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Reviewed 12 February 2009, one of the 53 sites included in the hardcore huge Meat Member network, is a relative newcumer on their roster, having been online only since November 2008 as of the date of this review, but even at this early stage in its freaky life, it has already gotten off to a fantastic start, updating weekly with enough crazy s*** to keep you glued to the screen, in more ways than one. If rough (and I do mean ROUGH) bondage sex is on the menu for your porn viewing agenda, you'll be a very happy camper at this place. Currently, there are 21 movies here, and the main Tour page will give you a super hot graphic preview of what's in store.  Fetish torture bondage sex, ball gags, rope, masks, blindfolds, rough anal - your basic Silence of the Lambs scenarios, enacted by beautiful screaming, moaning porn stars like Katrina Kraven, Rebecca Linares, Ashley Blue, Trina Michaels, Audrey Hollander, Gia Paloma and more.


These fucksluts are put through their paces, tied up, gagged, bound, and somehow they always end up looking absolutely hotter than hell, dressed in a variety of fetish gear - dog collars, mesh stockings, latex/leather, gas mask, struggling bodies encased in plastic wrap and other wild outfits that are kinky weird and designed to show off their pussies and butts in erotic ways guaranteed to get you off. The guys in the videos are average looking, definitely not pretty boy Doms, but men you might see at the gas station or hanging around a crappy apartment complex. Or maybe a fucked up cop gone bad who has some very nasty and inventive ideas about how to tease and torture with his night stick. These movies are not of the grungy dungeon genre - most of the brutal hot action goes down in everyday settings.


You won't see the overly intricate rope ties that characterize some of the more elite bondage websites. I personally find that professionally rigged ties can be so elaborate they ultimately end up detracting from the scene, but at this site, it's designed to look real, as if the guy took what he had around the house or in the trunk of his car to tie the chick up. You'll see a diverse array of setups here, most are guy/girl, several are threesome or fourway gangbang, some girl/girl, but it's mainly a mean dude doing nasty things to a babe. Nearly all scenes include anal pounding. Just a really satisfying variety of actions which carry out excitingly inventive elements of the fetish bondage theme. The camera work is also creative, sometimes featuring speeded up effects or atmospheric lighting, nightmarish feel. They've put some thought and passion into these movies, and the girls are real pros, gettin into the hot sex with their facial expressions and their reactions as helpless but struggling captives.


Here's a sample scene description from the tour: "Ah, the queen of hardcore fucking action, Missy Monroe. This flamin' beotch has earned her stars by being able to do just about anything you want her to. You can hogtie her, clamp her to the floor, ball-gag her, stuff her face, pooter and twat about a gazillion times and she'll still keep on going! We told ya guys - when it comes to getting hard-ass sluts, we've got the best."


And  another: "Jumbo-jugged Jamie's up for some rough-riding fucking, but no one told her how rough we'd go on her! First we tied her down and gagged her and kinda messed with her face and snatch (the bitch got wet instantly, whatta whore). Then the real fun began when we shoved an aspirator and a throbbing fuck-sausage up her cunt and shithole. This bitch gets a grade-A pussy-beating, alright!"


An aspirator? Hell yeah, kinky is the name of the game here. A pic at the Tour page showing Audrey Hollander with pussy and nipple clamps is hotter than anything I've seen in awhile. The trailers are also really cool. I sampled several scenes, and it was good stuff. Ya know how some bondage sites are sorta "eh" once you get into 'em?  Well, this isn't one of those. Rough, hot, nasty, crazy and just solidly good. The anal is pounding, with several double penetration scenes, and one showing dp with a flexible dildo in both holes. In other words, you're gonna see some of your favorite fuckdolls at Fucked Up Fantasy taking it hard every which way from Sunday (and maybe a few other days too!) The Tour page shows their line-up of models. Click on one to see more about the girl, plus scene descriptions, with photos guaranteed to make you want to cum in for more.


Be sure to check out some of our other reviews of this monster MeatMember network (Fucked Up Facials, Fucked Up Handjobs), for a more comprehensive description of the way their sites are set up. The main Members page gives you updates of all the sites in the network and their bonus DVD's. A drop down menu allows you to jump to the site you want to visit. At the main Fucked Up Fantasy Members area you'll see three of the most recent updates, the top rated updates, plus the full update archive. Next to each update are three thumbnail pics giving a taste of the action with a small box to the right containing the date, the model and caps (screencaps), hires (hi res photos) and movies. Click on movies and you'll be ready to get down and dirty with your favorite fantasy. The movie download area is laid out conveniently and gives you several formats for viewing.You can download in clips that usually average 1-2 min long, in small/large WMV, small/large MPEG and they  can also be streamed. You can watch in flash format by clip or download the full movie at that area. Movies average between 20-40 minutes long.


I was intrigued by a thumbnail showing a chick wearing a gas mask and sexy bondage outfit, so I definitely wanted to preview that one. It starred Monica Sweetheart and was listed as the #2 rated update at the site. Monica is a sweetheart - if you define sweetheart as a girl who'll let you do any warped thing in the world you want to her body. If you've ever fantasized about fucking a chick while she's bent over a big round exercise ball, this scene will turn you on big time. Seeing her legs wide apart, wearing black boots, taking it doggy up her ass in that position was really good. The scene demonstrated the creativity and erotic approach of Fucked Up Fantasy. Monica is gorgeous and would be any guy's ultimate slave.


I checked out another scene starring gorgeous brunette Katrina Kraven. The setup here is that her husband wants her bumped off because she's such a bitch so he hires a guy to do the job. He does the job all right - on her asshole, pussy and mouth. Rough sex, anal, deep throat and an overall erotic relentless bangin look to the scene made this one a winner, too. It gets pretty extreme at this site and if that's what you're looking for, you found the right place.


The movies have a gallery of hi-res pics and video screencaps, usually averaging 100+ photos that give you explicit close-up views of the rough stuff  to fuel  your personal  fantasies.  The screencaps are viewable in slideshow format and the hi-res photos are downloadable in zip file. For now, the main downside to this site is that it hasn't had time to build up a huge online archive of videos yet, but with continued regular updates, you'll be assured of lots of wack nutjob hardcore bondage/torture sex action to get you off. And don't forget, there's 52 more sites in the Meat Member exclusive smut vault – see links below, plus bonus access to 8,000 DVD's. As you can see by these titles, this network likes it dirty so they've got you covered!


Customer billing support is available 24/7, and via email, phone and live chat.


No doubt about it, these guys will show you what a really Fucked Up Fantasy looks like. Definitely worth your time and I would highly recommend it to bondage freaks and those who like it very rough and perverted!


A two day trial will set you back $2.95 whereas 1 month is priced at just $24.93. Best deal is 90 days priced at $49.92.


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