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Reviewed 13 June 2011 is a bit like a wine tasting session. You know how it is, you sip a little, you swig it around your gob and then spit it out. Sometimes you end up pissed as a fucking newt as you didn’t spit as much as you know you should - downing the grapey naughtiness like an amateur wine knob. Similarly, albeit with ball juice, the girls at enjoy a fine cock - ball rubbing and tit massaging, its not long before fountains of creamy spunk are ejaculated into their waiting mouths and all over their beautiful young faces. Yep, you guessed it, this is a facial/blowjob/hand job type of site. is about six months old so don’t expect a gigantic archive. There are currently 44+ scenes to view and the quality is good. Movies are short-ish averaging between 6-12 minutes in length but that’s more than long enough to get off on. The photo galleries are fucking spectacular though let down by the fact that there are no zip files to download. With 150+ images per set it would have been nice to have this option as I really rate the quality. A set of video captures also accompanies each scene though these are not nearly so good (as you’d expect).


The action is pure oral sex fun. Each scene is very similar and not overly original - that said a blowjob is a blowjob right? There are quite a few outdoor shoots including suck offs in cars, cum shots in a changing room and some bird smoking a fag while downing a rod and eating jizz. An odd highlight was the sight of a babe wearing a transparent rain coat (now that is original!), apparently to keep her smart clothes from being stained with baby batter (good idea under the circumstances). There are some really pretty totty here - I fucking well adored the sets featuring Nella Light, Goldie Gate, Jane Black and Busty Ellen and recommend you check them out too. Incidentally, these are all new faces, no well known pornstars.


There are plenty of movie options and its all easy to navigate. The site design is a pleasure and moving from one network site to another (did I not mention this is a 10 site min mega site?), is simplicity itself. While the content at this site isn’t big as a network you can expect over 50k images and 400 movies featuring 300+ models so its definitely something to consider. A weekly update schedule (every Thursday) is in place across the network.


Membership is  a bit higher than average coming in at $29.95 for 30 days access. There is a 2 day trial but its an expensive rebill option.


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