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Reviewed 25 January 2010 is part of the "Extreme Girls Network", which includes Extreme Holly and Extreme Alex, so naturally I had to finish out this trifecta of porn by reviewing Sophia's site. I certainly don't want to miss out on a minute of anything extreeeeeeme! Like the other two sites, Extreme Sophia hasn't been updating, but that doesn't mean she's been a slacker. This petite beauty, 5' 6 110 lbs, has accumulated 100+ scenes of pussy and most of all ANAL stretching/pounding extreme sex since her site went online in 2006. The last scene posted on September 2008.


In comparing her "body" of work to Holly and Alex, my overall impression is that she's not quite as fetish oriented as they are, but she still gapes and spits her way through a lot of action. Also, for my taste, she's somewhat prettier, although that's in the eye of the beholder. Everybody has different tastes. I would say Sophia is more mainstream porn, but she didn't leave her dirty girl self at home by any means. She has a great body and is a really hot looking girl, small with tight tits and abs. She looks cute and innocent but lurking beneath that giggly facade is a very wild chick that definitely belongs in an extreme network. She looks fantastic in a bikini, short denim skirt, thong, or just about anything she chooses to wear (or not wear!). If you're looking for major off the wall bizarre stuff, Sophia's site isn't quite to that level (check out Holly and Alex for the extreme vegetable penetrations!) but she's far from vanilla, no matter what. Hey, she fucks herself in the ass with a Barbie doll in one scene, and in another she pleasures her pussy with a warm bottle of milk, so don't despair, there is some crazy s*** here! You can sample the wares by checking out the trailers at the tour area.


After leaving the tour page, you'll log in at the main home page of this network of sites, and see categories of "Home"  "Recent Updates", "Bonus Content" and "Bonus Network". They have it broken down by "Extreme Girl Network", "Network Content" and "Bonus Content". Don't worry, it really isn't as confusing as it seems, just be sure to go back to the Home page to pick up on bonus content that you won't want to miss. In addition to her vids and pics, Extreme Sophia includes behind the scenes clips (8), "DVD Commentary" (7 clips - she's been featured in over 300 videos), "Crazy Life" (9 clips) and her camshow archives (28 shows). She indicates that she does a weekly show, but I couldn't find any current links so I doubt she's still doing them, but at least you have a solid archive of past shows (something Holly and Alex didn't feature at their sites).  So, on top of her XXX video archive, she gives you some entertaining extras for your $$$. And speaking of extras, at the bottom of the video download area, you'll see three links, one of which is "extras" and that's where you'll find Sophia's bio.  It would help if they simply said 'bio", huh? But that's why you're reading this review, so I can take you gently by the hand and guide you around the underworld! Not surprisingly, her favorite sex position is: "face down ass up baby!" I didn't see a blog or journal, so there's no particular interaction of that sort between her and her fans, but at least the camshow archive helps bridge that gap, as well as the fun behind the scenes stuff.


I was unable to find a page or link showing a search engine or categories of sex action. Even though she's not into such a wide array of fetish acts as Holly and Alex, it certainly would help to narrow your search for what you specifically want to see, and unfortunately I couldn't find a way to do that here. So, you'll just have to surf around, find a scene title/description that turns you on and go for it.


Click on the Extreme Sophia area at the top of the Home Page or on the thumbnail of her site and you'll be into her private member's area to start watching what she does best:  plenty of anal. Really, Sophia is all about the ass, so if you're an anal freak, many of her scenes are full-on hard anal. Most of the scenes here feature the word "anal", so that gives you an indicator of where the focus is! But no hole is left unstuffed as she takes on guys, girls, dildos, and multiple combinations thereof. She loves getting double stuffed, and often teams up with another chick for a hot threeway or blowbang plus a lot of very hardcore deepthroating, some strap-on and a few interracial scenes. You'll see her paired for lezzie action with porn babes such as Puma Swede and she also does some direct anal to pussy, where the guy goes from one to the other (nasty!) and like the other XXXtreme girls, she loves spit and cum. She gets into some wild positions while she takes that cock up her ass. You'll see a few solo masturbation scenes, where she's lookin beautiful in the sun or poolside with her great tan, but in most scenes, she usually gets it on orgy style and doesn't waste any time doing it.


There are a few scenes that feature a more scripted setup - one with her, Ram (he appears as one of her fave porn dudes) and Sophie Dee (attention Pornmeister! Sophie Dee Alert!). The set up here is that Ram has been watching the "neighbor" Sophie Dee on her morning jog with JUGS bouncing! He wants Sophia to join him in a threeway which they do, very hot - anal, lesbian, oral. Most scenes I previewed were gonzo/reality style, it just depends, so there's a good variety of scripted lead-ins mixed with reality.


Petite Sophia is a total little nympho and can take a lot of BIG things in every orifice and loves every minute. She can also switch gears and do some very hot gir/girl stuff - in "Lesbian Lesson" she's the teacher and makes sure her  18 year-old first timer learns what it feels like to have a glass dildo up her ass. Very erotic and a turn on!


Scenes vary in length - they are divided by clip, usually 5-6 which run around 10 minutes long. So, most vids have a fairly good running time, around 20-30 minutes or more, depending. You can view in DSL, Broadband or HD quality in WMV or save the full video to your hardrive. They don't provide any "on the go" options for iPod, etc. I found most of the videos to be fine in terms of quality, although I always recommend downloading in HD whenever possible. There's a link that says "get the DVD today" which leads to the Pink Visual Super Store. You can do a search there and pull up Extreme Sophia scenes for purchase or video on demand.


Every video has a photo gallery, most containing 100+ big, beautiful pix, unfortunately no zip file format available. But you can certainly get a great up close peek at Sophia's ass being plundered.


A Customer Service link is provided for billing and membership information and a contact form to fill out for direct email assistance.


Extreme Sophia, as part of the Extreme Girls Network and the bonus content you get with your membership, is a pretty good deal. She holds nothing back and does it with an upbeat adventurous quality that's quite sexy. Again, I didn't see any vegetables or lightbulbs going up her butt - cock is her main focus in life! But if you want to see a chick who loves fucking in all positions and taking it hard all the way, this site  which includes  her  entertaining behind the scenes  extras and camshow archive, will give you a very warm feeling! Added with the other two sites, Extreme Holly and Extreme Alex, I think you'll get your extreme quota for the year - or maybe the decade!


Membership to this site which includes access to Extreme Girl Network and many more (see links below) costs $29.86 for 30 days; $68.86 for 90 days and $98.86 for 180 days. Join by credit card, online check or charge to phone bill or 30 minutes of trial access on phone bill.


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