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Reviewed 02 December 2010


Looks can be deceptive and this is certainly true at You’d never guess that the hot wife at this perverted palace is such a downright dirty depraved slut. But she is. Marion is German by birth and married to an American guy called Steve. To say they have an “open” relationship would be a huge understatement, because its common for Marion to fuck and suck her way through 70+ strangers in one sitting! Yes that’s not a typo, you aren’t seeing things, this horny babe is fucking cock mad!


The star of has been heavily into the gangbang scene she was 23 and the site archive stretches way back to 1995. Marion is a green eyed, very sexy, mid-thirties brunette/redhead, with a stunning 34D-28-36 figure. I’m sure she gets her fair share of admirers even when clothed, let alone naked downing a rock hard rod! I must confess to cranking one out while perusing the site - focusing on the job in hand is hard work (pun).


The site design is retro - a genuine old skool offering - which is just how any self respecting amateur website should be presented. No $100 an hour webmaster input here, as the site is maintained and designed by Marion’s husband, who incidentally records all the photographic content as well as stars in some of the material.


Navigation and layout is okay, its relatively straightforward with a left situated menu that initially and competently guides you around the various cum soaked areas. Once you are within the individual sections (Picture, Movies etc)  its generally obvious where to go without superfluous click, click, clicks.


Photo content is presented in year order and suitably titled “Pictures +YEAR” (2002-2010). Enter, and you are greeted by a vertically scrolling gallery style page with a crisp thumbnail image, title and upload date. Click the pic and up pops the gallery which is accompanied by a well written description (nice touch and often overlooked at “amateur” sites). Picture quality is excellent to average as not all the imagery is genuine high resolution “stills” but video grabs. That said it really does capture the moment and contains seedy content you definitely won’t find anywhere else. There are over 22,000 individual images spread across this heaving 60GB site, which is astounding. There are no zips, so save your favourite images as you go.


50 hours of downloadable/streaming video can be found under the heading “Movies” (I told you it was simple) and categorized according to content like this: “The New Movies”, “Gangbang Movies“, “Gloryhole Movies“, “Bukkake Movies“, “Outdoor Movies“ and “The Early Years”. Again, that’s a great way to display your wares, meaning you can dive head first into some Bukkake or outdoor fun without scouring the entire archive, which is an all too common mistake at amateur sites. Quality is consistently good even though some of the earlier material was captured on 8mm Hi-8 and even bulky full size VHS camcorders (the good old days, not). Of course the earliest mediums vary, but add to the amateur ambience. That said, reproduction is nowhere near the fine quality of the very latest WMV 1,500kbps movies.


Under the heading “Facts & News” are some fascinating sub-areas where members can find out more about Marion and her obsession with ball juice. My particular favourite was the “Cock-Counter”. This is a running total of all the cocks Marion has had up her cunt, asshole or in her pouting mouth. Un-fucking-believably it currently stands at 3,727 and rising weekly! Taking into consideration this hearty sum has been accumulated since 1996 right up to the present day, it means this cock gobbling champ has been on the receiving end of around 266 men per annum during the past 14 years… WOW! I would hazard a guess Marion has consumed many gallons of baby batter over that period and nigh on every conquest has been recorded for posterity in the form of picture galleries and or video evidence. AWESOME!


This is a truly impressive site, but if you get tired of fantasizing (unlikely) and want to take part in the action yourself (highly likely), Marion has provided details of how you can meet up and fuck her and her girlfriends. In addition to the wealth of spunky fun there is also a small collection of bonus galleries, but I doubt with all that’s included at you’ll have enough man gravy left to enjoy them thanks to this cum sluts antics.


This is unequivocally the real deal when it comes to cum drinking, bukkake and all things cum related. I loved all of it, especially the voyeuristically arousing “Gloryhole” section where Marion sucks and fucks a stranger. If you were expecting a softcore site with lots of posing and striping to nude, well buddy, this ain’t for you. If however, you are up for some seriously solid hardcore content with sticky messy cum in every dripping wet hole then you should join up right now.


Membership costs just $24.95 for 30 days unrestricted access, but I’d recommend joining for a lot longer ($79.95 for 6 months access is bang on the money). Bottom line… this site delivers more than just cum, no doubt about it.


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