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18 January 2011 - It would appear that this site has died a slow and agonising death and is no longer online... shame!


Reviewed 12 July 2009


If you are a fan of beautifully bulbous bubble butts you may well recognise the name Naomi St Claire, she has one cute curvy ass and has featured in numerous porn productions over recent years. This time however, Naomi has taken the bull by the horns and started up her own website. Of course it makes sense if you can entice some of your sexy friends to get naked too and that’s what she’s done here at a treasure trove of hot and horny babes waiting to empty your sack.


Naomi informed me that the site has only been live for a few weeks so I wasn’t expecting a lot of content, in fact I was expecting the equivalent of porno tumbleweed blowing through, but I was wrong, but more on that later.


The site design looks great, rich and colourful but not overtly fussy - the emphasis being the gem factor so lots of sparkly accents here. Navigation takes a departure from the norm and is left situated and so obvious you can’t miss it. Its arranged in logical order starting with Home, Gems, Photos, Videos, Blog, Help, Links and Feedback.


The girls that feature at are listed under ‘Gems’ - these being Naomi St Claire, Sunshine Seiber, Angelique Le Clair, Russian Princess, Charlie Morgan, Naughty Nikki, Vanessa Stevens, Ashlee Chambers, Isabella Star and Phoenix Grey. Each has a sort bio so you can get to know these hotties more intimately. Having explored this site in detail I noticed that there were a few girls not listed in the ‘Gems’ section, such as Mindy Daniels, that actually appear on the site - I’m not sure if they are simply guest appearances or awaiting promotion to ‘Gem’ status!


Main content is split uniformly between photos and videos and there is plenty to go at considering the newness factor. These are duly divided up into sub sections such as Glamour, Solo, Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl. There are currently 19 solo girl videos plus 3 girl on girl and 7 boy/girl action scenes. Movie quality (640x480) is not too bad but the majority are short in length. They are certainly watchable but nothing eye poppingly original nor the scenes themselves - masturbation mainly. On a positive note download speeds were consistently high throughout.


Photos are displayed in gallery format and to enlarge you simply click the pics as per usual. At the bottom of each image is a ‘previous’ and ‘next’ link to view the rest. There is no slideshow option or downloadable zip file which was disappointing. Photos are generally 900x600 in resolution, crisp and clear despite not being the highest resolution. Quantity is a bit hit and miss - there are 23 glamour galleries, 5 boy/girl and 3 girl/girl, containing as little as 14 pictures to over 50 per offering.


Updates appear to be running at two per week (one video and one photo gallery) however barring the updates on the home page nothing is date stamped.


I must confess to wondering exactly what this site is all about. It’s a little bit of everything but not a lot of anything in particular. When I first viewed the promo tour page I was expecting a classy glamour site exploiting the ‘forbidden’ theme but didn’t really get that (one photo gallery even has the ultra nichey ‘balloons with girl‘ type set… does that have a place here? Don‘t think so). Having seen that there was harder material I then expected plenty of in your face fucking but didn’t really get that either. All in all it’s a bit tame, which would be okay if it was 100% softcore glamour but it isn’t.


I adore Naomi St Claire’s work (she is fucking hot too - and would love to see more of her posing in stockings and lingerie) and feel that if the site direction is addressed - maybe focus on the best aspects, which surely is the solo glam angle, then this site may well succeed and attain gem status. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot I like about this site (it gave me a boner) but it needs some tweaking to get that elite formula just right.


Membership to starts from $10.71 for 3 days access to $26.81 for 30 days (recurring at just $17.15 for 30 days thereafter).


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