “crimes” end in wild and wet sexfests and as they say, “If all robberies ended this way, such crimes would be greatly appreciated worldwide!” Hey, it’s a win for everybody! I think you’ll enjoy this site if it’s what you’re looking for and as part of a very good network that updates regularly with 20+ sites and over 4,000 movies, it merits taking a look. And who knows? You might be inspired  to  get one of those sexy black masks for your own personal “robberies”, hmmm?


Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days recurring action which includes access to 27+ top notch teen sites!


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