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Reviewed 17 September 2009


Indian porn, similar to Asian porn, has that spicy, authentic quality you just can't find anywhere else, and for those who are burned out on the blonde/blue glossy porn babes, a dose of the Kama Sutra will be a welcome change of pace. is part of the giant porn arena, featuring over 120 sites, so although this particular site is smallish with 31 videos, a membership here will be an open door to a huge amount of porn. So, if you're looking for girls who are (a) primarily amateur and (b) genuine slutty Indian girls who do nasty things on camera, taking a spin through here will be a stroke worthy experience for you.


As I've indicated in previous reviews, I'm a big fan of amateur stuff. I'm willing to trade off a lack of professional quality in the camera work, lighting, etc. for that real gritty feel, and I know a lot of other porn consumers are with me on this. Whatever floats your boat, so if you like ethnic porn as is offered at Exploited Indian Girls and you don't freak out if it isn't filmed in the highest quality we're on the same page about this porn destination.


All of the vids at the site were posted in September 2008, and there's been no new updates, but as part of such a huge network as this one is, it's not a big deal in the overall scheme of things.


The girls here range from dark skinned teens to lighter skinned and a bit older (early 20's) doing various scenarios, from solo masturbation to threesomes, dildos, fingering, showering, etc. One girl starts her scene dressed in a sari, while most go for the Western look - stockings or basic bra/panties (usually black). There's no super glam stuff here, and several of the girls keep their natural bushy pussies. There are some pretty girls here, while others are more in the average category. Offhand, I didn't see any anal on the agenda (darn), but most tend to be nicely on the busty side - natural looking, no fake boobies. Dark hard nipples, smiling faces and uncomplicated showing of their bodies is a turn on and the main attraction. You'll enjoy the rather passive way these Indian girls accept the sexual exploration of their bodies by one or more guys or while they finger, spread, and explore their own dark meaty, wet pussies for your pleasure and excitement.


As for the word "exploited" in the title of this site, you be the judge of how exploited these little ladies are! Indian women are generally portrayed as being obedient and submissive to the wants and needs of their men, so rather than "exploited" I would  describe them as being true to their cultural and ethnic roots. Overall, this isn't a rough sex or super kinky site - it's about the ethnic authenticity and amateur quality of the setups. Click on a vid you want and you'll be taken to the Model Page, which gives you a brief synopsis of the scene, the model's name, categories (i.e. threesome, cumshot, facial, etc) and scene rating.


Videos are available in several formats:  Full download in hi, med, low, and iPod/iPhone, as well as one minute clips. The clips can be played in wmv hi, lo, flash and mpeg high. Accompanying each video is a set of vidcaps. They aren't huge, but are available in slideshow and have a fair amount of content, around 50 or so pics usually. They vary in quality from average to pretty clear. It's about what you'd expect from a site of this type and genre. I checked out a video featuring a girl named Sakina, mainly because she looked like a real teen, tiny tits, plus it's a threeway. Here's the scene description: "Here's another sexy teen worth watching: sweet Sakina! She's a little shy, but she takes on two horndogs at the same time anyway! After her slender body gets all lathered up, she wanks off her studs until they can't take it anymore."


The vid was okay, running time around 30 minutes, and for my tastes anyway, the appeal is in the realistic style of the girl. It starts with her dressed in schoolgirl attire and the two guys pick her up, each taking her by the arm side by side, and carry her into the scene where they proceed to remove her clothes and lather her up in the shower. She's very passive through all this, but again, I liked that element of it, as if she's just their toy to do with as they please. It's not hardcore, just amateur Indian teen porn lol...


She has a nice tight little bod. The guys look pretty laid back and aren't into hard pussy pounding, at least the scenes I checked out. Maybe they were searching for their inner Nirvana or something lol...


Video quality was average and I would recommend downloading in the highest quality your connection can handle. I checked out a few other scenes and my main pet peeve was the music playing in the background instead of the sounds of the performers. I had to chuckle at one, where they were playing "Baby's Got Blue Eyes" (the Elton John song)... I'm pretty sure there aren't any gals with blue eyes hanging out here lol. In the Sakina video there was a brief cut to one of the guys pissing in close-up. Kinda pumped it up to being a bit more hardcore.


Basically my final judgment about this type of site is, hey, if it's your bag and you want to cleanse your porno palate of the same old same old, then stop on by. It's not gonna win any awards, but some of these chicks are weirdly hot, and if ethnic/amateur is your scene, especially Indian, you'll find it enjoyable. It's not rough stuff, but it's off the well beaten track and that's always a plus factor for me. I get bored, I know you do too, so I like to review sites from time to time that although they aren't technically the highest quality in some areas, they are different.


Really, the good news and the major upside is that Exploited Indian Girls is part of the humongous AllNetworkPass, which gives you access to THREE major adult networks for the price of one membership, which consists of 120+ sites with daily updates available across the network. In addition, you have access to thousands of DVD's, and 24/7 live Customer Support. So, if the Indian gals don't get your motor racing, there's sure to be something (or someone) hot at those other 120 sites who WILL!


A good deal for those looking for a huge huge archive of porn at your fingertips!


30 days costs $29.97 - join by credit card or check to get access to one of the biggest porn networks around!!!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 2 Stars
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