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Reviewed 29 July 2011


I’ve been really spoilt this summer looking at so many hot solo chick sites! And to round off July here’s another one courtesy of


Unlike the previous US babes I’ve been eye fucking, Heather hails from Alberta, Canada, though she now lives in Arizona. As with Tyler Faith, Heather has accumulated a massive archive of pornography over the years and a small proportion of it can be found here at here official site. Apparently she is big into video games which coincidentally so am I - so if you fancy lobbing your “frags” my way Heather, I’ll return the favour with some “stickies” up your twat. (reference COD Black Ops - what a sad fucker I am!).


Anyway, continuing with a theme - the content is small like most of the bonus sites. I think I’d call these network fillers, as there just isn’t the volume to really pull off a fully fledged “proper” site in their own right.


There are 44+ photo galleries and 33+ movies right now and looking at the update schedule I wouldn’t get too excited about anything new being added. For example, the last photo update was February 2011 and the last video upload was January 2011! Excuse me while I shout from the rooftops… SPASTIC SHITHEADS!


Okay now I’ve got that off my chest we can move on... I think we can safely say that’s all folks at, shame as there are some randy sets inside her domain. Especially the hardcore movies and lesbian scenes. I must say Heather is fucking beautiful - a really sexy girl. A natural blonde too if her finely tinted pubes are anything to go by. As always a skanky looking tat above her cunt spoils what was a blemish free zone, but that is just how it these days. Join my campaign to get tats out of porn!


Photo quality is exceptional with high resolution images throughout. Members can download stellar HR sets in zip files or view from a choice of high/medium resolution online in a slideshow thingy. Quantity varies and you can expect anywhere from 37 to 100+ images per set. Sharp images and equally sharp settings plus descriptions add a touch of class.


Video quality hit some highs and then some lows with the finest on offer coming in at 1280x720 MPEG-4 HD and 960x540 WMV HD. There are also some good Mobile formats. Don’t expect any feature length movies as there aren’t any, just short (up to) 10 minute clips - at least its 100% exclusive.


The small archive and non existent updates are bugging me today so you’d have to be a devoted fan to think $29.95 for 30 days access is a good deal - It isn’t - however as a network of 12 chick brimming sites it is! Desperately, needs more content and the kiss of life badly if it is to survive in these cash strapped times!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 3 Stars
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