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Reviewed 26 April 2009


At, there's a wild and freaky collection of 40-60 year old oversexed, nympho Eastern European honeys waiting for you, flaunting their mature bods in skanky, exotic lingerie, wet and eagerly ready to plug their holes with a variety of fucking machines and toys. Sexologists tell us this age group is filled to the brim with women at their horniest and most needy - for sex, sex and more sex! The Tour page gives you an eyeful of what they describe as "mature sex with fucking machines, sexy and wet old cunts." This is a pretty kinky and arousing bunch of videos, even though there's not a huge amount of content - 19 videos - what's here will definitely grab your attention. Cumming Matures is part of the fantastic 21Sextury network which has 30+ sites covered by one membership. This isn't ancient "granny" porn really - these are horny older broads who are comfortable in their own skin, seeking pleasure as their pussies and butts get plowed with vibes, dildos, fingers, fisting, machines, pussy pumps, and other exciting devices. These ultra nasty Euro women hold nothing back as they revel in their orgasmic adventures. It's raw pumping machine sex action and is amazingly damn hot. They don't have the perfect porn babe bods, but that's the point. Lovers of mature women will dig it and get off on how "open" these ladies are to showing everything they've got to the camera. Most have kept their pussies hairy and all natural, so for bush lovers, you'll see plenty of that, too. When those panties come off, you'll see everything underneath waiting for you.


The tour page has graphic trailers to give you previews and close-up explicit photos of mature muff. Take a spin through that area to see what's on offer and get a feel for the overall focus of the site. I think you'll like what you see...


The women here are pleasured by a middle-aged Euro guy named Bruno (or the Cum King Bruno as he's also called), who doesn't use his own "tool" but instead brings the sexy toys out of his bag of tricks, and knows how to use 'em to give these pent-up mature women the orgasmic relief they desperately seek at their horny time of life. Oh God, yes yes! :) There's also some threeway action with an extremely hot fisting scene featuring three mature females all doing each other (damn, very arousing). So, you won't see any direct cock banging pussy action, but it's even more exciting to these gals  squirm and moan as they're stimulated  in all manner of ways by the experienced Bruno. He often finger fucks them with a vibe on their clit or puts a toy in their ass while pushing a big dildo in their pussy.


This is a TRUE mature site, with none of those phony 20/30-something American MILF/Cougar types who belong at typical porn babe glamour sites. I only saw a couple of ladies here who vaguely fit that type, but the rest were solidly in the mature category to honestly cater to lovers of this niche. You get a range of body types here, from plump and carrying extra baggage to looking pretty good for their age to... well, a bit rough around the edges, but that's what makes it fun, right? I'm a big fan of seeing older horny women wearing stockings, garter belts, lingerie, bras hiked up around their boobs... such a perv I am, but that's why I love my work :)


Here's a scene description to give you a taste of what's here: "CummingMatures presents Effie, one of the horniest old sluts ever! She lives well into old age, it seems, since she's just as sex-crazed as in her golden years. Effie has a personal trainer - who rather focuses on her vaginal muscles! Today he'll fuck Effie's wet hairy cunt with his fucking machine and make her cum several times with the help of a clit stimulator. Effie screams with joy as the machine fucks her pussy rapidly and Bruno stuffs her ass with a dildo at the same moment! And when her cunt is stretched by a speculum, you can see her vaginal muscles contract as she cums...!"


Effie looks like she's in her late 60's (they don't give her age), a slutty blond who is one hot momma and luvs taking big toys and machines up her pussy and ass. She's shown in the models area wearing a red corset, red stiletto heels and white stockings.


After sampling the Tour page, the Member's area shows links for Exclusive Content, Network, Bonus Content, Models, Support and Shop. As indicated, the site only has 19 videos, although they seem to have started updating again, with three new videos added in April 2009 after a gap since November 2008, so maybe there's hope for new stuff happening here.


I previewed one of the scenes showing threeway lesbo action featuring one of the mature babes with two younger hot chicks. Bruno doesn't appear in this one. (I guess he had the day off from his hard work as a Cum King lol). In the opening interview, the 50 year-old Euro babe spoke no English so the off camera guy translates her remarks. She then gets her pussy drilled with a fucking machine, doggy on her hands and knees, fingering her clit. She really gets into it and you can feel and hear her pleasure. After the machine fucks her, the teen chicks join in for a threeway fisting session on a couch.


Running time on the videos averages 30 minutes, with 142 photos for this movie. The pics are HUGE, hi-res, showing every detail! Movies are divided into 10 clips, and can be streamed or downloaded in WMV med/hi format. I found the medium download to be quite acceptable quality for viewing. You can also download the full movie at the "All In One" file area. Photos are available in zip file or download a single page of photos in zip file. I liked the hot scene descriptions for each vid. This one reads: "CummingMatures presents fifty-year old granny of two grandsons, Mary-Kate. Sexy mature granny loves girls, in fact - and she loves them young! So this time two way too younger teenagers serve for her entertainment, Petra and Lara. They kiss and fingerfuck Granny whilst she takes care of Lara's young pussy with all five fingers. In the meantime, Petra fists Granny's hairless cunt until she screams with orgasm! Surely a night to remember for all of them!" I like!


The latest update features Susan, a 49 year old brunette who gets Bruno's toy treatment - speculum, vibe on her clit, and a double drilling with a fuck machine and fisting. This movie ran 22 minutes, contained 119 hi res photos. Susan looked pretty good, with a sexy body ready to receive pleasure with legs spread wide open while lying on a table. Most of the women have natural boobs and minimal to no tattoos. The "Models" link gives you more info on each lady by alphabetical order, although you don't get much detailed biographical data. I didn't see any well-known porn chicks here - as far as I'm concerned, these gals are a refreshing break from the same faces (and pussies!) you'll see at many sites.


The Network link gives you an overview of the 30+ sites available to you as a member of 21Sextury... an excellent array of niche sites catering to many tastes, from teen to BDSM, black booty, DP, medical fetish, creampie, squirting, as well as other mature sites such as Grandpas Fuck Teens, Lusty Grandmas, and Hot Milf Club. This network really has all the bases covered with some great sites. Bonus content includes live feeds, chatrooms, and other sites. Most, although not all, the sites in the network update weekly. Support is provided at, with a lot of helpful information regarding membership, tech support, and general contact info. The only downside to Cumming Matures is the somewhat low level of content and uncertain update future. I really hope they continue with their updating as they have been in April. But even with no further updates, as a member of 21Sextury, there's a vast amount of porn to keep you in jerkoff mode for a long time and well worth it.


Cumming Matures is definitely a site that lives up to its name - the ladies are mature, and they sure as hell cum a LOT. Bruno with his toy collection and fucking machines gives 'em a work out and if this is your type of stuff, you'll soon be giving yourself a very "hard" workout too!


Membership costs a slightly higher than average $29.95 for 30 days access, but you do get 20+ excellently produced sites included for the first 30 days and 2 more each consecutive month you remain a member.


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