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Reviewed 30 April 2009


I must admit to being a tad sceptical of so called ‘club’ websites because they have a tendency to  be served up like a dogs dinner, you know what I mean, a figurehead model who rarely features surrounded by inconsequential crap and unrelated bollocks. So I was a little dubious about this one. But fuck me, I was totally blown away with what I discovered inside the members area of Hey, the ‘gay’ site design may not be to everyone’s taste especially us geezers, but what the heck, forget the pink floral shit, start clicking around and you’ll find yourself in awe of the scrumptious eastern European crumpet spreading their legs and taking sizeable dick.


But as always I digress. has been knocking around since 2003 so right out of the blocks you have a 6 year archive to browse through. The girl herself is indeed Sandy - a one time airhostess, turned model, turned fuck receptacle. Born in Hungary, she is a 34C blonde stunner with a great body to match. Looking through her bio/FAQ section its clear that Sandy has some influence in the way the site is operated especially when it comes to her ‘friends’ or the models she picks to play around with. She seems to have a great eye because all the babes featured on her site are sure pleasing to look at.


As mentioned already the site looks like it was designed by the people behind My Little Pony, somewhat unusual for an adult site but maybe this is what happens when a ‘girl’ gets to help with the colour scheme?! Pretty much standard navigation, top menu plus some side navigational aids which are all very self explanatory.


I really liked the ingenious content calendar menu which works like a pornographic time machine. Select a year and month and hey fucking presto the daily content appears for that period. Cant say I have seen anything like that before. Skim the thumbnails closely and you’ll see they are tagged (Pix, Video etc) so you can quickly get to what you are interested in. Downside to all this is there is no content segregation (ie pics only) so you’ll just have to wade through everything. There is a more comprehensive search system available but still nothing that differentiates between content type. Its okay through, at least there is a decent enough engine onboard.


There is a great selection of video and gallery content ranging from saucy lesbian action to hardcore fucking (including double penetration, oral and what not). All material is dubbed 100% original and exclusive to Sandy also features heavily which was very nice to see. Right now there are around 1500 models and 4500+ WMV scenes (clips and full length downloads), plus thousands of matching photo sets containing 100+ amazing high resolution pictures per set (these vary in size some are 150+ some less). These are displayed in slideshow format or you can download prezipped files.


For devotees of the gorgeous Sandy, members can PM and partake in a bit of live chat when this babe is in town. There is a countdown clock so you’ll know when Sandy will be online next.


There are bags more stuff inside including sex tips, facts, souvenirs, DVD’s, personalised items and a great section called ‘My Girls’ (Sandy’s vixens more like). Clicking this link opens up another pussy portal dedicated to the babes featured elsewhere on the site. Presented in thumbnail format these lead to more content such as galleries and videos and all the scenes that model has featured in. Very good indeed.


So summing up, this is one ‘club’ I’d highly recommend especially if you love Sandy’s work. A bonus is that you get 40+ sites bundled for free so what are you waiting for? Membership starts from $29.95 for 30 days plus it recurs at the cheaper rate of $24.95 every month thereafter! For all you misers a $0.95 one day trial will give you a limited look around.


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