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Reviewed 25 June 2010


I confess to being a big fan of Dani O’Neil from way back. I first saw her on one of those late night sex chat phone in shows and unlike a few that have come and gone Dani is still a regular over at Babestation (Sky Ch 906/Freeview Ch 94-96) here in the UK. Of course if you live anywhere else I don’t suppose you’ll have a clue what I’m talking about so I should explain that Dani is a glamour model with some genuine ‘curve appeal’. Unlike a lot of stick models this babe doesn’t have lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner oh no she’s a into meat and two veg (of the Sunday Roast variety - I only know this because I read her blog) and it shows. Shit that looks rather rude. No offence intended what I mean to say is she is all woman and a bit of extra meat on her bones looks fucking great accentuating her sexy ass profile. She has huge squishy dairy domes and hips to wank for (and over). Latin looks and a fine head of wavy hair makes her sex on legs in my opinion and you certainly don’t have to be in the UK to appreciate any of this because her website is open to smut lovers the world over.


I was hoping, fingers crossed and all that, that Dani might show a bit more of her luscious body within the safe walls of her website and I was gob smacked to find a veritable fuck fest of XXX action, none of which you’ll see on free to view TV. I was hoping yes, but I wasn’t expecting the raunchy lesbian stuff I found. It’s amazing and though I shouldn’t sound surprised…I was and am! Especially as her partners in sex crime are no less than other hotties from Babestation: sexy Scot Amanda (from and the UK’s #1 whore Lolly Badcock (from Wow this ain’t Kentucky Fried Chicken folks but its genuine finger licking fun as Dani proves she’s up for more than some bloody teasing and posing - she gets her knickers down at the very first opportunity and gets tongue fucked, finger fucked and err… fucked with a strap on plastic knob - ye-fucking ha!


As with (see review) and all the ‘Babestation offerings (this is part of a ‘babe series’ - see links below) this site ticks the right boxes and stuff just works. Navigationally its simplicity itself, with just Home, Pictures, Videos, Webcam, Forum and Blog as the menu options. So basically we are dealing with photo and video sections as the webcam link leads off to a third party pay per chat thing. Dani definitely tries to keep in touch with her fan base via her brand new forum and blog but there have been times when questions go unanswered for a while (ah well can’t have everything).


100+ high resolution photo sets and 52 DVD quality MPEG-4 videos are stored in the archive which is enough to keep any fan very happy indeed. It goes without saying there are download links galore so everything is ready to save for posterity as well.


As already mentioned action does involve a fair amount of lesbian lurve. This is absolutely superb shit. You really need to get in here to see the stuff with Lolly, as Dani abuses her tight arsehole and consumes her sopping wet pussy lips. I think she wouldn’t mind me saying this but she is one dirty fucker! Hey if you prefer some teasing in lingerie, stockings and sexy attire that’s catered for too with lots of sets to view online or download.


I love Dani and I love this site. I’m not too sure on the update schedule as nothing is dated but there has been significant progress made over the past year (I have been loitering) to make joining very worthwhile. You won’t find this content anywhere else on the net so if you fancy spending some one on one time with Dani O’Neil Check it out now - its knob rubbingly good! Memberships costs just £22.50 per month (note this is GBP not USD).


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