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Reviewed 19 August 2009


Forgive me, but I’m no expert when it comes to bondage but I do have an eye for a bound up, helpless babe especially when she has a ball gag in her mouth! I had a few misconceptions blown away when I visited probably because this site turned my own view of bondage completely on its head, well more WWF slam bang style!


The entire content for this site is shot by Dave Simpson (hence the name) and bondage is obviously a labour of love for him!


This site is pretty new, not much more than a year old, so although there is a solid archive building there isn’t a dearth just yet. The main components are split between DVD quality movies and good resolution image galleries. There are also some fun elements which I really liked - especially the totally unexpected and original comic strip style adventures of the gorgeous big boobed Lucy Zara - a fictional undercover private eye, who just so happens to get tied up in most episodes! These are excellent and would make a really entertaining adult site in their own right!


The home page displays all the recent updates for both videos and images suitably titled What’s New! You can either click away from here - each thumbnail bringing up the content as per usual. There isn’t a lot more to the navigation other than the Archives link which leads directly to everything that’s been produced so far. Its actually alphabetically sorted in Model order and currently there are 37 to choose from - bear in mind, mixed in are other bits and bobs such as the Comic Book Adventures, artwork and a few guest galleries. Content varies between each model with some having 10 videos and 3 or 4 photo galleries whereas others, a lot less.


Photo galleries contain on average 20 images (click to enlarge) and unlike most presentations there is no slideshow and no downloadable zip file. Each scene is described perfectly. Movie content is totally unrestricted - download in one full WMV format file (no other formats available). The average running time is between 5-10 minutes per video and they are very good quality.


Right, when it comes to the action this is all about a girl, a rope and a gag. Well, generally a girl struggling tightly tied up most expertly by someone who knows more about knots than a swotty Boy Scout at a half-hitch tying jamboree. You can only marvel at the rope work here, its on par with top Japanese specialists I‘ve seen elsewhere.


The bondage/BDSM sites I’ve perused in the past have generally been fully nude badass S&M. You know the sort of thing… nipple clamps, pussy torture, whipping and general domination Here however, Dave has complied something almost devoid of nudity (there are some topless sets) and all that S&M nastiness, focusing purely on the bondage aspect. This will appeal to ultra niche fans because its not quite so common. Fetish clothing runs throughout the sites content with models dressed in rubber, PVC, cat suits, secretary outfits, satin blouses, skin-tight pencil skirts, stockings, pantyhose, lingerie, bikinis, riding boots, jodhpurs, uniforms and many more variations including creepy full body mummification (now that is scary shit indeed!). features some well known glamour/fetish/bondage models such as Brooke-Lee, Michelle Thorne, Vicky Holloway, Fifi Russo, Taylor Morgan, Lana Cox, Angel, Valencia Diaz and Teresa May. I even found the delectable Chanta Rose from here.


Although this was not what I was expecting in terms of nudity levels (yeah I’m a perv!) it is really well done. Its totally exclusive, very different and aimed at a specific audience which should rightly lap it all up like a cat with a ten foot tongue.


Membership won’t leave you tied up in knots either. 30 days access costs $32.62, but it recurs at just $21.73 for each 30 days thereafter. Great deal after the initial higher than average join fee is out of the way!


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