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Reviewed 12 November 2010


Having had a fantastic time at the other day, I was looking forward to reviewing, one of four solo-esque sites featuring some of the hottest babes in adult. I was not disappointed either, well I tell a small lie, I was a bit hacked off when I noticed this one hasn’t updated for an eternity, but hey ho, this is nothing new - more and more adult sites are stagnating on the back burner these days. Anyway, putting that aside, this is still a decent site, with plenty of consistent content so don’t be put off - its just something to weigh up.


Regan Reese describes herself as ‘edgy, dirty and straight up’ and I must admit I do tend to agree, she looks a handful. Born in California on 23 October 1984, she is a petite pouting brunette measuring up at just 5 feet tall! To be honest she looks taller in her pics and videos (who said the camera doesn’t lie?). She has big 32D squishy tits and a waxed smooth pussy with big fleshy lips. A defining feature of her fit body is her tattoos, of which she has many - if you scroll through the content chronologically you can see the transformation over time from a few, to fucking loads. Tats are a personal preference thing - you either love them or loathe them - I guess if you are a fan of Regan’s work you’ll appreciate them. Me? I can stomach a small discreet one, but what’s with the full body shit these days? Trashy? You decide!


Okay as with all the sites in this 4 site girl network the design and layout is great, everything is easily accessible and navigation is good. You won’t get lost as there are multiple menu headings and its totally self explanatory. has been online since November 2008, and has built up a tidy archive of 83 stunning photo galleries and 75 top notch movies to enjoy, and its all nicely presented in categories so you don’t have to troll through a ton of material. The crisp thumbnail presentation is excellent and provides details such as upload date, category and total number of images/video per section.


Stream the movies online or download in one of three formats: WMV, MPEG-4 and FLV. All served up in stellar 854x480 resolution to delight your hard cock and aching nuts. To be fair their all great looking and average out at about 15-20 minutes each. Members can vote for their favourite scenes too.


Photosets are equally impressive and you’ll definitely want to download the zip files. There are between 90-120 images per set, some less, some a lot more, which is a decent haul in my book.


Action is blended like any good porn pie should be - lesbian pussy eating, masturbation, cock sucking and fucking, plus some nice looking solo posing sets/scenes. No complaints - its nothing overly original just solid content and I got off on it.


As it stands, there is enough archived content for a fan to stay for a few months, but for a casual punter, maybe not so long. The update schedule is crap to say the least as there has been no new material since December 2009. Not too sure if Regan is actively fucking and sucking in porn land these days? Probably not, and that may account for her absence - who knows its all tedious speculation?!


As it goes, the other sites may tempt you and while the lack of updates is significant I still enjoyed perusing the pussy on offer and would definitely give it the XXX thumb up the asshole! Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days or $69.95 for 90 days.


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