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Reviewed 15 August 2008


If you've never looked at a preggo sex site before, now's the time to expand your horizons. Over the past few years, preggo porn has really grown in popularity. Why? Because it's the perfect blend of forbidden and taboo mixed with fertile, hormonal lust and all that weird stuff you're not supposed to watch but DAMN it sure is hot to look at anyway! Society doesn't tend to view pregnant women as sex machines, spreading their legs wide on camera for the whole freakin' world to see, but the gals at sure luv to do it. Seeing horny, expectant moms with a bun in the oven getting their raging hormonal needs satisfied with some deep fucking, vibing or lesbian pussy licking is guaranteed to push your buttons and get the juices flowing. If you don't believe me, you really need to take a look at this site. Technically, preggo sites are categorized as "fetish", but who cares what they call it - it can definitely be extremely erotic and a real turn on.  Even if your first inclination is to say, no way, you might be surprised if you give it a try. I never thought I'd like this type of porn  either, but  now I'm completely hooked  and totally "get" it! which is part of the Monster Network, has apparently been around since 1999, with content going back that far, enough time to build up a fairly sizeable picture and video collection that'll keep you busy downloading for a while. This is a simple site to navigate. Once you're in their Members area, you simply click on a pic or video that appeals to you and take it from there. The top bar has a simple set up that takes you to the full Monster network or their extensive DVD archives. Currently, there's 100+ photo sets  and  50+ videos. Videos can be downloaded in two formats:  wmv and Realtime. Most of the videos run around 20-30 minutes, and they've also been divided into 5 minute clips if you don't want to download the entire movie. Some of the frisky preggos have photo sets  only, while  others have a video (or combination of  both). This is clearly listed under each scene image. The photo sets range in size from around 30 to 100 or more, and they've got everything from lesbian preggo sex, threeways, solo masturbation, public/outdoor scenes, dildos/vibes, and of course, good hardcore guy/girl preggo fucking. I saw one intriguing pic of a pregnant babe pushing a lawn mower outside, so there truly is quite an array of things to hold your attention! The photos can be downloaded as zip files. The most recent  photos are of a sexy  babe named Tiffany sucking cock and playing with a dildo.


However, if you have any doubt as to the hardcore content, here's a quick description of one of the videos:  


The last of the four exclusive Tracy scenes is probably the best. It is a scene featuring a very angry lover/boyfriend who is pissed off at Tracy because she is not doing any of his house chores. He gets really rowdy with her and fucks her really violently in her tight asshole. He treats her like a true whore even writing the word WHORE on her ass. Check out this hardcore exclusive!


Indeed! Looks like the sacred state of pregnancy isn't off limits when it comes to giving these babes a hard workout. So, don't worry about this just being a collection of girls gently fingering their pussies.


Some preggo sites tend to lean more toward girl/girl action, and from looking through the pics, there seems to be a fair amount of lesbian fun here, as well. But frankly, what's more arousing than two horny, frustrated  pregnant chicks licking each other's swollen pussies and having a  nasty good  time together? I also personally liked that the females here, while attractive, generally aren't the glamor porn types, but more average looking, everyday women who are natural in their pregnant state (stretch marks and all), although there certainly are many who look very erotic, fresh and quite appealing, in various stages of expectant motherhood. It's the reality feeling that often makes preggo sites so compelling and a nice change from the unreal porno bods that most ladies will never have, pregnant or not!  And if you're a boob man, what's hotter than seeing those swelling, lactating tits wobbling all over the place? Yummy! These guys really like sucking on their lady's inflated titties - lots more to love! You can see all that and more at


I would have liked the photos and videos to be clearly divided into their respective categories - Threesomes, Sex Toys, Oral, Lesbians, Hardcore, and Solo Sets to make it easier to find  what I wanted.  They've been posted in order of update, so categories are interspersed  on each page. Therefore you'll have to look around and see what catches your eye.   


The latest update was 4-08, so they obviously are in need of refreshing. However, in this case the lack of updates  is  not really a huge concern, because when you join the Monster Network, you also have access to 27 bonus sites which include THREE more preggo sites: Knocked Up Nelly, Knocked Up Nikki and Preggo Abuse. They seem to update somewhat more  frequently with fresh material. So, between these four sites, you should definitely be able to get your preggo sex fix satisfied. There is some crossover between the sites with a few of the same images showing up at all of them, but nothing excessive.


In addition to their preggo offerings, if your tastes  tend toward the more unusual, fetishy stuff, the Monster Network features some unique content such as Tranny Abuse, Nana Funk (freaky outrageous  granny sex), Cunt Abuse, Gag Abuse as well as Her First GangBang, Gaya Patal and Indian Stuffers (Indian porn) and many more.


The Monster Member Area has a huge DVD Archive consisting of 8,000 DVD's, 3500 scenes, and 30,000 movies.  Go into their Mega Feed area to search for all their current DVD offerings by category, title, or star (I searched the  preggo category and conveniently found their top three preggo full-length videos - Pregnant Fantasies, 2, 3 and 4, all available for download in high, medium, low resolution as part of membership).


With the combination of unusual content which includes four preggo sites, along with  the general ease of getting around this large network of DVDs and other bonus sites, the price is right. They  also  have a  free live webcam as well as live 24/7 tech/billing support.    


Membership starts at just $1 for a 1-day trial, $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 90 days. So who knows?  Maybe  you'll add a new fetish to round out your porn collection!


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