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Update 2 September 2011

This site has now closed...

...why not check out Club Sandy its fucking ace!


Reviewed 5 October 2009


I’ve seen a lot of depravity over the years and without a shadow of doubt eastern Europe is the degenerate capital of porn today. Its almost guaranteed that you’ll get way more extreme action, the sluttiest possible babes and more anal, fisting and pissing you can shake your dick at. Joining this select group is a name that you may not be familiar with but will never forget… Clara-G - this is her official porno portal.


If you are a XXX aficionado and follow the adult awards scene closely you may know that AVN have recognised both the star of the show (Clara) and site producer Raul Cristian (of Cruel Media fame) with some gongs for their work - of course the much respected AVN don’t just dish out bits of Perspex for any old shit, no, it’s a testament to where they are at right now.


Okay so what exactly is Well, it’s a soloesque girl site with the lead taken by Romainian born Clara - a scrumptious and glamorous bit of skirt, naturally blonde with a delectable rack, stilt like legs, goddess figure and streamlined beaver. Did I forget to tell you she is a lesbian? I did, and she most definitely is. No cock here, unless you count the copious dick shaped probes that manage to find their way up Clara and her friends (72) tight pink holes to delight your nether regions.


My initial impression was that this was to be a run of the mill ‘club’ style offering but I was in for a pleasant surprise. One thing that really grabbed my balls, I mean attention, was the extremely vivid photography - its so bright, colourful and clear its almost surreal and 3D-ish. No grainy crap - its top notch and reminded me of the sort of emulsion Fujichrome 50 was (and still is I guess) famous for, not that 35mm film is used anymore in porn but I digress as always. Anyway loved the quality. I mean who can complain at HD quality movies (WMV up to 5000kbps) its as good as it gets. Ditto with the photos - fantastic screen fillers and my favourite bit is that you can download everything to add to your porn stash - quality!


I’ll get down to the nitty gritty regarding content quantity in a bit, first off what does Clara and her pals get up to? Err, go back to paragraph one. It says it all. This is Euro hardcore with a capital fucking ‘H’. Are you prepared to ride the piss soaked roller coaster of cute cunt and gaping ass holes to the end, if not, get off now, because this is extreme girl on girl fucking like you’ll never see at your average babe site. Here you’ll be treated to fisting up the love tunnel and also up the shitter with feet (guess that should be footing?!), pussy stretching, squirting, pissing, choking (cough, cough) and toys, oh boy, there are lots of toys.


The sets and outfits (mainly lingerie, stockings etc) add a classy element but belies the slutty nature of - its a porn paradox if you like.


In addition to being able to download the movies (average running time is 35 minutes) you also have the option to stream in good looking MPG format which despite being the lowest quality on offer is still excellent. I must confess I’m usually a bit blasé about video captures (vid caps) because yeah sure they give a fair movie preview, but almost always they are fucking crap quality - shitty, shit, shit with a dollop of shit! Not here though, fucking hell these are HD quality screen captures taken from the movie so no loss of resolution and worthy of a download which I never normally would do.


Content quantity is not massive but solid. Currently just over 80 HD movies and photo galleries (that mirror the videos), plus vid caps are ready for viewing - which adds up to around 40 hours or so of moving entertainment - they deserve to be burned on to DVDs for archive purposes they are that good.


And bugger me senseless, but Clara now does a weekly LIVE broadcast exclusively for her site members. Watch and interact as she sexes up her fuck buddies in gorgeous HD quality - worth the entrance fee alone I’d say.


Summing up is pretty easy… its fucking great! If the site updates were increased to a weekly schedule there’d be even more to thrill - but hey I’m just greedy!


$29.95 for 30 days unrestricted access is pricier than the porn average so consideration should be given to longer join periods to make that all important wallet saving - it’s a worthy investment though.


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