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Reviewed 28 May 2009


I must confess I wanted to review this site just because of the title. I have a weakness for porn sites with the words "drunk" "bar" and "sluts" all in the same title, so fit my extremely high standards perfectly. Watching liquored up boozy broads ready to drop their panties, spread their legs and party hard is a great way to spend an afternoon, wouldn't you agree? As they say at this site, "These girls are so tipsy they can barely stand up straight but they can still fuck!" Yes, indeed, drunken girls turn into horny fuck pigs and these gals have lost all their inhibitions - if they had any to begin with.


Drunk Bar Sluts is part of the Maniac network of 60+ hardcore sites. So, here's the good and the not so good info on this site. The not so good news first: there are only six videos here, there's been no updating and probably none planned. The good news: The content here is above average in quality and each movie has an average running time of an hour, with one topping out at two hours and another almost that long, so these are really mini features which  makes up for the lack of updates. The titles: Cafe Risque, Drunk Bar Sluts, Drunken Street Sex, Sex In The Champagne Room, Strangers and Lovers, and Wasted Whore, along with the accompanying scene descriptions, really caught my eye. I could tell that these were not the run of the mill quickie drunk co-ed on campus girl’s gone wild mindless stuff and I was right. Is this the best of the best? No. But it's worth a look and the fact that it's part of the huge Maniac network means that your monthly membership gives you access to a ton of smut, so looking at it from that standpoint, this site is a quite worthy way to spend your stroke time.


The Tour page gives you a bit of a preview, although no trailers, so get into the main member's area to have access to the six films available. The top navigation area is simple, with Home, All Films, Bonus, Live Cams, DVD Shop and Support.  Each movie shows a photo, running time, description, and scene divisions. A couple of the videos have more than one scene with multiple scenarios and different girls. The scene descriptions are well done and graphic, detailing the specific types of sex action you'll see such as blowjob, drunk sex, outdoor, anal, double penetration, and dildos.


I randomly sampled several scenes, not knowing what to expect. I first looked at "Wasted Whore" which starts with an obviously plastered chick sitting alone attempting to put on her makeup. I guess we could call this "drunken makeup foreplay" or something. Just observing her in her sexy little red dress getting ready in her drunken state was a turn on. She has quite a problem putting her lipstick on straight. Hilarious and yet horny. Man, this chick's eyes are glazed over. If she was play acting drunk she did a helluva job. My guess is that she was seriously messed up, which made the scene quite entertaining in a disturbing sort of way (and isn't that why we all watch porn!?). I don't know who this particular performer is, but I thought she was very good, authentic, and I immediately picked up on the Euro vibe of the scene. She is one hot tease, showing off her pussy as she stares into the camera. The scene is not in English - not sure what language, maybe Czech or Hungarian, so pardon my ignorance on that, and there's no subtitles but really none needed. The sexy drunken encounter is self-explanatory and even though I would have loved to know what they were saying, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the scene. Movies can be downloaded in small or large clips (18 clips in all for this one), or the full movie in two versions: 320x240 or 692x548 resolution. I downloaded the small resolution clips and found them quite acceptable for viewing, although I always recommend downloading the best quality you can depending on your connection. The running time was approx. 53 minutes, so you really are getting a nice fully developed movie and the chick's drunken quality is maintained throughout. You get 100+ screenshots at 692x540 size and I found them to be pretty good, not super huge, but certainly explicit and clear enough, although there's no zip file or slideshow.


Another movie, "Drunken Bar Sluts" is a collection of several scenes featuring different chicks, and runs somewhat over two hours long. The scenes are described as follows:


Scene One - Drunk slut loses her lunch as she rides a cock
Scene Two - Drunk girl stumbles into a pub where the bartender fucks her on top of the bar
Scene Three - Busty brunette babe gets fucked all over the bar
Scene Four - Champagne-swilling housekeeper gets fucked on the hard, marble floor
Features - hardcore sex, blowjob, cumshots, drunk girls

I watched Scene Two and once again, the girl appeared to be extremely shitfaced drunk, falling on the floor, barely able to stand, arms and legs floppy, the guy was able to throw her around like a rag doll. Pretty good stuff!  I mean, if you're gonna do a drunken chick site, they'd better be drunk, right? None of this mildly tipsy stuff, I want to see babes who are so gone they're beyond salvation and more than ready to be taken advantage of. But for the sake of moral decency, let's assume these girls are merely brilliant actresses who learned their trade at the Dudley Moore "Arthur" school of fake drunks (but I prefer to think they guzzled everything they could get their hands on before staggering  to the set. ). Whatever the case, the particular scenes I looked at lived up to the "drunk bar slut" title. I watched a bit of another scene where the girl was somewhat more in control, so I can't vouch for all the scenes being over the top drunk, but I still found it very arousing and entertaining, Euro style. One scene did have subtitles, but they weren't in English. Looked like Dutch! So, welcome to the United Nations of porn here, but again, it doesn't really matter, drunken sex is the universal language of sex! We all speak sloppy crazy blow job, don't we? haha


I was a little annoyed by the sex toy advertisement at the site, but oh well.  The "Bonus" link explains how the GoldXPass works, complete with password and username to get you started with access to a number of extra niche sites. Live Sex Cams and a DVD store round out your time here. Customer Support is available  through their online support page, plus a general troubleshooting FAQ.


Obviously, no one would pay $29.95 a month for six videos, but the good news is that the monthly subscription gets you access to 60+ niche sites in the Cashmaniac network. You can also opt for the 90 day membership at $59.95, payment by credit card or online check. This site is perfect party entertainment, summer is almost here (at the time of this review anyway!) so sit back, crack open a beer and watch the girls get down and dirty! I liked this site a lot!


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