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Reviewed 25 February 2010


Billed as the "Original Hardcore Party Site", CollegeFuckFest is often imitated but it's still one of the best if not the best at doing the debauched college co-ed gettin butt nekkid thing. The site has been online since 2004 and apparently had intermittent periods of no updating which of course never helps a site's popularity but I'm pleased to report that CFF has been regularly updating and posts a new vid about one every two weeks or so and now contains over 100 vids in the collection, so it seems to be back on track with new content. It's also part of the mega AllElitePass porn network, which means you get 60+ sites with your membership.


Okay, so let's get real for a moment. Are these REALLY college chicks gettin down and dirty, as advertised by the site? To answer "yes" would mean there's a lotta tuition paying moms and dads out there who are unaware that their daughters are camwhores who fuck and play lezzie games and do crazyass shit on camera, thus ruining their prospects of being Miss America or a Wall Street lawyer. Not to mention the fact that in most scenes, a lot of the girls are proudly wearing their College Fuck Fest T-Shirts and the raucous crowd also yells "College Fuck Fest!" at the top of their lungs. Obviously there's a certain amount of staging. Having pointed out the obvious, that a lot of these girls are paid models, pornchicks, strippers, etc. there is a really fun element at the site that does succeed in blending some real party hardy antics with the setup sex.


Most of the scenes begin with our "party host" driving to the location which is may be some off-campus apartments or college hangout. Sometimes we see the guys flying in to university towns like Carbondale, Illinois to party at Southern Illinois University, or fly to Austin, Texas to see how those aggie cowgirls get it on. So, you get a little local color... everywhere from Santa Barbara to Washington State to SoCal. Some of the scenes are identified as being related to a particular campus while others are simply called "Party 71", "Party 79" and so forth. They do a good job of building up the atmosphere before arriving at a drunken booty shakin blow out, either already in progress or just ramping up.


Personally I enjoy the gonzo schtick - if you like seeing people wandering around holding plastic cups filled with unknown substances (usually red), random guys and girls milling about looking buzzed in clubs, student housing and messy apartments, you'll find there's just enough "real" in the reality to make it a good time. And let's face it, you're checking this site out for the college titties and snatch, whether it's 100% gen-u-WINE or not. Right? Right!


As part of the large AllElitePass network, you'll see links which make browsing and navigation easy - you can search by model, photo, movie, dvd area, or check out the calendar to see the latest updates. There's a few ads here and there for dating and sex toys - the usual things you'll encounter at a mega network of this type. The Main member's area for CollegeFuckFest contains the first page of hard-partying thumbnail pics of the vids, including title and date posted. Titles like "College Blowjob Bash", "Drunk Coed Slut Fucking" and "Girl On Girl Party Action" give you a feel for what's here.  Click on a scene that grabs your fancy and you'll be into the more detailed video download area where you read the scene description, categories included (pussy eating, blowjob, etc.), and a handy scene navigation toolbar for Movie Parts, HighResPhotos, Video Caps, Play Flash and View Trailer. Videos are split into 12-15 clips with a thumbnail pic of each. I was more attracted to pics of clips that looked like a real campus frat party, Animal House style.


Usually the scenes start  with the overall party atmosphere, lots of noisy mayhem and dark lighting, and often lezzie action with various girls kissing, making out or flashing their tits. Mardi Gras frat house stuff. You'll see a range of crazy behavior, like a guy blowing fireballs into the evening sky (with warnings not to try this at home!), jello wrestling, Halloween parties with chicks dressed in hot/weird costumes, etc. After several minutes of partying with various chicks and guys going in and out of rooms, up and down stairs with loud whooping and "wooooooooooohooooo"  from assorted revelers, the scene will usually evolve into a  guy/girl fuck or  two chicks having sex. Most of it is  straight fucking and blowjob action but you'll also see some tittyfucks, pussy licking, lots of lesbian, vibes, even a preggo scene, so dig around in here and you'll see more than you think. It's a turn to watch some of the girls getting banged while everyone stands around and watches. Sometimes they go into a private area like a bedroom, garage, or bathroom, other times it's orgy style, with bystanders cheering the fucking on, gangbang style. In one scene a girl watching another chick getting fucked says, "Why can't that be meeeeee?"


Wow, I must have missed all this off the hook activity during my college years because I never encountered anything like this. For some odd reason I thought going to college meant getting good grades and doing my class assignments. DUH! Anyway, when it becomes a guy/girl scene, it's not much different than regular porn, and the girl isn't a college coed but a graduate of PVA - Porn Valley University! In other scenes, they do succeed in giving you that full reality feeling with a girl who seems more like the real deal, with camera angles and lighting that reflect the college fuckfest style. So, be aware that there's a range of setups. You'll see plenty of hottie skanky babes hanging around in the crowd, and guys who look like they haven't gotten laid in awhile! Lots of booze, lights, noise and fucking! I saw one guy using a bong... it's as much fun to focus on some of the weird background party people as the main performers (if not MORE fun sometimes!).


Vids at CollegeFuckFest usually run around 20 minutes, and are available in flash, WMV Hi/Lo, and MPG Low. You can also download the full movie in WMV/MPG. As far as the quality goes, because of the reality style it can sometimes be difficult to see what's going on in those dark parties and hangouts. But when they get to the real "in/out" action, VOILA, the lighting usually improves so you can see the stuff you came to see! A drunk slutty coed gettin banged!


Each movie comes with a hi-res gallery with 50+ photos which are excellent - large and clear, letting you get a better view of some of the more outrageous outfits and partiers from the scenes. The vidcaps track the movie, they're smaller and not as clear, so you'll get more enjoyment from the hi-res pics.


There's no model name listed in the scene description which makes sense because they're supposed to be real college girls. If you spot one of your favorite porngirls, you'll know who it is without needing a model description, right? lol


The fact that this site has returned to active updates indicates that there's an audience for the "girls gone wild" niche. Even though the idea is no longer as unique as it was in the good ole days (in the porn world, that would be 2-3 yrs ago lol) I still enjoy seeing the wilder jackass style party porn. It's a hot diversion and regardless of whether the girls are amateurs, pros or (shhhh!) actual crazy exhibitionist co-eds, the end result is entertaining and a good time. CollegeFuckFest has a lot of content and continuing to grow so it remains a leader in this market.  It's a helluva lot more fun than actually GOING to college! Be sure to check out their GREAT tour page for a smokin preview of what's on offer.


Join by credit card or check for membership to the AllElitePass - thousands of hours of porn at your fingertips from $1 (1 day limited trial) or 30 days priced up at $29.97.


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