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Reviewed 09 October 2009


If watching geeky girls in glasses being XXXtremely naughty is your fave fetish, is the place to experience your steamiest fantasies cumming to life. We all know (don't we?) that geeks DO have sex, even though they pretend it never happens. Geeks are superfreaks as many a girl and guy has found to their amaze when encountering one of these lonely creatures - a raging hot slut lurks within the frustrated girl working quietly in the boring office cubicle, reformatting her computer. This is indeed the place where "hot geeky sluts get fucked!" So, let's get in here and see who is fucking who (or is it whom? We may need to consult the grammar geek squad about that!).


Currently containing 35 videos and a large hi-res photo gallery, most of the content here is primarily lesbian action, but if your preference is watching a stud riding a geeky, glasses-wearing chick, that's here too, so there's a good mix for all tastes. It's also part of the gigantic HD Porn Pass Network, so you get access to 85+ hardcore bonus sites in addition and much more.


The Navigation area at the Member's page shows Network Updates, HD Video, Hi-Res Photos, Bonus Content, Live Cam, Adult Personals, Adult Toys/ DVDs, and Members Specials. At the Home page you'll see the latest updates and  also the updates across their network of HD bonus sites. A glimpse at some of the pics gives you an idea of the horny fun awaiting!


The video link takes you to the Geek Girl Sex download area. There you will see the various amusingly geeky setups and scene descriptions such as: "At times playing online games can take most of your time. It’s good to see these two make the time to have some fun in the real world. Now they are waiting for a virtual sex game." What could be hotter than watching gamer chicks eating each other's pussies? What is it about two sexually frustrated nerds bumping glasses while French kissing that's so damn arousing? This isn't the only site of its type out there, but in previewing some of the scenes, I found it to be quite good (and by good I mean HOT!). Other setups feature office scenarios, bookish geek girls doing naughty things during study breaks or nerdy tutors, and of course these gals use their vibes and toys including strap ons to bring their geeky pent-up gal pals to an explosive orgasm. They've done a good job depicting the theme - the chicks do look fairly nerdy... a pair of glasses is the main "prop" used to achieve the sexily funny effect. They've paid attention to detail in wardrobe too to give it that reality feel. Let's face it, geeky chicks are not noted for their fashion sense - although most seem to wear skimpy thongs under their proper skirts for some reason!


The videos are updated approximately once a month, with some variability and they're divided into parts, so it's a bit frustrating to wait for the latest installment of each one. Not my favorite style of updating, but at least they do keep the content flowing. Videos are available in various formats: watch the full movie in streaming HD, standard or Quicktime or download in WMV HD, Standard or Quicktime.


I previewed one scene featuring Heidi Lee and prissy blonde MacKenzie Star (Part 3) - the setup here is that Heidi is an office geek with the hots for her boss. And does she ever! Woooooooo. Very nice scene with Heidi vibing Mackenzie until she has a great orgasm and it looks real too (for a change!). They take their time getting there and it's well worth your time to check it out. Video quality is very good and professionally done all the way. And yes, they're both wearing the required geek glasses of course!


Another scene featuring Morgan Danye and Keeani Lee (Part 3) depicts these two geeky Asian gals as gamers who like playing with pussy too. The Hitachi vibe brings wild pleasure and moans of lust, again a steamy scene with great and authentic looking orgasms. If you like lesbo stuff, these two scenes won't disappoint. The update schedule on this one ran as follows: Part 1 posted 7-27-09, Part 2 on 8-17-09 and Part 3 on 9-7-09. Not too bad, and while you're waiting for the next one, you can always cruise through the many bonus sites from HD Porn Pass with your membership.


The photo gallery is a bit confusing, as the photo sets don't reference back to a particular video. Basically, click on Hi Res Photos and you'll be in the galleries. There you will find thumbnail pics. Click on a thumb you want to see more of and you'll view the full gallery for that pic. Some are screencaps that track a video while others are solo shots of various girls from the Geek Girl vids. The pics are high-res although they aren't big, 685x1024. Size of each gallery is variable, although most contain a fair number of pics, usually 50 or more.


In addition to the vids and pics, there are links to Live Cam, Adult Personals and Adult Toys, all of which direct you out of the Member's area to outside links. As previously mentioned, the Bonus Content is huge when you join this network - Reality, HD, Solo and 85+ Hardcore sites. A great deal overall.


So, who would have thought geeky girls could be so sexually intense? If you don't believe me, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Good stuff, quite arousing, a nice range of scenarios and setups add up to a better time than... hmmmmmmm, a Star Trek convention? Was that geeky enough for ya? LOL.


A 5 day trial will set you back $4.95 whereas the regular monthly deal is $29.99. Join by credit card or check now!


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