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Reviewed 17 November 2009


Fuck Team Five is one of the latest additions to the big and well-known reality/gonzo BangBros porn network. BangBros has been around for nine years and continues to add some of the best reality style and quite entertaining porn out there, including Fuck Team Five. Probably at one time or another, most surfers out there have either watched a BangBros scene or heard of this network, so it's clearly been doing something right to stick around this long. And the best news is, when you join one site, you get 29 more sites within the network.


The concept for this site has obviously been popular - since going online in May 2008, they've continued to update (a new scene is added every Monday), currently with a collection of 77 videos, most running an hour long, so that's good "BangBro" bang for your buck! So, what is the sexy fun idea behind Fuck Team Five? Sometimes it's not always five in the mix, sometimes 3-6, but it's always a horny little gang of well-known porn babes going out on the prowl to suck and fuck the Average Joe and fulfill every guy's fantasy. At BangBros famous "bang bus" site, it's the guys hunting for horny amateur girls, but here it's the reverse, a twist on the theme.


The Main member's page is  nicely laid out and you can also easily access the full BangBros network offerings at the top navigation area which allows you to browse all the updates, girls, sites, webcams, and the top rated and favorite content. If you're looking for something in the network, you can find it in just about any way you can think of, by category, name, keyword, body type and on and on. With 5,000+ vids within the network, they've done a great job of organizing everything for easy access.


At Fuck Team Five on the right hand side of the page, you'll see the Fuck Team Five menu, where you'll find the greatest updates and staff picks for favorite scenes, top categories and browse girls by name and site. The latest updates are shown on the member's page, each with a hot looking pic, title, and date added to the site. As per their promise, new videos are being added weekly. The titles looked pretty good - "Nerd Hunting", "Cock Hunt", "The Fuck Team Works The Hollywood Strip", "Fuck And A Haircut"… you get the idea! The team is always on the prowl!


A scene titled, ""Ballin At Venice Beach" caught my eye. I love beach-themes cuz if the scene sucks at least I can look at nice scenery, right? It was posted in 2008 - sometimes I like to go back and look at earlier vids to see how the site evolves or if it was markedly different from current scenes. Three of the hottest gals in porn star in this one: Jayden Jaymes, Penny Flame and MacKenzie Pierce. As you can see, this is more accurately "Fuck Team Three", but hey, whether it's three or five, it's a whole lotta sexy ass and titties and really pretty girls. When you click on a scene you want to watch, you'll be taken to the download area, where you'll see 12 excellent sample pics to whet your appetite and give you a taste of the action. Under those pics you'll see a scene description and the various formats to download/watch a vid. BangBros has done a great job of laying out this area, clearly and professionally. Here's the options for viewing: play the full movie in streaming, play the trailer, or download in big and small clips. The clips can be downloaded in WMV or MPG or played in WMV. You can also download the full movie in one large file at 500k WMV. The smaller clips are one minute in length, and all clips show a pic and popularity rating. So, there's a lot of options for viewing. Because these are one hour vids, there's a percentage of viewers who like to cut straight to the action so if you want to pick out the hottest minute for your personal pleasure, you can do that here.


Having said that, in my opinion, you'd be missing some good times to skip over the build up to the sex. Watching these babes as they setup each sexy adventure is a huge part of the entertainment value, you get to see them interacting with each other reality style, improving, and just hanging out within the context of the Fuck Team concept. I'm always surprised by how funny and talented so many of the girls are, and BangBros gives them a great showcase to show off them just being them as they roam the urban landscape of L.A. This time, it's Venice Beach, a funky LA beach destination and the perfect place for these three little devils to carry out their pervy mission - find and fuck average dudes who just happen to be hanging around waiting for three luscious babes to get in their pants. I won't burst your bubble and say this isn't all "for real", so we'll play along with it. In this vid, I'd say the star of the show, or perhaps the Fuck Team Leader, is Penny Flame, with Jayden Jaymes and MacKenzie Pierce bringing up the rear lol. Penny is equipped with a megafone/loudspeaker and uses it off and on throughout. Really, some porn babes should get their own gigs on Comedy Central because they say some funny stuff and Penny is hilarious, as well as nasty/sexy.


They're all dressed in gear ready to play a round of basketball, plus playing with... uh... balls... and after some amusing roaming around, ball bouncing and sassy talk, they find their first very willing dude in the street somewhere. It doesn't take long before they're unzipping his pants, playing with his cock and then go to his vehicle where Mr. Lucky gets a handjob and sucks some of the hottest titties in the porn biz, especially Jayden Jaymes who has the most luscious bod of the three. After the Fuck Team gets their man off, they invite him to lunch at an outdoor cafe...hmmm, hot dogs LOL. But they ditch the chump and leave him sitting alone with his french fries. Did he reeeeeeealy think three gorgeous hotties would stick around after using him like a fuck toy? Ha! They're off to the next conquest. Ditching people is often an element of BangBros scenes... how mean! But it's all meant in good, nasty fun, right?


The next lonely loser they find is sitting by himself on some bleachers. They take him back to a grungy beach restroom and he's more than happy to get the Fuck Team Treatment - a blowjob from these three porno babes, lots of titty sucking and flashing. Three on one! The icky restroom may not the most glam place to get the star treatment from these gals, but what guy would complain? The spot their last dude sitting on a park bench. Like the others, he's a non-descript Joe Average, skinny and balding but he's ready to roll! They all do some shopping at a beach tourist place and then take turns giving him a BJ in the dressing room. It's time to go back to a room and the girls strip off and show more skin, bras and panties and finally totally naked. They do more oral on him and there's some good lesbo action between the girls (asslicking, oral, fingering, deep kissing) and some fucking when Jayden and Mackenzie guide his cock into Penny. So, the last threesome is a nice little orgy - finally some "ballin" in Venice Beach with Penny riding the guy and Jayden going down on Mackenzie. The dude then fucks Jayden while she's standing in front of a window (she flashes the lucky guys outside), and he also bangs Mackenzie doggie.


In this hour-long Fuck Team Five video, you'll see three guys getting the pornstar treatment, and the three babes getting into some hot lesbian action in the final segment. Not bad at all, and as previously stated, I really enjoy the scenes in between where the girls are having fun just being themselves.


Screencaps and photos are available in zip file, with approx. 200 pix in the gallery and hundreds of very good looking screencaps (much better quality than many screencaps I usually see). Pix are rated by viewer feedback and can be sorted chronologically and by voter rating. Nice touch.


Under each scene, you'll see the girls featured and you can click and read a short but well done bio with all their stats and the other scenes they have at the BangBros Network.


I watched the full hour all the way through on this vid and portions of a few others. You're guaranteed to see some of the hottest pornstars around like Sativa Rose, Vanessa Leon, Ann Marie Rios, Alexa Jordan, Abbey Brooks, Tory Lane and many more have done scenes for the Fuck Team Five site. The scene "Sponsor This" featured five hot babes, Vanessa Leon, Serena Del Rio, Eden Adams, Angelina Valentine and Savannah Stern giving a pornstar workout to some average dude soccer guys. As indicated, most scenes were three girls, but as I said, three chicks on one guy is plenty of sexy action and the girls love to lick and play with each other too!


Apart from access to the large BangBrosNetwork, you also get some live webcams and member specials/reduced rates to other paysites and dating sites as a member.  


Fuck Team Five does a good job of offering a range of scenarios, reality style, and allowing pornstar chicks to be themselves, show off their awesome HJ and BJ skills, booties and bods, and get into some lesbo action too. Nothing too kinky or crazy as far as the sex goes, it's more about the fantasy of three (or more) porn girls getting down and dirty on the everyday guy. As they say at Fuck Team Five "Watch, these lucky stiffs get the lesson of their lives!"


Considering everything on offer membership is very reasonable. 30 days costs $24.95 whereas the very best deal is for one year… an amazing $89.95! Pay by check or credit card to get access to one of the best and biggest porn networks the WORLD FAMOUS BANGBROS!


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