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Reviewed 08 November 2009


The main page of this site describes the content this way: "Guys Get Fucked, Spanked and Anally Humiliated By Hot Girls!" So that makes it clear right off the proverbial bat that this is about guys getting it up the ass from girls, not a gay site as one might think from the title. The chicks are the ones giving the guys a taste of anal pain/pleasure, plus paddling, fingering, licking and a sexy combination of strap-on femdom action which shows two can play the game of deep fucking in the back door. Do the guys like it or hate it? Well, you be the judge. I kinda sorta think mayyyyyyyyybe they do, despite all those "owwwww" and "uggggg" noises some of them make. Even if they do make pouty faces... haha.


I like sites of this type because it's a playground that appeals to a range of viewers - dominant females, gay guys who like the action, straight guys who dig the fantasy of strap-on/roleplay sex with their girlfriend, and anal lovers. It's also a hot place for curious couples to check out new, exciting games in the bedroom if your man is open to exploring. I think it's great that more straight guys are realizing that anal play doesn't mean you're gay... it's an erogenous, erotic zone that's very pleasurable if you're into it. In most of the scenarios here, the women don't put up with crappola and if you piss 'em off, they'll ream your little manhole real fast. Forgotten birthdays, overdue bills, flirting with other chicks, or caught going through her panty drawer... these are just a few of the wrong and very stupid things that will earn a guy anal punishment. So, let's take a look at what happens when guys get fucked, shall we?...


Most but not all the scenes feature strap on action - you'll also see anal insertions with dildos, vibrators, fingers and medical exam humiliation scenarios, massage scenes, guys forced to suck/deepthroat dildos/strap-on, threeways, two girls on one guy and also some tranny/shemale action. The site has a large archive - 21 pages of vids, averaging 10 vids per page, so that's approx 200+ vids. Lots to watch and lots of well-filmed variety. There's no dates shown, so I can't verify how often they update, but this is what they say about their schedule: "Sites are updated 3 times a week. Monday the new photo set is added, Wed. Part 1 and 2 are added, Friday, Part 3 and 4 and full videos are added." When they say "sites" they are including their PPV "tushy" sites, which you can access for a somewhat higher subscription price, and these include (one of the first and best medical fetish sites on the net), (femdom prison humiliation),, GirlfriendHandjobs and more.


The first page of videos on the tour gives you a great preview, each with a well detailed, descriptive synopsis including 8-10 hi res featuring exciting looking strap-on action. I think they have some of the better written scene descriptions I've read. The girls have hot bubble butts and those strap ons never looked better as they stroke in and out, sometimes hard, sometimes slow and steady, but all designed to make the guy squirm. The camera captures those juicy angles, in all positions, whether the guy is on his side, lying on his back with legs spread wide, or face down while the girl gets into some serious ass pounding. The guys are also a cuter/better looking array than I usually see at a lot of porn sites. Okay, some looked a little  bit  street hustler for my tastes, but there are some attractive dudes here that I haven't seen elsewhere (fresh meat! yum!), so that's a plus.


After looking through the pics and synposis, you'll go to the members log in page and start getting into the action. You'll notice there's a bit of clutter here, because they intersperse an escort ad/locator in between each video/pics, so it's a little distracting from that standpoint. There's no top navigation bar as you may be used to at so many other porn sites, but you don't need all that linking and jumping around here and there - you simply scroll down and see the vid with thumbnail pics and look for something that appeals. It's a simple and easy layout, and they also include bonus clips and sometimes full movies from their "tushy" sites, such as ShemaleTushy and TushySchool. Yep, lots of tushy going on here, but (or BUTT?) if anal is your bag, you'll enjoy looking through the offerings.


Videos can be downloaded in parts (each is divided into 4 scenes, all posted at one time, so no waiting for scenes week by week), or the full movie in WMV or MPG. Full movies run around 20-30 min, so you get a nicely developed hot scenario with each vid here. The movies aren't titled, so unfortunately I can't give you the name of the scenes I previewed. Apparently they decided it wasn't necessary to label scenes with titles, but it would help if they'd do that in the future. So, anyway I previewed two vids - the first featured the blonde with two inches of dark roots and with the cute guy with shaggy longish dark hair (lol). She was somewhat skanky but it worked with her character and the setup in general. Chicks who have the balls (fake though they may be), to do guys in the ass with a strap on tend to be a bit rough around the edges, although she was hot and had nice tits and ass and solid attitude. You may want to refer to the main tour page to re-read the scene synopsis because they don't include it on the member's page. I found myself doing that several times.


The scene starts with her dressed in a white satin camisole sitting at a table with a glass of wine, and they engage in some flirtatious foreplay, kissing, him fingering her pussy through her white see-through panties, sucking her breasts, etc. but she eventually gets down to the strap on business. He helps her get into the fake cock (hot!) and she fucks him on his back, side, and doggy. The full movie ran about 38 minutes and while I thought the fucking went on a little long in certain positions, and him sucking the dick was also somewhat overdrawn, it was still quite exciting to hear him crying out vocally in his sexual excitement mixed with pain. This guy is a moaner and whimperer, and his boyish good looks, hair falling in his face, was a turn on. These two worked well together with a sensual undertone, more of a girlfriend/boyfriend type of erotic encounter session rather than just a strict punishment setup. He shot his load all over his stomach at the end... nice. That's what makes this collection good - you do get a range of interaction, not just one type of sexual angle.


All vids come with a photo gallery - not in zip file unfortunately (they need to get these large galleries into zip!). This one had 488 pics and nobody wants to save that many pics individually, so there's room for improvement there. The photos vary in size - most are fairly large and they are clear and well shot. This one starts with sexy still poses with the girl and carried through to tracking the video.


The second preview was a classroom scene (okay, I have a weakness for naughty student, pissed off teacher setups!). And it was another one of those strange porn classrooms where there just happens to be a mattress hmmm, but gotta have some place to punish those unruly students! This jerk volunteered to help her out with projects for the other students but fell asleep instead (on that handy mattress of course), and damn was she pissed! Strap on time! Spanking, pants down around his ankles and taking it up his ass from his beautiful long-haired blonde teacher who first makes him strip (and damn he has a NICE rock hard butt), and then she stripped down to her black fishnet stockings and purple strap on cock. Hey, it had to be done and he ended up apologizing and promising never to fall asleep again. Hell yeah! They both looked great and I found it to be a hot and sexy scene. It was also amusing when she pulled on his ear hard like the naughty brat he was. He didn't cum at the end, which I found somewhat disappointing because I hoped he'd suddenly get super turned on and cum in spite of himself and teacher could say, "good boy!" Oh well, can't have everything! Photo gallery contains 252 clear, hi res pix... alas, no zip download. The full movie ran about 20 minutes. One slight irritant: you will be asked for your password before you download each vid, bit of a drag.


Customer support is provided by an email address at the bottom of the page, and they provide links and descriptions of all their other "tushy" sites as well. And hey, if you refer someone to them that they use in their shoots, you'll get $750 (gee, gotta start looking now!). But that's an indication that they are committed to bringing new faces on board and trying out lots of new models instead of the same glam porn performers that tend to get recycled over and over.


So, the good and bad: good - large archive with apparently regular updating, lots of diverse scenes, strap on action, anal, licking, fingering, spanking, new faces, (and asses!), well shot plus bonus scenes and vids from their larger "tushy" network. Bad: no search engine to find particular performers, dates, titles, no zip files in pic galleries, or a way to fine tune the categories by action at this rather large site. Plus, the ads interspersed do tend to detract visually. But for me, the good far outweighed some of the problems because of the nichey content, anal femdom roleplay, entertaining setups and the overall good looking models/performers. They just need to add some enhanced elements to make the viewer experience more enjoyable and user friendly. Finally, the most important thing I'd like to say to the chicks reading this: when you're really pissed off at guys, this is a great site to vent your frustration in a safe "fuck his ass with a purple strap on til he whimpers" environment!! That's what I call safe sex! LOL!


Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days; $69.95 for 90 days or $99.95 for 180 days. Pay by credit card, check or by phone using a #900 number (USA only). Be sure to check out their full "tushy" network options. And unlike many sites that have recurring memberships, they have placed a link that allows you to cancel your membership in less than 30 seconds!


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