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Reviewed 06 June 2009


Gotta luv Daddy's Outdoor Sex. Why? Because it manages to combine three porno niches in one:  young/old (one of my fav genres), Euro (in this case, Germany), and outdoor fucking in sunny attractive locations, mainly wooded, forest areas. It's also part of the super big ManiacPass network where you get tons of diverse smutty content for one low price and that's always a winner in my porn book.


The Tour page got my motor racing immediately, so that was a good sign. Free trailers and excellent quality large photos accompanied by well-written, horny scene descriptions will make you eager to get into the members area to watch older men and nubile gals fucking, sucking, and enjoying nature as it was intended! BUTT NEKKID! Most of the action takes place in forest settings or pathways and since this material is from Germany, the girls are quite lovely, natural looking mostly blonde frauleins, but don't let that fool you - they're naughty, dirty and ready to suck older men's cocks for their delight. The guys aren't too bad either, actually. Yeah, they're middle-aged, but there's some silver foxes in here who are in fairly good shape, so nobody is too hard on the eyes. I know a lot of older dudes out there definitely enjoy seeing guys in the 45-60 age range fucking young gals, so here's your chance to see some good old/young porno. I like watching porn from other countries and get a bit bored with the same Californication Porn Valley material with the usual locations, upscale homes, and performers. Tasty unknown Euro older men with graying hair and unknown (to me anyway) young babes is a breath of fresh (or dirty?) air.


Sample scene description: "With this smoking hot nubile brunette totally giving herself into the hands of an old outdoor sex maniac he feels like a young stud again licking that sweet ass and pussy as the girl ties herself to a thin tree. Her juicy love holes taste so good and when she gets down on her knees to suck a firm daddy cock she does it with unmatched skill and passion making her old lover fill the air with loud moans of pleasure."


Hmmm outdoor sex maniac, I like the sound of that! 13 videos are in this Germanic Euro smut collection. True, that's not a lot, but factoring in the overall size of the network, which also has several more old/young sites included with your membership, it's a good value. As they say, it's not the size that counts but what you do with it, right? Right!


The Members area is simple and straightforward. Each scene contains three sample photos to get you in the mood, showing the running time, a rating area, network categories (European, gangbang, old men, outdoor), and you can add the scene to your favorites. Videos average around 18 min, with one a satisfying 38 min. Most are downloadable in High and Medium WMV with a few available in Low. All come with screenshots in zip file. Again, pretty simple, not a lot of bells and whistles or various options, but it gets the vids from them to you, so that's what matters. All videos are in German so if knowing exactly what dirty, exciting stuff is cumming out of their mouths is a big deal for you, then that might be a drawback, but I actually find it a turn on, especially German which sounds so wonderfully harsh and nasty to the tender ears of English-speakers lol (my apologies to our wonderful German fans and readers!), I think German-made porn is some of the best in the world. I didn't recognize any of the performers here, and they are all listed as "unknown", which doesn't mean they aren't known in Europe. No model bios or other background info on the performers is provided. If you recognize a favorite of yours, all the better.


I sampled two scenes. In both, the girl is the temptress... the one who leads the older men astray on the path to sin. They are merely innocent fellows out for a jaunt in the woods, with no thought in their graying heads of debauchery such as fucking a beautiful young nymphette. Yeah, right! But whatever the case, these older fellows are provided with some sunny afternoon delight in the Bavarian woods.


In the first, Mr. Gray Fox spots a lovely brunette on the path. He's carrying a wicker picnic hamper, which cums in handy later as a place to rest his ass while she gives him a thorough blowjob (I guess he wasn't fond of sitting on the hard ground and requested a little help from the prop department lol). She does a great tease, playing with her breasts and pussy as he peers from afar. The sun streams through the trees and lights the whole scene. She taunts him by stripping off her top and running through the woods in her pink thong panties. She plays a little game of hide and seek. Finally the thongs come off as he watches her delectable nude body posing for his delight. She runs off again leaving her undies hanging on a tree branch, which he eagerly grabs and gives a little sniff.  Sort of like tracking a bear in the woods I suppose lol. She stands and masturbates in front of him, playing with her pussy and beautiful breasts, driving him to the brink. Her naked body looks great in the great outdoors! He's starts playing with his cock in a nice voyeuristic type of camera shot. Finally, he can stand it no longer and approaches her, opening his picnic hamper and bringing out a juicy strawberry which he sensually rubs over her tits. His tongue travels down to her pussy or some nice oral action with excellent close-ups of his tonguing. She remains standing and thrusts her hips back and forth. Finally, some English, "Yes, suck my pussy!" and "Now, lick my ass!". So it's not ALL in German :) He does indeed lick her ass as she requests. He then holds up one finger. Hmmm? He finger fucks her from behind, showing that an older man knows how to pleasure a woman. He finally fucks her doggy, standing. We don't get to see the actual moment of penetration, so that was a bit of a let down after all the tease, but her boobs jiggle sexily as he bangs her. The scene then cuts to him sitting on his picnic basket (see? I told ya that thing would cum in handy!) getting a blowjob and handjob As soon as he cums, she dashes back off  into the woods like the sexy wood nymph she is, leaving him drained. haha! Overall, I liked the scene. It wasn't hardcore or crazy over the top stuff, just erotically fun and softcore, Euro kinky. Running time: 17 mins. with  98 screenshots available in zip file.


The second scene previewed was a threeway - same basic scenario, two older men (one of whom is the same guy as the previous scene, he must be a popular dude! ), out for a walk in the woods, when a girl jogs past them on the path. They later find part of her jogging outfit hanging from a tree branch. A good sign... pussy ahead! Indeed, there she is, naked and masturbating furiously against a tree. They watch while playing with their junk. Nice closeups of her meaty pussy and natural breasts. She wasn't the prettiest girl I've ever seen, but if you like the Germanic woodsy type, she'll have a certain appeal. One word of English as they watch: "Wow!" The two old dudes finally approach and she gives them handjobs at the same time and then blowjobs. She rubs the heads of their cocks together, kinda kinky gay, and continues with her mouth and hand action on our oldster hikers. The scene proceeds into good threeway action, with one of the guys fucking her mish, she rides his cock and continues to give head and play with the other guy. The men enjoy sharing her. As with the other scene, this isn't rough hardcore action, more erotic old dude, young chick interaction. One of the guys keeps his sunglasses on throughout (I guess it was bright out there or he thinks it makes him look cool, which it kinda did lol).  Running time: 18 min, with 101 screenshots. The photos from both shoots are good quality, 640x480 in size. Not huge, but not bad either. They categorize this site as "gangbang" but it's really a fairly softcore threeway with two older guys and one very lusty natural young chick.


The main drawback again, as in a number of the sites from ManiacPass, is the lack of updates. But what they lack in updating is more than made up for in the sheer amount of a wide variety of porn, some of which is a bit different and not the usual. I feel this site fits that category and if you like the oldster theme, the Euro feel, combined with the great outdoorsy quality, this site will be a pleasure for you. They advertise 20 "old men" sites in their network, although I can't vouch for that because they have a tendency to use the same material under a different title. Not ALL the scenarios at this site involve the same thing, so don't despair if you think there's only the forest gig going on here, but they do all feature some type of outdoor sex which is what makes it interesting and sensual.  


The top navigation area at the site shows links to "browse sites" where you can check out the entire network available to you, add to favorites, go to favorites, and customer support. You'll also see links to bonus sites, live chat, video on demand, and their DVD store. So, there's plenty on offer here and ways to spend your sexy time. It's a big place so take your time and look around!


My main question about Daddys Outdoor Sex is: when does this kinky little woodsy area get listed in the travel guides for Germany? I'm sure all the older men worldwide would love to know just where it's located hee hee...


Membership details: 30 days: $29.95 or 90 day membership only $0.67 a day - special offer, ONE TIME charge, save $30! Pay by credit card or phone or online check for US customers, direct debit for EU customers, JCB card for Asian customers!


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