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Reviewed 17 July 2009



April 2010, Join NOW for just $14.95 (was $29.95)

August 2009, 10+ NEW cams added!!!


Live webcam chats are a lot of fun - goes without saying. Afterall where else can you get hot sexy babes to act out your dirtiest fantasies live 24/7 - all from the comfort (and privacy) of your own home? You direct the action - you ask, they oblige, you get off… PERFECT! Well, no! The major downside of pay per minute web chat is just that… PAY PER FUCKING MINUTE! There are tonnes of such sites and to be fair, most are pretty damn sweet, but if you get engrossed, your credit card bill may well go ballistic. If only there was a decent pay once cam site… and now there is… has arrived and its going to change the way we chat online.


Right now offers up 16 webcam interfaces and there is no pay per minute setup - you simply sign up on a monthly basis and incur NO additional fees, no limits at all - chat 24 hours a day if you choose!


Each webcam has its own theme (Action Cam HD, Chubby Cam 1, Chubby Cam 2, Hotgirls 1, Hotgirls 2, Lesbo Cam HD, Lingerie Cam 1, Lingerie Cam 2, MILF Cam, Magic Cam, Pusta 1001, Pusta Beach, Pusta Bedroom, Pusta Playroom, Studio Cam HD and V Cam). As you can see, some are doubled up there to cater for demand. All the models are from Eastern Europe and I noticed a lot of German chatters (not sure why, maybe they love this sort of thing?).


The web chat interface is unlike most others. For starters the viewable screen size is 16:9 ratio and huge (at least 4 times bigger than standard sites). Above the chat window is a link to the time schedule (pops up with show times and the girls names) and a sound on or off link (handy for discrete chatting). Below the window is the chat login screen. Your username is also your nickname so choose wisely when you join this site! After agreeing to abide by the sites ‘Terms of Use‘, you will be transported to the chat itself. This site uses the latest Java components so make sure you are up to date - links to all the latest Plugins, such as Adobe Flash Player and Flip4Mac are available form the Support page. There are also 3 genuine HD feeds which require a fast connection to really appreciate. In addition enhanced camera angle controls are available so you change the viewing position (Front, Left, Right, Above and Behind). I liked that feature a lot - adds something most cam sites don’t offer.


The chat screen is pretty much standard issue. Users (all) are listed in the left side (which scrolls) and you can select a nickname or the model herself from the list to chat to in private. If you send a message in public obviously everyone in the chat can read and comment on it! Works great - as it should. I must confess when I first logged in, the webcam feed took about a minute to initialise so please do wait, have patience, it will load and once loaded it works brilliantly. Very good quality and smooth rendering. Depending on the time of day the chat can be heaving, whereas other times you can be lucky and be the only one (bit of 1-2-1 with the model - very personal!).


This is a great introduction to webcam chat and amazing value for money in comparison to the usual pay per view type sites. Granted there may not be so much choice but then again you could end up paying what this site costs per month in a single day based on the standard $2.99 per minute rate charged at competitors sites.


Okay… convinced? Well you should be, at just $14.95 per month (recurring) its a no brainer! Check it out you will not be disappointed and you’ll save a fucking fortune too!


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