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Reviewed 03 March 2009 is one of four of the femdom niche sites produced by the guys at the Mean World network. Deviant David features the oh so nasty adventures of David, aka "Pussyman" a middle-aged guy with thinning hair and crazy buggy eyes who gets off when a meanbitch smothers his face with her pussy or humiliates him by forcing him to eat her out, worship her ass and feet and other wild fetish action. David doesn't fuck these dominating Mistresses - he's only there to do what they say - and love it! For some odd reason, David looks just like a weirdo philosophy professor I once had in college (I'm sure they're not the same person!) so it was disturbingly amusing to watch his scenes. But I digress. David is indeed plenty deviant and gets rock hard as he's ordered to grovel before the superior and controlling females who know exactly all the nasty things  bad little sissy boy David needs (and most important – WANTS).


The tour page shows six sample videos with trailers along with the most recent three updates to give YOU a taste of exactly who and what David is tasting and sniffing - babes like wild and freaky porn icon Debi  Diamond, Osa Lovely, Kim Eternity, Taylor Wayne, Nicki Hunter and more. David usually has his face buried ass deep or pussy deep, totally into doing what makes him the happiest deviant in the world! Lets put it this way: David loves his work because it's not work for him, it's his idea of pussy/ass heaven! Click on the Members area and you'll see the main navigation area showing Home, Deviant Scenes, Slave Orders, Deviant Bitches, Feedback/FAQ, Videofeeds and Links. The left side of the screen gives links to the main MeanBitches forum, Meanbitches news and DVD's and New Bitches. The main portion of the page shows the three latest updates (Deviant Scenes), and underneath that are the "top rated bitches" across the mean bitch network which includes the top rated Deviant Scenes and the top rated Deviant Bitches. At the bottom of the page, there's a link to Deviant Diary which is a link to David's MySpace blog. It's quite an interesting read, although he hasn't updated since April 2008, but you should check it out because he's been an active performer in the adult industry for years. So, reading his insights and opinions is pretty fascinating.


Currently, there are 37 Deviant David movies, each divided into an average of 10-16 scenes. The update schedule seems a little erratic, although there four daily updates at the time of this review (March 2, 3, 4 and 5). The way it works, they update a new scene from each movie - the average seems to be a month between updates for scenes from a particular movie. For example, the latest Naudia Nyce movie updated today with scene 15 - scene 14 was a month ago. At this time anyway, it does appear that you get a daily updating of various scenes from their deviant movies, even though you have to wait between scenes. You can also click "View All" and to see anything you missed. Movies are downloadable in WMV format. There is no option for downloading an entire movie at one time. In any event, there's a steady stream of David's humiliating little adventures always being added.


To preview the action here, I couldn't resist taking a look at the scene featuring porn legend Debi Diamond. Debi and David - has a nice ring, doesn't it? The scene starts with a quite hot and stunning looking Debi (who has recently gotten back into performing) phoning David  to let him know in her sluttiest tone of voice that she's just been fucked in a gangbang and wants him to clean her up. She's heard that he luvs it. Wow, this is David's dream - licking the asshole of Debi Diamond! She saunters over to his house in black stockings, garter belt and curve-hugging lingerie. His crazed eyes bug out of his head as she treats him (or mistreats him?) like the pathetic toe-sucking scummy little slave he is. He licks her pussy, and does exactly what Mistress Debi commands. She really gets into it and does a great job with her verbal abuse and mocking, sarcastic meanbitch attitude. Great hard edge to the scene and David definitely gets his nose jammed into all her nooks and crannies. The control and domination factor, especially the verbal manipulation and mindfuck, is really what makes a femdom scene work and she knows her stuff. The movie is divided into 5 scenes. Each scene has a photo gallery viewable in slideshow format, but no zip file. The photos are excellent quality - some are almost full screen in size and average 20 or so pics in each gallery.


If you're into interracial action, watching a white dude bowing down to a black goddess, David is into that. Here's a scene description from his adventure with Vanessa Blue: "Nobody knows how to abuse me like Vanessa Blue. She really enjoys humiliating me, and in this scene she uses the AssFacintor so she can really bounce her black asshole up and down on my face. She takes me into the bathroom and absolutely degrades me... at one point she tells me I am a sissy, so she makes me take female hormone pills. I have never been so humiliated... and happy!"


The AssFacinator is a white ring that looks like a toilet type of contraption and Vanessa used it to torment and smother David. As she says, "All I care about is when your grandpa check is showin up!" He plays with himself while she bounces on his face. I hope they have oxygen on set, because this poor guy sometimes sounds like he might need a little air! But what a way to go, eh? She abuses and degrades his pathetic white ass, which of course David enjoys to the hilt. You will too if you're into this type of content. The movie contained 16 scenes and fairly good quality photo galleries with 20 or so pics per scene. Vanessa Blue has an ass that will blow your mind and she knows how to run her mouth to make an old, desperate pervy guy like David feel about two inches tall… HA HA! A scene featuring the luscious Katja Kassin also used the AssFacinator device, so for those into fetishy devices, you can find it here.


Click on "Deviant Bitches" to see a short description of the girl - not all of them have bios or scene descriptions. It would be nice to have more info on each chick, how she torments David, or an improved search engine to find particular girls.  Many of the girls have also done femdom scenes on in the MeanWorld network.


Without doubt, David is one crazy dude. The look on his face is worth the price of admission. The guy genuinely seems to be in a state of sex frenzy being a sexdog slave boy and it's even more pathetically exciting to see an old guy reduced to breathing ass air like it’s perfume from heaven. The girls are dressed in some really hot outfits - latex, mesh stockings, exotic, exciting stuff.  


The Feedback/FAQ links gives a history of David's background, how long he's been in the business, AVN awards he's won, etc. Bottom line (pardon the pun), David just loves to sniff ass and it shows! So, be sure to check this out, and also rate the scenes so he knows just what you like to see! Support is also available through email contact.


As a member, you have access to video feeds (webchat), and links to the femdom store where you can buy Deviant David Gone Wild, Deviant David Goes Black and other facesitting content, as well as Meanbitches Live where you can chat with your favorite Mistress. And don't forget - with your membership you get access to all four of the Mean sites.


So, if you get off on seeing a humiliated pussyman being degraded by some of the meanest bitches in the biz, you'll get a lot of bang for your buck watching crazy and extremely Deviant David!


Membership details: Join all 4 MEAN sites (see links below) for $37.95 for 30 days, then $29.95 recurring for every 30 days. Or join just this site for $21.95 for 30 days then $19.95 recurring every 30 days (remember that’s a one site deal - only). For an extra $10 bucks joining all four makes more sense, though this one still packs a punch for a pretty low sign up fee.


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