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Reviewed 01 March 2010


For all you pornhounds out there who haven't watched any retro smut, you are missing out, big time. is one of the best vintage sites I've seen - there's some really weird shit in here, and that's no joke. I've said it before and I'll say it again, today's porn just can't "measure up" to the era when fucking on camera hadn't become a boring, faked business commodity. True, the quality of the vids back then can't compete with the modern digital hi-res, but what it lacks on the tech side  is  more than made  up for on the kinky, fetishy and  frenzied behavior of guys and gals from the 1950'-1980's. This collection will send you on a roller coaster of emotions, from astonishment to laughter to rock hard to confused to horny as hell.


Currently with 52 videos, the site is a great mixture of generations, some going back to the 50's and most from the 60's and late 70's, with a bit of 1980's. I'm sure many of these flicks were the type shown at the Pussycat "adult" theater in the sneaky old days when you bought a ticket and slipped inside, hoping your damn boss, wife, girlfriend or other "respectable" community member wouldn't see you and totally fuck up your life forever. But then along came the Internet and now those days are gone - the days when sex was actually hardcore dirty and filthy and forbidden and taboo. As it should be! lol... okay, I'll get off my porn soapbox and tell ya what's at EnterTheHardcore...


The site is part of the mega AllElitePass network, so you get 60+ sites with your membership. There's a tour page to give you a glimpse of the nasty gems you'll find here. The emphasis is on bondage and fetish material, which makes it even cooler. You'll see babes tied up, gagged, flogged, whipped and fucked hard, weird lesbian action, threesomes, guys wearing hoods, psycho hippies, long hair dudes eating pussy, just a lot of yummy funky stuff. When you log in to the main member's area, you'll see a page of thumbnail pics with titles such as: "When Bitches Attack!", "Hogtie That Ho", "First Date Gone Wild", "Jizz On Tap", or how about "Hot Hostage Humping"? The pics will give you a good indication at a glance of the era - if they're wearing bell bottom jeans and the guys have stringy long hair and sideburns, you kinda know it's gonna be a 60's-70's production. There's black and white as well as color scenes, and vid quality is variable. That just comes with the territory at any retro collection. There's plenty of bush on display for you lovers of au naturel, and I dig  that dangerous, stanky hippie sex! It truly was the Golden Age of Porn!


The site has been updating approximately every week or so. However, as of the date of this review I didn't see a new vid posted, so the future update status is unknown. But from looking at the past year's activity, it's been regular. But compared to some smaller vintage collections online, this one is good-sized and it will take you awhile to sample the wares and save your favorite retro "tit" bits to your hard drive.


The sites in this network are all laid out the same way with a top navigation bar showing Calendar, Favorites, Models, Photos, Movies, DVD Area and Support. These links give you quick access to find what you want throughout the network, with lots of good search tools to browse by category, keyword, and content types. The page also has links to live webcam chat (no, not with the vintage performers, they're long gone!), plus the week's top rated updates at AllElitePass.


So, I must admit, my mouth was watering as it always does at this type of site, because I know I'm gonna see crazy things not available elsewhere. I first previewed "Crazy Whore Exposes Pussy". I could see it was in color and had a clear thumbnail, so I ventured in. This thing was not only hilarious but oddly dirty. The setup here is Wild West saloon, with two gunslingers (or cockslingers?), finishing their poker game while the floozy barmaid watches. The scene descriptions don't list the performers by name, so you get to test your porno trivia knowledge if you spot one of the Golden Age guys or gals. The guy in this scene looks like Harry Reems to me. He buys her "services" for $20 and she rides that cowboy! Wow, you can even see the dirt under his fingernails in the closeups (you won't see today's porn pretty boys gettin that "authentic"!). She gives him a nice retro blowjob (an RBJ as I like to call it lol), and she does show her hairy pussy while he does some "fancy fuckin". The dialogue between them is really funny and has that Spaghetti Western feeling. Funniest line of the scene: the floozy begs "Deeper, deeper!" and he says, "They don't go no deeper than they is long, ya know!" Campy, cheesy and a whole lot of fuckin fun. Running time is 14 minutes with a vidcap gallery. None of the movies here have hi-res photos since that standard didn't exist back then.


The next scene I looked at somewhat blew my mind which again proves that this type of porn is really different from so-called 'hardcore" of today. It's a scene from a feature called "Victims" made by Forced Entry Productions. Wow, I do love 80's porno. In this one, a blonde babe is abducted by two psycho hippie dudes. She's thrown into a white van and banged, including forced anal while she screams, "Not in there! Not in there!" She's then taken to another location where the longhairs and a chick tie her up on a bed and take staged blackmail pics of her (one with a bottle up her pussy). Whew! If you think today's stuff matches this material in any way, you're wrong. They could do things back then that today's censorship and political correctness won't allow, giving even the hardest bondage scenes in modern porn a somewhat phony, faked feel. Not so back in the good ole days which is why there are many people who continue to remain huge fans of this stuff. Running time: 21 minutes of super hard funky action that'll have you wishing for a time machine to experience the real deal. A gallery of vidcaps rounds it out (not in zip file).


A particularly nasty 7 minutes of retro vid can be found in the scene entitled, "Whore Gets Whipped!". This one has a Nazi theme, complete with swastika armband-wearing domme bitch who whips and torments a slave, including an enema and some blood. Pretty brutal and not something you'll see just anywhere, at even the most hardcore bondage site.


Naturally, I couldn't keep my hot little hands off and surfed around randomly checking out other scenes. Some were grainier black and white and a fair number had a cheesy old timey music playing in the background, as the original audio has been lost. I found the music rather irritating, so here's my suggestion: mute it! Or better yet, listen to your own "mood music" to enhance the viewing experience. It will increase your enjoyment of these clips immensely. Just focus on the visuals and try to block out the background noise, (I hope you appreciate this porn Tip Of The Day!).


As indicated, bondage/fetish sex is a big theme here, and you'll be amazed to see that these activities weren't invented in the past five years - it's been part of human activity for a long time. Stockings, garters, bondage gear, spanking, torture racks, rope - it's all here! And chicks could suck dick in the 50's too, the little sluts! There's also some cool still photo galleries of the Queen of Retro Bondage, Betty Page, so be sure to check those out too.


Movies at can be viewed in various formats: streaming Flash, WMV Hi/Low, MPG Low or full download WMV Hi/Low or MPG. I recommend downloading/streaming in Hi although the quality of most of the vids aren't going to be what you're used to. Again, it's a trade off and one that really doesn't bother me too much to be able to sample this content. Sure, it would be great to see all this stuff clearly, but maybe that would take some of the taboo mystery away from these psycho freaky scenes. And for my money, that's what makes it special, don't you agree?


Join by credit card or check for membership to the AllElitePass - thousands of hours of porn at your fingertips from $1 (1 day limited trial) or 30 days priced up at $29.97.


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