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Reviewed 24 December 2009


Katsuni (formerly known as Katsumi) is a French-Vietnamese pornstar who has won countless awards in the adult industry and is known as one of France's top adult stars. I wasn't too familiar with her work so was interested to see her official website at the Premium Pass network. It launched January 2009 and is fairly new, but I'm sure those who are fans of this exotic, erotic and talented performer will be happy to see a site devoted to her work. For Asian lovers, she's like something out of a James Bond movie - one of those slinky Euro babes with an accent who's hiding a secret weapon in her thigh high boots. And she does have a rather pronounced French accent so that may be one of the things that will make her a bit difficult for you to understand at times. Some of her scenes begin with interviews that are entirely in French, so all I can say is, just fast forward to the good stuff or brush up on your French! As they say, sex is the universal language (or is that love? well, whatever!). Also, I've yet to meet a guy who didn't find a French accent to be a major turn on, so it's a plus factor from that standpoint!


Katsuni isn't the garden variety stereotype Asian gal you're used to seeing in porn - she has a more elegant attitude, the mixture of her cultural/racial backgrounds and Euro styling blend to create her own personal way of getting nasty - undoubtedly why she's won many awards in the adult world from the US to Europe to Asia and beyond. Her petite, flexible body and beautiful face combine to give you a sexy ride with an international flavor. Having been in the business for several years, she's another performer who is also working behind the camera and directing scenes. But have no fear, she appears in nearly all the vids here.


The sites at Premium Pass are all laid out the same way so it's fairly easy to navigate once you've visited the network which includes 20+ bonus sites, most of them in the pornstar niche, including the official sites of some of the hottest girls in the business like Eva Angelina, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and of course Katsuni.


The Home page of her site immediately gives you the elegant feeling with a beautiful pic of her at the top. At the present time, there are 55 videos in the collection, with updates about every two weeks. Katsuni is great because she does it all - softcore, hardcore, candid interview, lesbian, solo, threeways, orgies, POV, anal, gonzo, submissive - you get a hot sampling of her diverse abilities. Scenes run from 3-5 minute clips all the way to approx. 50 minute feature material, some of which is from some of her earlier work, and she mixes in her exclusive new content that she's actively shooting.


To sample one of the most sizzling examples of what's available, watch the scene between her and French pornstar Manuel Ferrara from March 09. He gives her an anal fucking like none other, with some slapping and spitting for good measure, as only he can deliver. When she looks submissively up at him with her pleading expression, you'll see why these two win those awards! The muttered French in between the anal fucking and ass spanking cranks it up a notch higher, so I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Running time: 31 minutes of fantastic chemistry.


Taking it  to the "romantic" genre, don't miss the scene between her and my fav performer, Derrick Pierce from Feb. 09, in a rare display of softcore action, with lots of romantic kissing ooooooooooh la la and he actually gets to cum inside her which I found HOT HOT HOT. I don't know about you, but I'm burned out on "facials" somewhat, so seeing hot natural sex (or as natural as it can be in porn) was a major turn on. It only runs 8 minutes, but is an example of the many sides of Katsuni. I love the way she moans and makes eye contact as they fuck (or make love?) in a variety of positions. She seems to be into a certain romantic style even when she's doing hardcore, (kissing, etc). The scenes aren't titled but each has a synopsis, running time and date posted. I really liked this one and wish it could have been much longer (you can bet I downloaded the zip file of the photo gallery heh heh).


If you want some super hot girl on girl with squirting, take a look at a scene featuring Katsuni and a busty latina who gets fucked with Katsuni's foot and has multiple orgasms resulting in a wet camera lens from all the girl juice flying everywhere! Running time: 9 minutes but quite a kinky and hardcore 9 minutes it is (posted Feb. 21 '09). And then there's Katsuni and the "biggest" guy in porn, black super stud Mandingo. Need I say more? The solution is obviously not for me give away any more info, but for you to get yourself in here and find out for yourself!


Each video comes with a gallery of stills averaging around 50 pics, it varies from vid to vid. They're okay quality, not huge, but certainly give you a good enough view of the action for your private collection, all in zip file.


Check out the Photoset link which contains 28 galleries of absolutely gorgeous hi-res pics, each averaging around 80-90 shots, depending. As you might imagine they're stunning and cover the territory of glamour poses, hardcore shots, and candids of her feature dancing at various clubs/gigs, so you'll get an eyeful of never before seen photos and poses. Since she's a world traveler, she loves to share her many adventures in foreign, exotic locales with her fans and capture it all on film which is what gives her site an added dimension that you won't find from an American pornstar. I found it really interesting and a change from the usual stuff out there. I think you will too.


At this time, she doesn't do a webcam show, probably because she's way too freakin busy to devote her time to doing it the way she'd like. When you click on the webcam link at the top navigation area, you'll see the latest shows for other stars in the network, but there are none scheduled for Katsuni. Maybe she'll add that later, although because of her language issues, I think it would be difficult to fully communicate with American audiences the way she'd like.


A strong point at the site is her blog. Even though English isn't her strong point, she does a passable job and she rocks that thing! Including photos and inside scoop on the adult biz, her travel adventures and upcoming projects in depth makes for a great read, plus the visuals. One entry is entitled, "Katsuni Makes Her Casting" or "How I Initiated Pretty Debutantes And Young Amateurs". I'll leave that to your pervy imagination. Readers can make comments and many do, so don't be shy, get in there and leave your suggestions. She really wants to know what you want to see, how to improve the site and what you're thinking! A+ for her interactivity with fans at the blog. She started it in March 09 and has made several entries per month since then, so she's done a really great job keeping up. Bear in mind that she's an international globe-trotting star who not only performs but shoots content, so this is one busy gal, with a lot goin on! There's no specific blog update schedule, but so far she seems to be doing okay.


She also includes a "Contact Me" link which allows you to send her an email with a general question or for booking information, etc.  


Really, there's some juicy, interesting stuff here, whether it's the videos, the photos, or the blog. I suppose my only "down" comment about Katsuni is that there's something unobtainable about her and I'm sure that's really due to her cultural background and also the language barrier somewhat. She lives in Paris and has a different style than American pornstars. But that's just my subjective opinion and doesn't reflect negatively on her skills at all. Variety is the spice of life and that's why she's a great addition to the line-up at the Premium Pass network. She's top of the line and shows a versatility and ability to be as dirty as they come, without doubt. Want to see her with two other chicks and three guys in an orgy? That's here too, so I think you'll be kept busy with what's here as the site grows and expands.


I might suggest a change in title - the whole "club" notion (i.e. ClubJenna) is a little tired and I hope this site doesn't gravitate to being Katsuni in name only with a stable of  chicks who operate within the "club" as seems to happen when that word is used. How about just calling it KatsuniXXX? We shall see!


Videos at ClubKatsuni are available in clips in Hi Res WMV or MPG (low, med, and hi), or you can download the full movie/scene in WMV or MPG. There's no mobile iPod/iPhone options as of yet for you pervs on the go! But for now, it's sufficient. I found the quality to be very good on the videos I checked out.


There's a link to her Bio at her blog area, so be sure sure to read up on her background, find out all about her if you don't know much, and that will make your experience here more entertaining and informative.


The link titled "My Fucking Private Life" is basically a convenient archive in one place to see her behind the scenes (bts) videos and photosets, which is nice so you don't have to rummage through all her stuff to find the "bts" material that's scattered throughout as is the problem with other sites.   I liked that added touch and found it to be very helpful so that you don't miss some of the more interesting candid moments!


The Search/Browse link allows you to search the entire Premium Pass network by pornstar or niche and you can see at a glance the latest scene updates. The Bonus sites link shows you all the sites you get as a member of the network, and Support is provided with  24/7 live chat and, helpful FAQ's and other pertinent info.


So, if you're in the mood for a change of pace, an Asian with a sexy French accent who can take a thick cock up her ass while whispering sweet nothings in your ear at the same time, I think Katsuni might just be your cup of tea... or saki or champagne or whatever is on her menu at the moment! Have fun, mon ami!


A two day trial costs just $2.95, whereas regular a 30 day membership costs $29.95. Best deal is 1 year priced at $89.50 which works out at an amazing $7.45 per month!!! Join by credit card and get access to the entire exclusive Premium Pass Network of Sites today!


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