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Reviewed 18 January 2010 aka porn babe Holly Hogan, is part of a raunchy network of sites which also includes several other extreme girl sites (Extreme Sophia and Extreme Alex) plus the Extreme Girl Network, along with network and bonus content. The Home Page of this diverse conglomerate of smut is nicely designed and shows thumbnail pics of each site offered with your membership - the Extreme Girl area is really their flagship attraction, with thousands of pics and several hundred vids, plus bloopers and "crazy life" behind the scenes clips showing these crazy fuckdolls doing some pretty wild stuff.


Extreme Holly went online in 2004 and hasn't updated since Sept 2007, but during that time she's certainly amassed a hefty supply of weird and creative porn, so don't let the lack of recent updates keep you from exploring what she has to offer. Extreme Holly includes 172 scenes, 20,000 pics and 100+ crazy life/bloopers, and most of it is definitely hardcore over the top. While not everything she does would be categorized as extreme (there's solo photo shoots and sexy masturbation scenes), there's something about Holly that makes everything she does look extreme. I swear this chick would look extreme doing her grocery shopping! In earlier shoots, her boobs are natural - about midway through she gets a fake pair, so there's a bit of "before and after" look to her bod, but I think the fake titties suit Holly to a "T". She's hot either way. Her long black hair gives her a somewhat exotic appearance, combined with a sneering nasty beoootch attitude. I felt like I needed a long, hot shower to clean up after watching her in action - a good sign that she succeeds in her XXXtreme quest! She does a lot of lezzie stuff, but she's equally freaky with the guys or just solo, getting herself off.


To access her site from the network Home page, click on her thumbnail pic/link and you'll be in her Member's only area or you can access her official page. Categories include "Pictures", "Videos", "Holly's Crazy Life", "Holly's Journal", "Holly's Bio", "Bloopers" and "Holly's Games". Nicely laid out with no clutter, no blinking ads, nothing to take your focus away from the action. You'll immediately understand why she's known as Extreme Holly from glancing at a few of the scene titles: "Anal Cucumber", "Kinky Lesbian Anal Sex", "Hot Candle Wax" and "Toothbrush Fun". Yep, Holly loves to stick just about anything she can squeeze into her pussy and/or ass, including vegetables, crayons, flashlights (DP style ), dildos, toys, and oh yeah, let's not forget, a lot of cock! If you're into watching all manner of things stuffed into her tight holes, (beer bottle, coke can, light bulb, etc), especially her tight rear, she's your girl. This super freak leaves few stones unturned or perhaps I should say few rocks unhard!


Go to "Videos" and you'll see a graphic thumbnail pic of Holly doing something depraved, with a hot scene description, and "Extreme Details" to the right with boxes checked showing the categories you'll see in that vid, such as ass fucking, blowjob, facial, etc. This area is certainly a necessity where there's such an incredibly diverse array of fetish action: everything from extreme penetration, gangbang, cum swapping, lesbian strap-on, gagging hardcore face fucking, spitting, rough sex, foot fetish, tons of anal, solo masturbation with an electric toothbrush,  fucking a blow-up tranny doll, bondage, interracial, phone sex, preggo fucking, and the list goes on! A bit better search engine/tools would help actually, so that you can narrow your pervy hunt somewhat more. She hits just about all the fetish bases and does it well. Holly LOVES ass to mouth, (ATM) and doesn't hesitate to lick, suck, or stick her mouth in or on things that have been in various dirty places! The video link has a handy drop down menu that lets you jump to different pages of videos as you navigate around.


I fully previewed and sampled 10-15 scenes because there's such a wide array of stuff here, I wanted to get a good overview. You'll  see her paired with other hot  big boobed porn chicks such as Lisa Sparxxx, Alex Divine, and her extreme galpal Alex who is also in the Extreme Girls network, among others, some known girls, others new/amateur. Plus the guys she fucks, some of whom she refers to as "fans".


As indicated, don't expect that everything here is gonna be freaky, but there's enough that definitely will turn you on big time if you dig it! Probably the most memorable scene I watched is titled "Cum Snorting". Yes, she really does snort cum after the guy blows his load all over what looks like a CD case - it makes a nice little snorting platform and Holly goes for it! It gives new meaning to the phrase "post-nasal drip"! Up the nose and out the mouth! Gotta give her porno points for super extreme! Can you get high from snorting cum? I think she did!


I previewed the scenes at the network area, and each vid there has a title, date added, graphic and freaky scene description, and a link to "pictures" and "videos". At her official site area, click on "Videos" and you'll see download options: You can stream in Hi (best quality) or Lo WMV (fast download) in individual clips via DSL, Broadband, and HD or click "target and save" to download the entire video. There's also a new super size (720x480) option. They don't show running times, and videos vary in length and number of clips, usually 1-3, running around 10 minutes. You can also rate each vid. Not a lot of bells and whistles, and no mobile options for viewing, so they're a bit behind the curve as other sites add "on the go" options. If you're accessing the content from the network area, click on the "extras" link at the bottom next to "my videos" and "my pictures", and you'll be taken to Holly's very detailed and informative bio (or see it at her Official site page). Her bio is pretty interesting - she's yet another escapee from corporate America who found her niche in porn. Why do so many porn chicks have real estate licenses?  She's multi-talented, that's for sure!  You'll also see her stats: 36F-30-36 and all her "favs" (movie, lip gloss... what? no fav vegetable? I'm shocked!). One of her sexual fetishes: "gag videos with lots of running mascara". Hmmm, does it make me depraved that Holly and I have similar tastes? (err… YES dear Honey it does… says Mr Pornmeister).


Click on the "my pictures" link for the photo gallery. The last update, "Toothbrush Fun" contains 99 huge clear pics that tracked the video. Each gallery gives the number of pics, unfortunately NO zip file. Number of pics is variable from vid to vid. "Cum Snorting" contained 174 big sexy pics (incidentally, members rated it 5.0 out of 5.0!). A drop down menu lets you jump to different pages of galleries.


At the network area where I accessed some of her content for review, there's a link that says "Get The DVD Today" which sends you to the PinkVisual DVD outlet. I did a search and found two Extreme Holly vids available there, "Extreme Holly Fucks Girls" and "Extreme Holly Threesomes" available as video on demand or full download. At her official site under "Favorites" she links to her first DVD: "Extreme Holly Goes Solo" with a coupon code to receive a discount.


Be sure to check out her "crazy life" and "bloopers" for some pretty funny stuff. She's actually not as hard and intimidating as she "cums" off at first glance - behind the scenes lets her fun-loving side show. There's also a "Dear Holly" journal Q&A where she gives readers such sage advice as being sure to fully COOK any sausage that you may wish to jam up your girl's pussy! Cook that meat, man! A perv like Holly is a wealth of sexual information and we should all be grateful for her advanced knowledge lol. Actually, she has some interesting advice and comments, three pages worth. It's entertaining reading if nothing else and who knows, you might learn something if you're planning on a particularly pervy romp!


A general support/FAQ link gives basic information on downloads and tech assistance.


Even though it appears that Extreme Holly isn't updating, the collection here is without a doubt unique for its hardcore nature and wide range of fetish content. I think any chick ballsy enough to snort cum is worth at least a few minutes (or hours?) of your time!


Membership to this site which includes access to Extreme Girl Network and many more (see links below) costs $29.86 for 30 days; $68.86 for 90 days and $98.86 for 180 days. Join by credit card, online check or charge to phone bill or 30 minutes of trial access on phone bill.


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