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Reviewed 15 December 2010


Back in the swinging sixties the future was rosy. It was assumed by 2010 we would all be using robots to do mundane chores like washing the dishes and vacuuming and while robots are used in factories to make all sorts of wonderful electronic crap and cars, genuine household robots are still a distant dream. However, if it’s a wet dream you are after then the “robots” at this site may have something to say about that. I say “robots”… I’m not too sure you can call an electric hand drill with a dildo stuffed in the chuck, a “robot” per se, but if such devices combined with wet pussies hit’s the spot I’m sure you will overlook this sites robo hype. serves up a slick bunch of movies and picture sets all centred around homemade fucking contraptions (which we shall call robots). Of course, in reality this is simply “machine fucking”, so don’t expect to see a cute robotic dude like ASIMO (from the Honda commercials) fucking a dirty slut anytime soon.


I do like to see chicks get boned by machines, it can be quite intense as they heave and crank giving the recipients a damn good banging orgasm. Looking through the archive of 32 movies/picture galleries, I discovered there were quite a few different variants in use. There is the renowned Sybian (ridden like a horse), various hand tool types with dildo attachments (one even looked like a hedge trimmer for fucks sake!) plus some general hardware that thrusts back and forth/up and down - the latter can be set up horizontally for reclined usage or vertically for standing/squatting. A tidy selection of tools that. Adding to the fucking diversification are vacuum pumps which are much in evidence - used on both the titties and a micro version on the lucky girls clitoris - engorging them to over an inch in length (nice!).


As mentioned there are just 32 movies and matching image sets (good quality stills plus video captures) so its not the biggest collection ever seen, however, the WMV videos are very good coming in at 720x480 resolution (DVD quality). There are also two MPEG-4 versions for iPod and both look the business on a small device. All the content is downloadable (pics in zip files) so you can keep everything without restriction. Streaming is also available and the embedded flash player worked a treat with little to no buffering during playback.


Updates are fairly random, but its very much alive - just don’t expect much more than one new movie/gallery per month. Because this site comes with an almighty collection of free bonuses including 94+ exclusive network sites, 1,095+ models, 175+ full length DVD’s, 835+ amateur videos, 16,900+ pictures plus a whole lot more, including live sex shows, 73 non exclusive bonus sites and an adult sex shop, I don’t think you’ll mind the wait, especially as it costs just $9.99 per month (special discounted rate for XXX Pwnage readers). Definitely worth a look especially with all the other material included for nothing!


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