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Reviewed 16 December 2009


I do like a good glamour site and I do love old skool sites rich in picture galleries. A positive bonus is when you get both plus a stack of glam inspired videos to boot. maybe a mouthful but the general theme is there - its glamour with a touch of the hard stuff. Be advised this is not out and out softcore. To take into account the ‘gone bad’ element there is indeed copious cock action, but overall I’d say its more solo striptease than atypical hard filth.


To be honest I was just about to go through my usual porno review ritual which involves making a few notes, randomly clicking stuff to see if it all works as promised (bit like when you get a new gadget - straight in there ditch the instruction manual), when I got totally sidetracked. I hit upon a oh so gorgeous stocking clad blonde honey called Sonja Addams (and before you say it, no she is not from THE Addams Family, she is f-f-fucking lovely!). So before I even started looking at the site as a whole, I had bagged a nice little gem of a striptease zip full of my new bestest babe Sonja (one for the wank bank most definitely). I do not understand why her photo set is only rated at 6.5/10 she has the best looking girl crevice and smoothest buttocks ever, but I digress as always. But then again this is a sign. A VERY GOOD SIGN and with thousands of similar cum rustlers onboard it only just went and got better. Cor blimey guv!


It would be fair to say that visually the site is plain and simplistic (its virginal white after all). Its not pretentious, in fact it reminded me of a similar stylised offering I reviewed earlier this year (, where content is king and there is no  need to be distracted by colourful backdrops and flashy graphics. Its easy on the eye and you don’t need to be a brainwave to find material with a traditional TGP style A-Z model listing and a Search page where you can fine tune parameters using multiple drop down menus - logically arranged: Content, Category, Ethnicity, Haircolor, Pubic Style and or Body Type - pretty impressive and essential at a site that boasts nigh on 4,000 photo galleries and 2000+ movies. Think about that for a second. 4,000 photo galleries; most containing 100+ individual images…what’s that? 400,000+ pics or thereabouts. Wow!


Content is a subtle blend of exclusive and non exclusive pornstar pursuits and I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone unless you are gay - having said that there is plenty of lesbian material so I take that back - you’ll recognise quite a few names and be introduced to some fresh faces too - all shades, shapes and sizes being catered for along the way. Checking out the latest updates there appears to be a decent enough update schedule in place with 2-3 new bits added weekly.


Content quality is consistent and nicely presented with high resolution imagery and above average full length quality WMV movies (10-15 minutes long). Sure, some of the older material is not the finest I’ve ever seen but that’s just a sign of the times - things have come along way in the video world. You can download the full length movie in one go or in small clips - the choice is yours. You can also stream the entire flick or jump to the best bits via the clip method. There are no download limits in place so don’t rush through the site - take out a long membership to really enjoy and immerse yourself.


And that’s not all. These porn folks are kind enough to include a bumper collection of their other sites as part of the membership deal. Check out these links: Amateurs Gone Bad, Club Anita Dark, Club Capri Anderson, Club Charlie Laine, Club Julia Bond, Club Yurizan, Crissy Moran, Jenny Poussin, Jesse Capelli, Lisa A Daniels, Lonnie Waters, Natalia Cruze, Shay Laren and Victoria Redd, all come free and for gratis, packed to the bloody rafters with more of the same. Stay tuned I’ll be looking at some of those in more detail later on! There is even a BONUS, bonus section so I think they have the extras covered very admirably.


Membership is what I would expect to pay for such a diverse collection and as a fan of this type of site (a mega database website I’m calling it) I would not hesitate to sign up for a minimum 90 days priced at $59.95. Of course choose the plan to fit your budget and these range from $24.95 for 30 days right through to $149.95 for 365 unadulterated days!


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