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Reviewed 18 August 2008


A site that boasts over 6 million members must be doing something right.  is one of the nets original porn pioneers and a recent revamp to launch their range of HD movies, coupled with a complete new look  equates to a very tidy package indeed. Right now there is no better time to pillage the erotic cyber-files.


Billed as the biggest porn site on the internet, the stats certainly add up to a pretty amazing server filled porn emporium - 200,000 movies, 500,000 photos, full length DVDs, adult live channels, web cams and bonus reality sites to name but a few, certainly places this site in the upper echelons of porn kings.


Initial impressions: the CE owners have done a really good job with the overall look. Slick, clean and no frills. Navigation is provided primarily by the upper right top mounted menu. This looks fine but not overly intuitive. In as much as the menu is in no particular order. I would have preferred alphabetical listing but nevertheless once familiarized, it does all work okay.


Each time you login you are greeted with daily, past, present, and future updates and scrolling down the page it becomes evident there is a significant amount of updating done here. Intermixed with the content is a few ads for DVD rentals and adult dating services but nothing intrusive.


As previously mentioned the complete overhaul of CyberErotica HD (note the HD suffix) means that if you were a member a year ago your experience now will be completely different and more pleasurable. In addition to the brand spanking new HD content, visual and functional upgrades, the new member's area boasts several completely new content sections such as IPod and PSP downloads, Adult Education, DVD Viewer, Most Popular, and exclusive Hardcore Girls.


With a archive overflowing with content organization is key and CyberErotica scores highly here. For example click on Photos and up pops all the porn stars the site has to offer, hundreds in fact. All thumb nailed with age attached (in some cases). Clicking through, displays each photo set via a (rather small) static or active slideshow feature. Enlarging photos (to a good resolution) is possible though there is no facility to download complete sets.


Movie content is displayed in the same manner (albeit without slideshow) and its self evident once the models thumbnail appears what to do. A choice of streaming speeds is afforded and also full length HD downloads should you wish to save. Of course streaming video is not always a great experience however there were no problems to report  playing at DSL/Cable speeds. Needless to say the best results come from HD downloads, which is highly recommended for viewing on your own standalone player.


Babes featured range from highly respected organisations such as Playboy and Penthouse right through to gorgeous amateurs in hard and softcore scenes such as masturbation, stripping, posing, toys and all that good stuff seasoned porn lovers come to expect.


This mega site certainly is generous with its content. Not only do you get one of the best sources for movies and pics, but its all those extra touches too, such as live links, web cams, online games, anime, erotic stories and literally hundreds of bonus feeds in every niche imaginable (which can be referenced by a left pane category menu for ease of use).


In short Cybererotica HD delivers everything it promises. This site has come along way since its inception 10 years ago and is now at the pinnacle, conveying one of the finest porn experiences around. Sure some of the content may not be 100% exclusive, but there is more than enough quality on offer to negate any negatives.


To top it all the owners even offer FREE access valid for three days - they are that confident you’ll agree. Bear in mind though you will need to enter billing information for this promo. Highly enjoyable and recommended.


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