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Reviewed 13 December 2010


Britney is undoubtedly one of the filthiest sluts online today and she proves it with some of the most depraved sperm guzzling antics exclusively for you at her sticky site This is an all-in-one spunk eating extravaganza, I mean where else do you get to see cum scooped out of a dripping wet pussy and then devoured from a spoon? Equally dirty is watching Britney drink the cum of 20 men from a glass, swallowing every salty drop as if it was a creamy cocktail. Fancy sucking the contents from a used condom? That’s our girl Britney! Oh yeah, this one is for ball batter fans and the latest rocking HD content is right up there with the very best.


Online for the past 5 years, provides lessons in all things cum related (check out “Britneys Corner” for some top blowjob advice), and there is no better teacher than Britney - a pretty petite brunette hottie with huge squishy tits and a tight pussy and asshole. This is pretty much a solo amateur girl site utilizing POV style camera work to give you a front row seat. You definitely feel part of the action, its gritty, its seedy, its quite obviously Euro Porn folks!


Site layout and navigation in particular, could be better, I must confess I didn’t know where the fuck I was at times. This one certainly needs streamlining - its too busy and confusing for your regular Neanderthal Man. Funny, because the layout actually looks straightforward and cool - its not until you dive in that things go tits up. It does become easier after a while, but you’ll certainly need to spend some time clicking back and forth to get to grips with how it works.


Content figures stack up positively. Movies are well represented and dominate the 5 year archive. Interestingly videos are split up into distinct quality sections - HD movies and the rest. Its safe to assume that HD is the way forward and this is probably why material is highlighted and separated from the earliest material. There are 123+ HD WMV movies (1280x720) and 172+ lesser quality videos (640x480) all with options to stream or download. Photo content is mainly video captures with 7,400+ grainy images, as opposed the High Resolution sets containing 4,400+ crisp and sharp pics. As with the videos, members can download the galleries in handy zip files - expect 30+ images per set, some many more.


There is a ton of bonus material comprising 675+ DVDs, 907+ free clips, 172+ erotic stories, 31+ bonus sites (containing 77,000+ images, 116+ HD videos and 1072+ movies), so you certainly can’t complain at the freebies!


Action centres around cum (no surprise there then?) and I’ve got to give credit to Britney, she has covered just about every conceivable way to get hot jizz in her mouth, on her face, inside her pussy or sliding up her sweet asshole. Her imagination must be in perpetual overdrive as she keeps coming up with more and more outrageous acts to entertain us perverts. And that’s the fucking crux - when you think you’ve seen it all, up pops Britney with yet another totally original idea! I salute you with my erect cock Britney, you are the Cum Queen!


Membership is higher than average costing $29.95 for 30 days unrestricted access. Don’t bother with the free trial as it rebills substantially higher and we don’t want that do we? This is a spunky site that will keep you cumming back for more with weekly updates. Take the tour and decide if its for you.


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