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Reviewed 05 December 2009


Ever wanted to disgrace an 18 year-old? Well, the little vixens at Disgraced 18 are ready and quite willing to help you out and will probably suggest a few disgraceful activities along the way! This site is part of the Porn Pros Network which currently contains 25+ sites plus a variety of bonus porn and lots of webcam/live sex chat action. At first glance, the Home page of Porn Pros looks rather busy, but after some clicking here and there, you'll get it sorted out and familiarize yourself with their search tools (browse models, categories, top rated videos, Pornpros tv (their huge DVD store), plus a convenient update calendar you can check out to easily and quickly find the schedule for all their sites. Some of them update weekly, others every 2-3 weeks, but with such a big and rather diverse network, there's always freshly minted smut flowing your way.


Being a fan of teen sites (legal of course!), I had to take a look at Disgraced 18 to see just how disgracefully disgraced it all was. This is a fairly new site, coming online in Jan. 09, with 40 vids that update like clockwork so if they keep doing what they're doing, this will grow into a much bigger site fairly soon. It's all about the bondage, with slutty teen chicks getting a dose of punishment with ropes, ball gags, dildos, anal beads, tit pumps, spreader bars, and a variety of other devices designed to break down that teen spirit! Go team! Hardcore deepthroat action and pussy pounding is in abundance. If you like seeing innocent babes whimpering while their tiny holes get plundered and stretched wide open, this will be your kind of place. It's clear from looking at the pics of the latest updates that Disgraced18 puts these bad cutie pies through a total body workout, and most have a very fresh teen look that you'll love. And why do these sluts deserve to be disgraced? Stealing, taking naughty pics of themselves or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or just becuz! Any excuse to do something evil and embarrassingly humiliating to a young teen girl is good enough!


For bondage lovers, this site is fairly hardcore, I likeeee! Scenes are creative, shot both indoor and outdoor, and they don't let up till that chick has been... disgraced! And yeah, there's a humor angle to some of the scenes, but I didn't feel it interfered with the main site mission and that's BDSM. This isn't a dark dungeon sado site, so if you want that, there's others around for the Marquis de Sade setup, but I frankly dig bondage like this, teen pain and humiliation all done up in some prettier shades of pink (and I don't mean the ropes). Actually some of the ropes are neon colored, but hey, that's what teen chicks like! This isn't a Dom/sub site, which they make clear during the opening interview, so it's not the Master/slave genre, just good solid bondage action. Some of the girls here are now established porn pros like Shawna Lenee,. Faye Regan, and Madison Ivy, while a few may be new to you. Tanner Mayes is a well-known teen star and she's a super slutty little badass brunette. The title of her scene: "Trades Dignity For Menthols". Anything for a cig, eh Tanner?


Looking around I decided to preview "Amai Lui's Not So Happy Ending!" Amai is a very petite looking girl, tiny tits, long brunette hair and fresh, innocent face. She's out hiking (in the damn middle of nowhere lol) and of course runs into Mr. Perv and his camper trailer - who also just happens to have miles of thick rope and a dildo. The guy is a tatted blond biker dude who looks like an escapee from wherever... he's cooking up some hot dogs and feeds her a bite of that wiener. She's a somewhat adventurous little slut so being tied up sounds okay to her. Mr. Perv does a good job of it, she's cinched up firmly, and soon he's nailing her very tight teen hole, arms and legs spread wide by the ropes, on top of his outdoor picnic table (does a guy like this even have picnics?). She keeps her top, socks and hiking boots on. He pumps her mish and doggy and by the time he's done with her, she doesn't look like it's been quite as much fun as she thought. Lots of moaning and painful sounds. I must say the outdoor desert scenery is striking and makes for a visually great scene as well. What could be kinkier than blue skies, boulders, a pervy guy, and a tight pussy teen all tied up with nowhere to go and no one to see for miles around? Running time: 30 min, with 309 pics and 101 screencaps. That data is listed conveniently under "Scene Info" with the synopsis and links to the girl's name showing her personal stats (Amai has done 4 other scenes at the PornPros network so far), scene rating/votes. She has A-tit cups, so for sure, she fits perfectly in the budding teen category and did a really hot job in her bondage scene.


I next hopped over to look at a scene featuring another A-cup cutie teen, Gracie Glam, mainly because the sample pic looked pretty extreme. One of the sexier guys in porn is slamming her, Johnny Castle. The setup here: she's taking a soapy hot bath and talking to him about what his Halloween costume is gonna be that year. He tells her it'll be scary which she finds somewhat funny but he proves his point when he comes back into the bathroom dressed as… well, it was a bit difficult to tell, a fireman or maybe a hazmat worker lol, but whatever, he was ready to rock her world. She's still a bit giggly at this point, but things heat up. Johnny starts out with a ball gag, and then chains her wrists together. He pushes her head underwater several times so by now she's a little dazed and knows he's not playing games. This is gonna be a hardcore session. I liked the way the scene built. He poured some liquid soap in her mouth for an extra sudsy blowjob for him. Lots of hard throatfucking/gaggin action, and he bangs hell out of her doggy over the tub while tied. He pounds her into the next world, pretty hardcore scene. He uses some pussy clamps and some buttplay with a small dildo, plus some other creative touches round out an A-1 scene. This teen is most definitely DISGRACED by the time Mr. Castle finishes the fun and games. Didn't know bath time could be so fun, did ya? Running time: 39 min, with 420 pictures and 206 screencaps.


The camera work and overall production quality is great, very professionally done, so no complaints there. My one tiny peeve in glancing through a few other scenes they might want to vary the way the girls are tied and bring in a few different guys to do the fucking, but overall it seems like a fairly creative site (one scene involved a hoola hoop!) so I think most bondage enthusiasts will be more than pleased, especially with the BDSM teen theme. They've attracted some of the horniest and hottest teen girls in the biz here who know what they're doing.


Viewing options on the videos  are quite varied which is great: you can stream or  download the full movie in WMV/MPG HD or Standard, browse 1-minute clips, or stream/download in parts (1-8) in WMV HD/SD or MPG HD/SD. In addition, they have a video to go option, with DVD/CD, iPod/iPhone/PSP and XBox.


The photos are large Hi-Res and the screencaps are big and pretty good quality. All are available in zip file, so you'll be easily able to download the large galleries here and relive the juicier moments. The average running time of the vids is between 30-50 minutes, so you get a lot of nicely developed bondage scenes/action, not just some quickie clips.


Most scenes are girl/guy, but they currently have a threesome which I found thru their excellent search engine, so maybe they'll add a few teen bondage orgies as the site grows.


If you're a fan of teen porn, PornPros has a couple other sites in their network to check out, "18 Years Old" and "Newbie Nymphs".  I'd like to see them add another teen bondage site as well, because Disgraced18 is really good and another would be double the fun!


Billing Support is provided by PPROSHELP with an email contact and live chat support.


I think Disgraced18 is one of the better sites of its type that I've come across recently. Anything "teen" tends to be either too softcore or super giggly rip-off or not ready to venture into harder bondage action, but this site pulls it off quite well. Top talent, great visuals and some very very disgraced young ladies are ready to show you their stuff! Enjoy!


Membership: One Day Trial: $1; Monthly: $24.94; 90 Days: $59.97. And don’t forget you get 21 exclusive sites for the price of ONE with your purchase when you join Porn Pros, plus webcams and bonus sites too! Join by credit card or check.


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