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Reviewed 23 September 2009 - Revisited 25 October 2011


Its always interesting to return to a site a few years down the line to see what’s been going on. I remember as a vibrant place full of original content - well, I say full, to be honest it was quite a small collection then and its not expanded greatly since.


I’m going to defend the small archive purely because the CFNM niche doesn’t attract the same following such as big boobs or anal and so while you don’t get a lot, what is available is fucking awesome.


Back in 2009 I counted up 32 scenes and I didn’t need my abacus for this update as the total today stands at just 47! That roughly works out at, at something new being added every other month or so its not the most dynamic update schedule. Again that really should not detract from the site or the stellar HD movies and gorgeous photo galleries members can download without restriction. And obviously you get a ton more content in the form of 30+ bonus sites from the Reality Kings stable - albeit non CFNM orientated, so its still a tasty deal.


So summing up, while content hasn’t increased in the way I’d hoped at least is still alive and the latest content is as hot as fuck and full High Definition movies are now standard.


Membership costs have not risen in the last two years so you can still get access into one of the finest mega sites around for just $24.95!


If you enjoy the CFNM niche join up and pester Reality Kings for more content!


For additional information please refer to the original review below


Reviewed 23 September 2009


If you like your girls fully clothed or at semi least naked whilst entertaining a naked stud (or more appropriately studs) then is probably the place for you. This ultra nichey site is brought to you by and although it is targeted at a specific bunch of fuck folk, its not necessarily just for them. To be honest I’m not a CFNM fan boy but even I can see the attraction here and found it very arousing - multiple girls bending over in vividly coloured lingerie does it for me every time! And although I’ve seen less graphic CFNM offerings, this site still encompasses CFNM quite admirably albeit with some marginally dirtier antics (bit more flesh on offer I‘d say - tits out for the lads anyone?).


CFNM sites are certainly not as prolific or widespread as regular porn so choices are obviously limited. Like I say I’ve seen a few and reviewed a UK site a while back (check out so its good to see what else is around.


Despite not being a huge site in content terms, serves up a varied selection of scenes, settings and girlie outfits (dresses, jeans, lingerie). A regular scene involves at least 3 babes with either 1 or more guys getting the treatment (usually a suck off culminating in a cunt fuck). Mostly the honeys are fully clothed but the odd tit pops out of a blouse (for a nipple suck) and the panties are moved to one side so the guy can ram his meat home.


One scene titled ‘Ten Titties’ (work that out… 5 lush girls in this one) showed the humorous side of RK production with a porno version of Eric Prydz dance video ‘Call on me’, you know the one, girls working out in a gym…? This is much better… say no more! is exactly one year old and contains 32 excellent quality movies and related photo galleries. Content layout is identical across the RK network so once familiar with how it all works it’s a doddle to navigate. Click on a model/scene thumb and up pops the content - simply divided between video clips and pictures. Videos are available to stream or download (options include watching small one minute clips or larger clips). Downloads are the same except you can download the entire movie too. Movie formats include MPEG4 for iPod across all videos, as well as WMV and Flash. Video quality is very good with member comments and scoring (same with photo sets).


Photos can be viewed online in gallery format although there is no slideshow option. Other options include screen caps pulled from the movies and you can even download complete zipped photo sets (each containing 100+ good size crisply taken photos).


There is a ‘save to favourites’ option so you can organise the best bits for later viewing and a great search function which works across the network and pulls related model scenes.


Updates have been a little erratic recently but one new scene per month isn’t too bad bearing in mind its uber niche status. Its 100% original and exclusively shot by Reality Kings.


25+ sites (which includes this site) are included for just $24.95 (30 days). In my opinion, best value comes with the 90 day deal priced at $69.95. There is a network download limit in place (10 GB per day) but at least its fairly generous. So if CFNM is your thing or you simply are a bit curious check it out - at worst you are going to end up with tonnes of brilliant content for a low outlay!


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