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Reviewed 11 November 2008


If your horniest fantasy is watching old guys past retirement age fuck young chicks, will definitely satisfy your inner perv. The site describes itself as "Cute young girls hungry for old men. Pimp sugar daddies having the time of their lives - she's 18 and he's 80!" I'm not sure there are actually any 80 year-olds doing the wild thang here, but many of them are gray haired, potbellied, glasses - wearing oldsters and their cocks are still rock hard, ready to plunder the young chicks who benefit from their accumulated years of sexual expertise. The old/young niche is popular for a reason: it's taboo, it's nasty, and damn, that's why you're here, right? So, let's get in and take a look around this naughty territory.


This site is part of the 21Sextury network and has been online since 2006, long enough to build up a solid archive of over 100 exclusive hi res videos plus accompanying photo galleries that average 100+ full screen photos that will look fantastic on your screen. The main member navigation area across the top is divided into: Home, Exclusive Content, Network, Bonus Content, Models, Support and Shop. Click on Exclusive Content and that puts you where the action is, the videos and pix. The main scene pics are on the left hand side of the screen. Underneath each one it says "click here to watch everything". This will take you to the download area for the video and photos. Videos are divided into 10 parts, which can be downloaded in Streaming, or WMV Medium and High. Or, you can download the entire movie at one time which is called "All In One". You can also check out a trailer of the scene before deciding to download.


Each video clip has a screen cap to give you a bit of an idea of what's there. On this page is a handy "Instant Tech Help" box to answer questions about download problems. Each video shows the name of the model featured, running time, date added and number of photos. Click on "Watch Photos" for all the hot pictures that go with the video. Photos are available via zip file in two options: download all photos in the series or just a particular page of photos. That's a convenient touch, because many times you may only want a certain page of pics instead of all of them. There is also a "VOTE" menu to rate videos on a scale of 1-5.


The site updates weekly with a new video. I checked out a recent update (Oct. 2008) entitled "Anal Teen Angel". I liked the young look of the model and the realistic "grandpa". The model (or "pussy" as each model is called), was named Brandy. Each video has a scene description. This one read, "Brandy is like a little teen angel... but wait a minute, this teen angel loves to have a big cock up in her tight little ass! Naughty, naughty little girl... But if that's what you want, we bring you our anal wizard, an experienced old grandpa who'll surely treat you right and will teach you the joys of anal sex." Anal wizard! Maybe he's the Harry Potter of anal? Whatever, it sounded good to me and guess what? It was. The grandpa wasn't identified, but he definitely fit the image of the site, as did the fresh young chick he was anally fucking (lucky bastard, huh?) To complete the theme, this girl still had her braces on, but don't get your panties in a wad, she was clearly of legal and consenting age!


I thought their anal fuck scene was damned hot. I was agreeably surprised and enjoyed it a lot. It's important to keep in mind that a site with a name like "Grandpas Fuck Teens" can be easily dismissed or prejudged as a gimmick novelty site with no erotic value. True, some old/young sites (such as Nana Funk, which I reviewed) are of the train wreck variety, but I didn't find that to be the case here, at least from the scene I watched.


The rather virile and enthusiastic "Grandpa" had a thick, hard cock that he thrust in and out of her tight young ass. Personally, I liked the absence of tattoos on these performers. Older people usually haven't gotten into tats, so it was nice to see the bodies match the theme of the scene (porn producers, take note!). I have to say, this was one of the hottest anal scenes I've watched in a while, and it's ironic that it was between an old guy and a young chick, not two young glam porn hotties goin at it. Often, it's not about age or look, it's about heat and the overall psychological scenario - the mind fuck behind the scene. I also enjoyed that he wasn't pounding her into oblivion like most of the young porn studs. She looked like she was really into her anal experience with him. The point is, the sex action should always fit the context and theme of a site, and they accomplished that. This "anal teen angel" was liking it, which means there's a better chance that YOU, the consumer, will, too. So, their scene got high marks from me on that point. The video quality was excellent and professionally shot.


There were 189 photos to go with the video and as noted previously, these are large, full screen 1200 x 800 pics. You will get an EYEFUL with these giants, with nothing left to the imagination. Across the top is a navigation bar to conveniently move to the next or previous photo. You can also click on the models name and that will take you to three photos of her, in various explicit poses. There are about 100 models at the site, A-Z, although there is no searchable database. Judging from their names, most are Eastern European. Some are American (I recognized Amber Rayne), but the majority were not girls I recognized. However, that was a nice change from seeing the same American porn chicks over and over (and over). As far as age and looks goes, they were a mixed bag. Some definitely looked very teen and quite hot, others didn't quite fit that description, and some were a bit rough in the looks department.  It just depends on what you want for your viewing pleasure.


There were 12 "top rated" videos shown, with titles such as "Pee Problem", "Sugar Daddy", "Casting Bitch" and "Under Arrest". They also give a pic to show their upcoming movie with the date, so you know there's always fresh content on the way. There appeared to be a fairly diverse array of guys used at the site, although in all fairness, some of the same guys tend to show up. The reality is, there aren't a huge number of older men out there who can perform in the porn world, so gotta cut 'em some slack on that issue!


Included are a few gangbang/blowbang, threeways and some interracial scenes. Make no mistake, there's plenty of hardcore action here, with anal, dildos and everything you've come to expect of XXX content. Grandpas Fuck Teens is an entertaining and smutty hangout that I highly recommend to all you "old/young" lovers. And guys, if you're tired of seeing the young porn studs get all the girls, this site will give you hope for the future!


Detailed Support services are available at their Web Support Central page, which has very informative FAQ's about their network, technical issues, membership issues, newsletter and an email contact form for assistance. They also have various types of membership packages which you might want to look into (for instance, a combo Grandpas Fuck Teens with Lusty Grandmas). This is a large network with lots to choose from, so you'll want to study their full membership FAQ carefully for just the right option that works for you.


I clicked on their "Shop" link, but there were no DVD's or any other content shown in this area, so currently it doesn't appear that you can purchase their scenes on DVD, although in their FAQ area, they indicate that you can. So, you may need to double check on that if you join.


Bonus Content: Free access to live webcams, feeds, and chat rooms.


Network Membership Information


Full membership in the network gives access to 40+ sites (check out the Porn Pass For All link at the bottom of this page).


Loyalty Program: With this unique program, you get access to two more exclusive sites each month if you remain a member. Currently, there are 46 websites in the network and daily updates.


Membership for Grandpas Fuck Teens: 1 day trial subscription, $1.95 (recurring); 30 days $29.95 (recurring at $24.95); 90 days $59.95 (recurring $54.95); 180 days $94.95 (non-recurring).


Special Offer: Buy a 3 month membership and get 1 month free!


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