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Reviewed 21 January 2010


Since reviewing, I naturally had to give equal time to aka porn chick Alex Divine. How could I resist watching yet another crazy babe who loves sticking everything from her cell phone (ring ring... is that your ass calling?) to a toilet plunger up her butt. She's advertised as the "girl with the elastic ass" - wow, sounds like a circus act. Indeed, it does sometimes seem as though the unusual penetration action overshadows the sexy turn on aspect, but Alex is such an adventurous gal who seems to genuinely love what she does, I can hardly blame her for indulging in her favorite activities on camera. When I read her bio, I was also thrilled to see that she's born under the astrological sign of Aries just like me, once again proving to the Pornmeister of XXX Pwnage that I'm depraved - it's written in the stars!


Her site is part of the Extreme Girls Network, which also includes bonus content and several other hardcore sites with your membership. Even though she no longer updates, there's over 90 scenes of fetish XXX material here, more than enough to make you hard or sick to your stomach, whichever cums first! Just kiddin - if you dig freaky stuff, especially anal, you'll be just fine! has been online since December 2005 and during that time, the quality of the vids has improved and Alex has had various looks - brunette, blonde, long hair, short hair, etc. She's a petite 5 feet 1, and as they say, great whores come in small packages! Her tits seem to be all natural and I think she looks kinda trailer trash which in her case is a good thing - she's the nasty girl who gives blowjobs in the alley for fun or the school tramp. Her look suits her dirty chick image perfectly. With just the right hair and make-up she can almost slip into the glam category every now and then, (I think she's somewhat prettier with longer hair), but overall this babe is porn working class, the ho next door. She'd be hilarious in an SNL skit lol… but I digress....


So, what extreeeeeeeeeeme activity does Alex like to do? For starters, ANAL and lots of it (according to one scene description, she loves anal more than life itself), and she does indeed possess an elastic ass  as she takes a huge black cock like stud Mandingo's into her petite butt. I mean, very little shakes this gal up, she's ready to rock with whatever you got! Let's see, what else does she stuff up there? Hmmm, how about: a popsicle, the tubes that cigars are wrapped in, a beer glass, (with ice cold beer poured to the brim), a bunch of different blutt plugs, toys, and dildos, vibes, double penetration of her ass with various toys, and even a baseball bat, (THE WIDE END). I've seen chicks put the handle up there, but not the business end of a bat. With the determined assistance of her XXXtreme galpal Holly, they manage to work that bat an inch or two up her butt which I'd have to say is without doubt one of the wilder things I've seen.


Besides all her anal exploits, she's into various fetishes.  For instance: "felching". I've never seen this particular activity before, here's what happens: the guy cums in her ass and then she expels the oozing, dripping cum onto a silver platter, (fart noises and all), smearing it around, etc. Unless you're really into this type of stuff, I wouldn't recommend eating lunch just before watching lol... In her felching scene, she lets two guys cum, one after the other. Quite a busy day at the office for Alex! Really, she'll stick anything up anywhere until it stretches wide and she laughs, giggles and has a blast doing it. It was funny when she stuffed a cell phone in her pussy, but first put a rubber on it! Now, that's safe sex! And I took a look at the blow-up tranny doll fucking session with her and Extreme Holly. They give their shemale doll a name: Danni lol... it's one of those "don't miss" scenes!


As with her friend Holly's extreme site, there's a variety of action here: anal, solo masturbation with extreme penetration, three ways, interracial, fetish, bondage, sybian, rough deepthroating, lesbian, mature (she gives her old dude tattoo artist a blowjob), strap-on, fisting, a fourway lezzie orgy, double vag, ass to mouth, spit swapping... it's all here and more. Each vid has a title and date posted, along with a graphic and usually quite funny scene description. Titles such as "Lesbian Gaping", "Phone Fucking", "Beer Anal", "Cum Felching" and "Bondage Abuse" let you know this isn't for the faint hearted or softcore fans.


In addition, you get 8 behind the scenes clips of Alex plus 43 clips of  her "crazy life", funny daily stuff and crazy activities. Alex is quite the lil jokester, so you're always assured of a laugh along the porno highway if you're going her direction.


Videos at ExtremeAlex can be downloaded in DSL, Broadband and some in HD, they vary in length, usually 1-3 clips, some running as long as 30 minutes but most are 10 minutes or so each. You can stream in WMV or save and download to your hardrive. At this time, they don't have any mobile options such as iPod, etc. Each vid also comes with a photo gallery. Some contain 50 pics, some as many as 300+, so it's variable. The pics are large and quite clear - sometimes a little too clear if you're gettin a close-up of something that's a bit  toooo extreme for your tastes!


As stated, with your membership to you also have access to a variety of other hardcore bonus sites, including, and  Is that extreme enough for ya? I hope so! After watching this stuff, I think you'll be an expert on just about every freaky fetish in the world, although if Alex ever decides to update her site with new stuff, I'm sure she'll be able to cum up with a few new "twists"!


Membership to this site which includes access to Extreme Girl Network and many more (see links below) costs $29.86 for 30 days; $68.86 for 90 days and $98.86 for 180 days. Join by credit card, online check or charge to phone bill or 30 minutes of trial access on phone bill.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 4 Stars
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