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Reviewed 31 March 2010


This is a joke right? A site dedicated to fake celeb porno? Hell no, and surprisingly its rather good. has made a name for itself as one of the better ‘fake’ sites where top Photoshoppers have chopped, mished and mashed up some of the biggest names (or should that be heads?) in Hollywood with some of the lesser known hot ass bodies from the porn world. What you get is a freakishly good sexy montage of what could best be described as ‘non reality porn’. Its pure fantasy, its wild and hot. I mean where else are you going to see Sandra Bullock take a cock up her ass and suck cock at the same time?


It would seem that graphic designers have way too much time on their hands because this site contains a fucking wealth of actresses, pop stars and casual celebrities getting it on or posing in the buff. I must point out that its all fakery and no doubt a great cause of concern for the darlings in the upper echelons of stardom but what the fuck, its good fun and worth a look.


This site is from the huge AllElitePass network and if fakes are not your scene they do have some genuine celeb XXX in the form of There you will find an array of real deal imagery and video - though its mainly up skirts, nipple flashes, see through dresses, old once forgotten (before famous) nude pics/videos and Paris Hilton-esque movies.


Anyway in a departure from All Elites usual ‘look’, has a blog appearance with everything that is good and bad about blogs these days. Navigation is not overly friendly I found but then again I abhor blogs! The archive is decent enough starting in 2008 and is updated regularly (great!). To help find the babes you are after there is a good search facility and stuff works well enough if not a bit slowly due to click, click, click links.


There is tonnes of content (over 1 million pics apparently) and thus it would take some considerable time to uncover everything that this site has to offer. Like I said before its packed to the rafters with well known celebrities such as Catherine Bell, Heidi Klum, Christina Ricci, Lindsay Lohan, Meg Ryan, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, Natasha Kaplinsky, Kate Perry, Alyssa Milano, all in hardcore representations for the ultimate celebrity fantasy wank session. Just looking at Courteney Cox nude (see inset picture) made my balls go all tight - time for a jizz off!


For a one stop fake Photoshop style site it gets the thumbs up - its decently done and the images that aren’t, are duly awarded the chuckle factor so it’s a win, win here. $29.97 will get you in for a month and don’t forget there are over 60 sites plus more very good REAL celeb sites ( and included for FREE! Good fun site.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 4 Stars
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