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Reviewed 02 February 2010


Everybody has their "first", and at, it's all about eager teens having their first sexual experience with older experienced MILF females who are just as eager to give them a preview of hot lesbian lovin. This is one of the bonus sites which is part of the PremiumPass network and features 44 extremely arousing, stimulating and steamy scenes. It's been online since 2007 and even though it's no longer updating with new video content (the photosets are updating as of 2010), this erotic and thoroughly TITT-a-lating collection will have you hard and/or wet in no time. Or a combination of both! Sure, the title is somewhat unimaginative, but titles in the porn world, as we all know, can be deceiving. I found HerFirstMILF to be a surprisingly good time - the mature ladies at this site for the most part are perfect for their roles, with just enough cougar sophistication and seasoning to portray ultra sexy seducers in search of fresh pussy, and the younger girls are suitably young in appearance with lean bods, perky tits, and that air of innocence mixed with their own desire to learn and experience the naughty secrets of older hotass women.


All of the sites at PremiumPass are laid out the same, so once you're a member and know you're way around, the navigation is quite simple. The top toolbar  for the network shows "Home", "Photosets", "Freewebcam Shows", 'Bonus Sites", "Search/Browse", "Support" and "Friends" Using those links will get you access to all the latest updates across the network, and you can use the search/browse engine to help you find precisely the smut you're looking for, by pornstar name or niche.


The Home page of HerFirstMILF shows thumbnail pics with date posted and featured performers. The last video update was on April 28, 2009. The pix look quite sexy and hot, and if you're into pigtails, wow, this is Pigtail City! Many of the teens wear braided pigtails with cute little barrettes in their hair and teen outfits. I previewed 7-8 scenes and found that what you get is a mixture of scenes - the earlier ones from 2007 were clearly done exclusively for HerFirstMILF and follow a gonzo type scenario in which a seductive older MILF intros the scene and says she's running a scam posing as a "talent agent" complete with pretty pink business cards for "Sugar Babes Modeling" as her ruse to lure beautiful, nubile teens back to her lesbian love nest for some action. Later scenes at the site consist of different content which appears to be shot by our wonderful porno friends in Eastern Europe. So, you get a nice blend here to suit every taste - the American style gonzo featuring some names you'll recognize like Jenny Hendrix, Holly Halston, and Jacqueline Rose (this MILF is GREAT, don't miss her!), combined with smokin Euro style lezzie older woman/young babe scenes featuring chicks you may not be quite as familiar with, so I think the mixture of styles and content is a plus.


I checked out the latest scene posted from April 2009 featuring Aurelia and Gia. When you click on the thumbnail pic, you're taken to the video download area which shows you the performer names, scene description, running time, and date posted along with 8 graphic scene photos to give you a sneak peek sample. It's a good thing they include a description because the Euro shot scenes that I looked at contain no dialogue, probably because they speak little or no English. All that chit chat that annoys many viewers is kept to a minimum. If you read the scene synopsis, you'll be able to follow along with what the premise is. Most scenes start with a brief tease, with either the teen or the MILF posing and flashing a bit, and then it's down to business - the business of breaking in a hot young chick! In the Aurelia/Gia hookup, Gia is wearing a pin-stripped suit and pearls. Lots of juicy close-ups of oral, fingering, fondling and moaning make this one a winner. The MILFs usually wear stockings, corsets or garter belts which look maturely hot next to the teens in their pigtails, panties and knee socks. Most of the scenes also include toys, usually a dildo, plus a strap -on sequence which both chicks use on each other or trade off while playing and pleasuring. I would categorize this as a fairly softcore site, but the older woman/ young teen theme as carried out here is certainly arousing and will give you plenty to fantasize about. Most scenes end with the chicks kissing passionately. The running time on Aurelia and Gia is 26 min and includes a set of 80 stills from the video available for download in zip file. The stills are not huge, but fairly good quality, enough to save for your private stash.


The second scene previewed was also from 2009, another Euro style with Dara Lee and Yenna. Oops, no scene description on this one, it says "description coming soon". Actually you can figure it out pretty easily without any help: the teen is learning to play the guitar (awww, how cute!), and the MILF, a busty and quite sexy blonde in a low-cut dress is "teacher". She teaches plenty alright, but not guitar! I liked this scene even better than the other one - the girl has the nasty little vixen expression on her face that so many of the European teen porn babes seem to acquire naturally. Lots of oral, fingering, dildos, and much kinky moaning and groaning from both these females will make you wish this was a threeway so you could jump in there and give the girls a hand!  The MILF looks the part in her elegant stockings and garter belt, and at one point they both dildo themselves at the same time. Great interaction and realistic chemistry between these two, plus some realistic orgasms! It ends as the other one did, with passionate kissing. Running time is 27 minutes with a pic gallery that tracks the vid.


I would have liked to see a bit more variation in sexual action in some of the scenes, although with each pairing there's a different "feel" so that helps to keep things interesting. It also helps that most of the babes here are quite good looking, particularly some of the MILFs. There's a few that may not be to your taste, but for the most part, they're quite the hotties. I saw very few I'd rate as being below par and in fact quite the opposite. They really do an admirable job of making sure the MILFs and teens don't look the same damn age! I hate sites like that, and I know you do, too, so this one gets an A for effort on that score.


Having given the "Euro" portion of the site my attentions, I thought it was about time to sample the American porn featuring the gonzo, "I'm a talent agent" ruse scenario. I checked out a scene with teen Jenny Hendrix and MILF Jacqueline Rose. All I can say is, these two are freakin hot together, with oral, fingering, dildo, strap-on and... dialogue! yay! So for all you guys and gals who get off on at least a bit of conversation between two horny chicks, one teen, one mature, you might prefer these scenes to the Euro style content here. Jenny Hendrix is great as an innocent girl on a bench recruited to model by the awesomely sleazy MILF Jacqueline, and when I say awesomely sleazy, I mean that in the most complimentary way! The camera work is great, you get to see pussy licking at its finest with a lot of ooohs and ahhh's along the way. Running time: 27 minutes with the stills photo gallery.


Regarding the photos at this site, the best place to see their highest quality pics is to click on "Photosets" in the top navigation area. You'll see regularly updated galleries (approximately every week or so), either solo sets of the girls and MILFs or the chicks posing together licking, sucking and fucking. Available in zip file and bigger, better quality than the video stills. It would be an improvement if they would indicate which gallery goes with which video or include a link to the photosets in the video download area. Again, be sure to avail yourself of the browse/search options if you're looking for pics of a particular model through the PremiumPass network search areas.


Videos at HerFirstMILF are available in clips in high res WMV or low speed MPG, or you can download the full movie in WMV or MPG. I found the video quality and camera work to be quite good in the WMV clips. I also like being offered a clips option in case I don't feel like watching the "tease" portion of some of the opening scenarios.


Click on "Support" for the PremiumPass Member FAQ area with 24/7 live chat assistance, billing, membership and other helpful information.  


If you dig the cougar/teen niche, both Euro and American style and love watching pussy being seriously licked, fingered and fucked to orgasm, HerFirstMILF will be one of the sites at PremiumPass you'll enjoy cumming back to quite often. As indicated, they are continuing to update photosets at this site, even though they haven't been adding new videos. Regardless, I think you'll be turned on to the max even if the title is a little boring! There's nothing boring about the girl/cougar stuff here!


A two day trial costs just $2.95, whereas regular a 30 day membership costs $29.95. Best deal is 1 year priced at $89.50 which works out at an amazing $7.45 per month!!! Join by credit card and get access to the entire exclusive Premium Pass Network of Sites today!


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