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Reviewed 16 April 2010


I must confess, I dig wedding porn, seeing brides in pristine white dresses on their sacred wedding night getting fucked hard and defiled  by their eager groom, so of course I had to check out I usually don't review sites with only five videos as is the case here, but since it's part of the mega All Elite Pass network, where you get 60+ bonus sites with your membership, I decided to indulge my bridal porno passions and check it out.  Also, there's not much out there on the Net in this niche, so that's another reason to take a look if you yearn to see this type of material. Now that I've fully justified my actions (lol), I'll be happy to give you the guided tour of this Chapel of Love...


Honestly, small though it is, this is a really entertaining site with some surprisingly hot fucking. The scenes are all filmed reality style in Las Vegas, Sin City baby, so for me that's an added bonus, seeing shots of the city, tourists wandering around, and just getting a taste of the atmosphere. I like to think of some porn sites as mini travelogues! That's just me, but hey, it's part of the overall fun package at times.


The gimmick here: a newly married couple is approached by "wedding photographers" for a deal on some nice wedding pics, but in pornoland, we all know it's not the whole story, right? Right! The naive, trusting newlyweds head back to their tacky Vegas honeymoon suite where they're offered an even more tempting deal: allow the photogs to film their graphic first-night sex action and in exchange, get all the wedding pics for FREE! They're promised that no one, and I mean NO ONE will ever ever ever see a copy of the sex tape (not even mom or dad or the relatives!), so naturally they can't pass up an awesome deal like that. The horny couples at HardcoreBrides are down for anything.


All the vids here posted in May 2009 with no further updates on the horizon, so as indicated, what you see is what you get. As part of a network, on the main page you'll find loads of ways to search/browse the offerings across the board at All Elite, by keyword, category or content. It's a huge network with thousands of vids, photos and DVD's for all tastes and types of action.


Most of the bridal/wedding porn I've seen is from Europe, but this is 100%, all American, red white and blue. At the members area, you'll see pics of the five videos, with title and date. I previewed three of the five, and they were all really funny and hot. The girls are freshly pretty/attractive and do a great job of playing their little bridal role. I thought the guys were even funnier... uber sleazy, the type who'd hire an Elvis impersonator at the chapel. These guys are lounge lizards par excellence in their cheesy suits, and all of them do a great job of playing the smarmy groom. If you've ever been to Vegas, I'm sure you've seen some real life versions of these folks!


Since there are so few vids here, I'll only discuss the contents of one: "Just Married!". Click on the thumbnail pic and you'll be in the movies area which lists the featured performers, keywords, and brief scene description. Each vid starts with the main title. This one: "The Wedding Video of Amber and Chris". Awwwwwwww! It opens with Chris sitting nervously, smoking, and wearing sleazy shades. I swear, this dude looks just like the guy who sold me a fucked up Xerox copier back in 19XXX lol... In fact, he's so sleazy he's hot, with his phony big toothy grin and stupid tie. The "photographers" chat with him and Chris says that he's a Mormon from Utah. He's 38 and his bride is 20. Wow! How'd he score that? Pretty damn hilarious and well worth watching. His new bride Amber, also a Mormon (lol), is wide-eyed and ready to begin their first night together as man and wife back at their Vegas suite. Sweet! LOL!


The blushing bride is wearing a tiara and holding a cheapo Vegas wedding bouquet. It doesn't get much better than that! But let's get down to business, shall we? After hearing the photographer's offer of freebie pics in exchange for fucking on camera, Amber particularly is A-okay with this concept and before ya know it, she's sucking hubbies dick in her black garter belt and stockings. The tiara stays ON tho! Amber has a plump, juicy ass, farm fresh, and Chris pleasures her with some great oral, then gives her his big meat, banging her doggy and mish as a good husband should. Hmmm, for newlywed Mormons, they sure know how to screw! He cums all over her glowing face and is well satisfied with his young bride. She says, "you'll be wearing me out for years to come!" The fucking isn't kinky but it's gooooood. I liked it a lot. What more can I say? You know what I mean. They are hot together and put on a great newlywed show. Amber has cute tits and a luscious rear. No dildos, no toys, just man and wife, cock and pussy! As it should be, right guys?


There really is an exciting voyeur element embedded in the "first wedding night filmed in front of strangers" idea. And white satin is always erotic, especially if there's a sexy black garter belt and stockings lurking underneath. These two didn't do any anal although there is a bit in one of the other vids, and one is interracial. Be sure to check out the keyword categories for each movie if you're looking for a particular type of action. Running time is clearly posted - this movie runs 35 minutes, so you do get good value, not just quickie clips.


Viewing formats are available in Flash, WMV HD, WMV Low and MPG. Quality of the vids is excellent. A hi-res photo gallery in slideshow and zip file features a ton of stunning big pics, along with a screencap gallery of smaller pics in slideshow (but no zip).


For me, this little site is proof that there's a lot of laffs as well as sexual heat to be had in the porn world, and some quite talented performers. Obviously, I wish they'd add more movies or maybe change up the ending of the scenes a bit, but I really enjoyed what's here.  So, do you think "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" Definitely NOT at! LOL.


Join by credit card or check for membership to the AllElitePass - thousands of hours of porn at your fingertips from $1 (1 day limited trial) or 30 days priced up at $29.97. Join via for the best value all inclusive package.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 3 Stars
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