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01 July 2010


Perfect Gonzo (the owner of this site) has ended its affiliate program and will no doubt be closing this site soon. The situation is far from clear but as a result of the poor way this has been communicated, we can no longer support or recommend this or any other of their sites.


This review will be left online for archive purposes (all links deactivated). Please check out another site review.


For your own protection please do not attempt to join any Perfect Gonzo site(s) as it could lead to disappointment and financial losses. Do not get conned!!!


Reviewed 14 December 2008, the newest site from the warped minds of PerfectGonzo, takes two hot ideas: girl on girl action combined with the hardcore fetish of fisting and VOILA, you've got an extreme and filthy place to spend a lot of stroking (or fingering) time. The site's title alone is enough to arouse your curiosity and get your heart racing. Fist Flush? Sounds like a lesson in Plumbing 101, but as always, these smuthounds know just how to grab your attention... and your crotch. Seriously, what could be hotter than watching two nasty, freaky, anything-goes girls plunging their fists painfully yet pleasurably deep into each other's holes while they squeal and moan? Uh, not much! Unless the extreme fetish of fisting is a turn off to you and if you're here, I doubt it is, you'll want to check this place out and keep cuming back for more. Online since January. 2008, this site hasn't built up a huge archive yet, but give it time and it will. As of now, FistFlush has 49 movies and 71 models, with videos updated weekly like clockwork, so be assured that growth is regular and steady. And with PerfectGonzo at the helm, you know it'll be a quality experience, all filmed in HD with lots of options for viewing to make sure  you see every inch of fist going into every orifice of the female body.


The girls here, as with the other PerfectGonzo sites, are absolutely wild Euro babes with a horny and perverse love for being stretched to their limits, literally. Fisting sites, like other extreme fetish destinations, have grown in popularity over the years. And here, it's strictly girls only! No guys anywhere around, (except the nasty director!), just girls drilling girls. As the site says, "All the fisting is done by the girl's themselves, with no male hands!" Look Ma! No Male Hands! But seriously, it's a major turn on to see the girls enjoying themselves mano-a-mano so to speak, going at it just the way they like it, XXX girlie style. Needless to say, even though the site is not big yet, a lot of hardcore unique and exclusive fisting content already awaits you here.


The main Member's Area gets you started off right, with the well-organized and functional theme that PerfectGonzo brings to all their sites. You'll see the latest member news, the "Coming Soon" feature with a trailer, the Latest Update with preview trailer, Top 5 Movies, Previous Movies and graphic pics that leave no doubt that there's some really good stuff inside. So let's take a deeper look into FistFlush and see just how freaky it gets.


The top navigation bar shows All Models, All Movies, Bonus Movies, Action Search, Reviews, My Favorites, DVD's, Help, Contact Support And Indexxxed.


Search for your favorite model in the "All Models" area by date, member rating and number of movies. You can also search by "aliases" (other names they've used). If you know her name you can type it into their model search engine. Be aware that these are all girl/girl movies, so even though a few of the models are shown in their pics by themselves as if it's a solo scene, when you click on her pic, you'll be taken to her girl/girl movie. Looking over their stable of babes, they're a hot looking crowd, with that "I'll do any freakin thing in the damned world" attitude plastered on their faces. Blondes, brunettes and blazing Euro redheads can hardly wait to show off their sexual skills. Some have done more than one movie for this site and you can also see what other sites at PerfectGonzo they've appeared on.


Click on the model you want to see in action and that will take you to the specific Model Info page with her name, rating and movie info. Once there, click on the pic and that will take you to the  movie download area, with the movie name, running time, short description, date, preview trailer and links to screenshots and photos. One of the best aspects of the PerfectGonzo sites, besides the excellent search options, is their commitment to top quality HD video and the variety of ways to download their videos. You can watch the full movie in Low quality MPEG (fastest download), Medium WMV (medium speed), High WMV (long download) and finally HD Quality WMV (longest download time, but worth it for the top quality). They recommend using a download manager, but that may depend on your system and preferences. The HD is in 1920x1080 and they provide a guide for watching on your HDTV. You can also watch videos in streaming MPEG, and can skip to the specific clip you want.


The photos and screenshots and also available in zip files. The photo galleries don't have quite as many pics as the screenshots, which track the video content, so you'll see  more of the action in the screenshots. At the bottom of the page is a preview of the other XXX PerfectGonzo sites (each requires a separate membership).


To check out the heat factor of FistFlush, I downloaded one of the highest rated movies, featuring two hotties named Jeny B. and Olga. Olga is from Russia and Jeny from Hungary. The gonzo style is in full swing here, with the off camera director letting the girls go wild, doing their own thing in the sunny outdoor poolside setting. These chicks were wack, especially Olga, the more dominant of the two. Laughing, kissing, making it crystal clear this is "girl's time" and generally just getting into each other like crazy. Wow, they don't call it PerfectGonzo for nothing. Both had hot bods and actually great chemistry between them. I liked their scene a lot because they were partying their asses off and seemed to genuinely get off on the fisting and pussy licking, etc. Olga fisted the petite Jeny first, warming her up with sexy foreplay and lubed her large hand, getting it gradually all the way the into her small pussy, with lots of wild moaning. Jeny then returned the favor on Olga, fisting both her pussy and ass. I thought Olga might fly off to the moon (or maybe all the way to Russia), her wild sexual energy was so crazy and certainly worth the price of admission! Good thing they were staying at Olga's private little retreat just meant for two. The yelps of pleasure would have brought the neighbors over! I didn't find Olga to be the prettiest chick, but she's definitely one of the nastiest and most enthusiastic I've seen lately. Jeny was a hot little "devil", as Olga loved to call her affectionately. No doubt, you won't be disappointed with what these two freaks get up to. Running time was a solid 36 minutes. Hot teasing in the beginning and great screaming cums at the end. Who could ask for more? Hell, not much!


Click on "Bonus Movies" and you'll find 45 more lesbian girl/girl and solo masturbation movies from 2003. No fisting here, but the bonus vids  help to make up for the somewhat low content until the site can build a bigger library. These aren't available in HD, but can be downloaded in full WMV and MPEG, plus streaming clips in low, med, high, MPEG, along with screenshots/photos in zip files.


Other great features include the "Action Search" (search by specific sex action such as fisting, deepthroating, cum swallowing, etc), their "Reviews" link (member reviews of specific movies or models), My Favorites to save your fave scenes, DVD store where you can preview/buy DVDs from the PerfectGonzo sites (see links below). I didn't see any DVD's from FistFlush, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you'll be able to add one to your personal collection.


So, do you get a  membership now or wait until their archive grows? Girl on girl fisting is a unique combo, featuring hot Euro babes who are into this extreme fetish big time. FistFlush isn't something you'll stumble over just anywhere. With 49 movies and counting, you may well decide that NOW is the time to get in here and take a walk on the wild side. As they say, there's no time like the present!


Membership details: 3 day trial: $ 2.95 - Monthly: $29.95 - 3 Month: $69.95 - pay by credit card or phone.


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