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Reviewed 21 January 2011 is an “interesting” one! I think only the porn world could come up with something like this - a mix of Catholic confessional and gloryhole - a scenario that would give the Pope palpitations.


This is certainly an original take - each scene starts inside a wooden booth adorned with pseudo religious wall carvings and it all looks authentic. A cute chick appears - she is on her knees, her hands clasped tightly together praying for forgiveness. On the other side of the wall, a deep manly voice can be heard - it’s the perverted priest - he insists she reveal all her sins (of which there are many, as you would imagine). No need for 100 “Hail Marys“, nope this “father” has something else in store - his COCK! Shock, horror… a hole appears in the wall followed by his erect dick. He demands the naughty nympho strip, play with her tits and pussy and suck his phallic and priestly nut sack. After a period of randy reconciliation (usually 10 minutes) he shoots a load of pearly worry beads into her waiting mouth - she is now baptized in baby batter - her sexy sins cast asunder!


32+ movies and the same number of photosets/video captures form the archive here, which is not huge, however its all very good quality and as it comes under the mantle, you are guaranteed an absolute wealth of perversion - 90+ sites to keep your wrist busy while you wait for new stuff to arrive. This site professes to update on a weekly basis but it doesn’t look that way to me (fucking sinners!).


Members can download and keep everything and material is all neatly packaged up in zip files for ease of use.


The current crop of videos (WMV/MPEG/Flash) are High Definition lovelies and quality is exceptional at 1280x720p. The lesser quality formats are still very good and well worth saving. Photos are a mix of movie captures and high resolution sets and download times were impressively fast even at busy periods.


There are some gorgeous porn chicks at such as Gianna Michaels, Phoenix Marie and Sindee Jennings, but a special mention should go to sexy brunette vixen Katie Cummings - boy, what I’d give for her to suck my gonads dry, but I digress!


I like this one, its unusual, extremely funny at times and something a bit different for a change.


$9.99 is all it costs for 30 days unrestricted access so if you need to confess (to wanking off at other porn sites all day long, maybe?), then this is definitely the place to visit!


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