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Reviewed 21 June 2011


This is a site devoted to the hardcore fetish of fisting, where horny girls get their hole stretched wide by a fist going in wrist deep and beyond. A big cock isn’t what these lustful lesbos are after, they want a huge filling! Intense and wild! Most of the scenes here are lesbian girl on girl, although there are a couple of threeways and a girl/guy fisting session. If watching a chick take a hand up her twat is your fetish fantasy, Hard Fisting won’t disappoint and will definitely give you a freaky fresh archive to salivate over long after you’ve surfed elsewhere.


Currently there are 40 fisting vids, the earliest going back to September 2010, with regular weekly updates each and every month. The girls here are Latina, a mixture from Brazil and other Latin American countries, so there’s probably quite a few babes you may not recognize which is always a plus factor. Natural bods, mocha skin and tropical hot sun add up to a fisting fuckfest you won’t forget!


While this isn’t a gigantic archive of material yet, it certainly contains quite a lot for this niche category, growing steadily. As part of an even bigger porn network, this site is a super addition to their fetish line up. Fisting may not be everyone’s sexual cup of tea, but for those who dig it, this is a great site. When they say “hard fisting”, they mean it!


The Member’s area, as with all the sites within this network, is very clearly and nicely laid out, with the main categories on the left side of the screen, including  Videos (40), Pictures (40), Models (481), Network Channels, Fetish DVDs (83), Fetish Videos (354), Fetish Pics (17,000+), Bonus Sites (73) and webcam, adult dating, sex toy links. The explicit thumbnail photos for each vid entice you to pick and choose which hot fisting action to sample first! At the top is the latest update, (Title: "Vaginal Fisting Right Past The Wrist"), with a simple and clear link to play video and pictures. Each scene shows the featured performers and includes a well written description of the fisting action waiting for your kinky viewing amazement.


Many of the scenes take place in an outdoor poolside location, and even though they do tend to use the same general locale for many of them, believe me, you won’t care about a bit of repeat locations when you watch two hot naked lesbians fondle, tongue and kiss each other, then proceed to work their wet slippery hand up each other's vag with moans and sometimes screams of pain/delight. If you're into sexual noises, you'll get a lot of audio erotic pleasure from listening to chicks getting fisted!


Most of the girls wear white T-shirts that say “Hard Fisting” across the front. Nice advertising! But those shirts don’t stay on for long. Before you know it, they’re tossed aside for full titty exposure and access. I previewed 4-5 scenes (okay, it was more like 7! ). Proof positive that the material definitely got my attention! I just couldn’t get enough and had to see more more more! So let me hit the highlights of some of what you’ll see here: "Cute Lesbians Enjoy Vicious Fisting" was super hot, starting out with two girls, one blonde, one brunette, kissing and fondling erotically. But don't let their softcore ways fool you, they get down to fisting business. Explicit close-up shots of hand in pussy, clit masturbation and stretched vag in all positions will get you OFF. Thankfully there's no silly script or set up, and since the girls don't seem to speak English, there's no unnecessary talk. Just hardcore sex action. The outdoor area is quite beautiful and adds to the exotic feel. Each chick gets her share of fisting attention until they both have wild orgasms brought on by the full filling of an entire hand in their vag! Running time 25 minutes, with a whopping 749 photos. The pics are large stunners and give you the opportunity to save some graphic fisting shots. Available in slideshow format at different speeds as well as zip file download.


Another hot scene I'd recommend is "Interracial Lesbians Love Fisting" a juicy makeout session progresses into a lustful and long fisting. The black girl has a lean taut bod, the white chick is softer with a more passive attitude, but both are horny as hell from the deep sensations of hand up twat! Whew! Running time 31 min with 1142 photos.


A unique twist on girl/guy fisting is found in "Guy Inserts Entire Hand In Twat" - the guy has a small dick which the girl sucks off, then he uses his fist all the way up her stretched wide hole to give her ultimate pleasure. Nice! A threeway scene is super hot also - "Fisting Threesome With Some Anal Action" - wow, what more could you ask for? The guy gives his babe a heavy fisting workout, and when it's a guy's hand, you know that's gonna be a wide and painfully filling load! Then another girl joins them to continue fisting her, and finally the babe rides his cock reverse cowgirl  anal. Again, nothing is spared, no limits to giving you an eyeful of pink pussy lips spread wide, hand inserted all the way, different positions and angles, great camera action. Scenes run an average of 20-30 minutes long with tons of hot pics in each gallery. The main focus, though, is definitely on girl/girl fisting interaction. One of the earlier scenes from 2010 had some dominance going on, hair pulling and aggressive fisting finger fucking stuff that was also really intense.


Viewers can rate the scenes, comment, or add them to favorites. The videos can be viewed in streaming using the flash player choosing various settings from auto, to low, med, high and HD. Or you can download the entire video in MPEG4 low, med and high. You can also skip ahead in the flash player to get to the "good stuff" if you're not into lesbian foreplay.


The photo galleries are underneath each video which I liked because I could glance down and preview a bit to see how hot it was. From what I saw, there isn't anything here that isn't fairly scorching! You can access the galleries that way or at the left hand area of the screen. Navigation has been made wonderfully organized, logical and easy at the sites within this super network.


Click on "Models" for more information about the fisting pornstars, all their videos, general information, similar videos and ratings.


Since this site is part of the fetish area of the network, clicking on Fetish DVD's and Fetish Videos gives you an amazing one stop location to download and view hundreds of fetish oriented content, which you can easily search by using the huge keyword menu, everything from insertions to industrial to denim jeans... they've got ya covered in the fetish arena! Want some fetish pics? How about a choice of over 17,000? I think you'll agree this is one bigass bunch of porn!


Customer Service is available online 24/7 to answer membership, technical and billing questions. The Bonus Sites link takes you to all 70+ extras that you get with your membership, an incredibly diverse array of smut, everything from mainstream to bizarre to you name it!


If you've been curious about fisting, what it is, how it's done and what it looks like, or if you're already a fan of this sexual activity, Hard Fisting will educate you, turn you on or both! Also, if you're into Latina babes, that's what's on offer here - there are blondes with pale skin, too, so it's an exotic line up of ladies in all shades and styles. Overall, their look is natural, few or no fake boobs, which I also like.


So, take a walk on the wild side, take the plunge, and check out Hard Fisting!


Best buy: $9.99 for one month! Thousands of hours of video, DVD's and photos at one incredible network! Payment accepted by credit card, online check (USA only), or phone/Ukash.


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