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Reviewed 23 July 2009 - Revisited 06 August 2011


I had mixed feelings about last time around and have a few more this visit. Alas that old fucked up feeling greets me - Dakota’s site is no longer updating. Small bit of good news is that since July 2009 a fair few picture galleries have been added and likewise video content is up to. To put that into numbers - pics are up from 62 to 97 galleries and movies have increased from 47 to 52, which includes some WMV HD stuff. Nothing major but a bonus.


Incidentally unlike before the high resolution images can now be saved in zip files as well as a decent online slideshow presentation if you prefer.


Following a recent network overhaul, site design and navigation has never been better so while the disappointment lingers, at least it looks impressive!


Dakota Rae Patrick is a weird looking chick (no offence intended) so her collection may not appeal to all tastes but she has a “certain” charm and a delectable body, tits and cunt! Dedicated fans will lap it up, whereas newcomers may look sideways and squint to catch her best angle.


As the photo updates died a death in 2010 and the movies in 2009, it goes without saying this is archive material alone, so don’t buy into any misconceptions that new content will ever be added again. I’d say there is some value in this site - maybe a month at most - and the bonus sites included will soften the blow for a while longer, but that’s about it I’m afraid.


The price has increased from $24.95 to $29.95 for 30 days unrestricted access, however the bonus sites have increased from 6 to 12 so its not as bad as it seems. Worth a punt if you adore Dakota.


For additional information please refer to the original review below


July is somewhat becoming a solo babe bonanza! Today we’ll be delving into another clone featuring Dakota Rae Patrick and while not exactly a household name she must be rated out there, mustn’t she? So here goes...


First things first. I like Dakota don’t get me wrong. She poses well, has a nice rack, bald pussy and taut ass. She sports some great tan lines which I like because ‘show me your white bits’ is a favourite phrase of mine during the summer months. She is blond and fit (in the sense of she obviously works out). Trouble is, for me anyway, her face is a bit ‘angular’ and coupled with over inflated lips, this combo makes her look a bit err tranny-ish! Perhaps it’s the ‘light’ catching facial facets, I don’t know, because sometimes she looks absolutely stunning but other times a bit blokey… but as is life its all down to personal taste - beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that crap (which usually means ugly). Dakota is most definitely not a total gross out, on the contrary, the more you view her work the prettier she becomes or maybe thats just my dick talking!


Anyway with that out of the way we shall proceed. Okay issue alert! I read somewhere else (can’t remember where) that this site had hundreds of photo galleries so was looking forward to a spunk fest of glamour work (which is Dakota‘s speciality if you ask me). I searched high and low but could only find 62, the latest being the finest quality (high resolution), which should be the industry standard by now - fuck even I have a 7+ mega pixel camera! These sordid images are a mixed bag - sets include bikini posing to nude, at home style, public flashing, a bit of dildo insertion and a few featuring lingerie. There is no way to download these sets but at least a slideshow option is available. Movie content was more disappointing with just 47 shorts (5-10 minutes in length generally) and not the best quality I’ve ever seen (watchable for sure, but that’s about it). I expected tonnes more hardcore (its about 99% DRP playing with toys) but what I saw was okay. Those whopping great lips certainly help with mouth fucking and that’s no lie (shame there wasn’t more of it). Movies (mostly) can be streamed (flash only) or downloaded (WMV). No download restrictions here either.


There are plenty of external (third party) links, to ‘Friends’ and video feeds too, plus link offs to cam sites - Dakota does a live show now and then, the most recent being June 17 2009, and she interacts with her fans via her site messaging system which is a nice touch.


The defining factor here is it worth a few quid/bucks? Well that’ll boil down to your taste in women. The site is the epitome of girly (all pink) and competently done - it just lacks content in comparison to the other excellent sites in this series. Talking of which this site comes with a few others for free including (the flagship site), and which really does make Dakota Rae Patrick way more attractive!


Membership costs just $24.95 for 30 days or $49.95 for 90 days.


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