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Reviewed 26 July 2010


If you are looking for one gigantic porn portal that serves up 100% exclusive niche content then look no further than, the big fat fucking daddy of all mega sites. To be honest it doesn’t come much bigger than - their 60+ site network focuses on a select band of kinked up fetish material such as Pantyhose, Shemale, Lesbian, Mature, Feet, Anal and Gay. There are also numerous spin-off sites that expand the main niches, so definitely something for everyone all conveniently situated under one site entrance. boasts over 2 million photos and 25,000+ videos and that’s no lie. The site is fucking brimming with content and quality across the board is second to none - all the more impressive considering how much is actually archived - even the old material is good and well worth viewing - its certainly not padded out with shitty low rent material or phoney one scene sites like so many seem to be these days.


The earliest movies are AVI format and not quite up to the awesome WMV (1280x720) quality that is now standard. Generally these are short in length but the XXX action more than makes up for this. There aren’t additional download or format options, so either right click ‘save as…’ or view in Media Player. You may require a Divx codec to play these but its all taken care of with a link should you not have this already installed.


Photosets are available to view online in regular gallery format or to download in a very convenient zip file. These are excellent quality, high resolution images all nice and sharp. Content quantity varies between 40-100 images per set (average).


I have reviewed a couple of sites from this network recently ( and and though the simplified navigation and layout works well with the individual sites this is not the case with itself. A mega site needs to have a lot more navigational elements and search options otherwise getting from one site to another becomes a nightmare. Alas moving between sites is slow and awkward as user/password login info is requested each time. There is a very definite lack of cohesion going on - the main interface is not at all user friendly with limited niche links and no content grouping (other than site niches) or an ability to search for a specific scene or model. Content at the main portal is presented with no dates so its difficult to gauge an accurate update schedule - though touted as daily don’t expect every site to update as regularly and some have stopped updating all together (which is common at huge networks). Material is dated at the individual sites however.


I suggest you sit down for the next bit. Okay a 30 day membership to costs… wait for it… $84.95! Yes you read that correctly, its not a typo! Thinking back I can’t recall any site quite so expensive as this one. I should explain that as part of their loyalty program this does decrease over time - rebilling at $49.95 the month after and if you remain a member for a further 4 months, more bucks are knocked off until it bottoms out at a way more manageable $29.95 which in my opinion is bang on the money!


More tweaking is required to make this portal a seamless and pleasant experience, but I have no issues with the fantastic individual sites that form the backbone. As a potential member you need to weigh this up especially with the high join fee. If this is too expensive for your budget but you still want to enjoy a niche or two then I’d suggest joining a standalone site (all priced at $29.95 for 30 days) which includes a free (niche related) bonus site each week you remain a member. The choice is yours, choose wisely!


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