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Reviewed 12 May 2009


Amateur sites come and go over the years. I recall, in the early nineties, a few good ones vanished overnight, much to my disappointment. The pressures of performing, ‘real life’ and running a fulltime web operation took its toll I guess. At the beginning of 1999 a new site entered the amateur arena. It was called and featured a sexy, athletically built, curly headed blonde housewife named Cathy (no surprise there!) - a sex mad babe that honestly can‘t get enough cock to satisfy her. How long would this one last? Well, the good news is, that not only is this site still around, its actually bigger and better than ever before. In fact during the past decade its morphed into a kind of mini mega site, with multiple niches now strewn over a number of domains, all filled to the brim with Cathy’s exploits from years gone by to the present day. As with a lot of amateur/housewife/MILF type setups, Cathy’s husband Peter has, and is still, actively involved in the day-to-day running of the site, ‘stars’ with Cathy and also captures footage for his own section: Peter’s POV (Point Of View) aptly subtitled DMS (Do My Slut).


Browsing the archive I quickly realised that to do the entire site justice I would have to break down the individual components and provide each site (,,, and with a dedicated review.


So today we will start off with (others to follow) as this is the main entry point for members access. The home page is called the Members Lounge which is succinct - its minimalist for a reason - its purely an index page with small graphics for individual member areas. The top menu consists of Home, Updates, Coming soon, Contact Us, Help and Survey. These are all self explanatory. Beneath these are links to Cathy’s latest News plus Store, Bio, Diary and Cathy’s Cam sections. Bang in the middle of the page is err nothing at all - it says More News - Soon. This is a new feature by all accounts. There is a fair amount of 3rd party sponsor adverts (video feeds, partner sites, web cams etc) on the home page extremities which you’ll either click or ignore depending on mood - at least they are related to a certain extent or recommended by Cathy for her members. has a very retro design and feel to it - its honestly like being back in 1995 or something. I guess the old adage ’if it aint broke’ applies… but then again this is what real amateur webmastering is all about. Its not about flashy mainstream mega buck designed sites full of over hyped crap that fail to deliver, its about real people fucking and that’s what appeals here.


As previously mentioned there are (10) links (with matching graphics) that point to the members areas. They are: Swinging Area, Creampie Cathy, Interracial Area, Gangbang Area Other Amateurs, Full Length Movies, Girl-Girl Area, Kinky Sex Area, Peter’s POV and Vintage Porn. Clicking said link transports you to the individual content area, which is a site within a site but actually looks like a site in its own right (if that makes sense?!). Once inside, and I’ll use the Swinging Area as an example, you are greeted with details about the sites origins and links to movies and photos under headings 1 on 1, 3somes, Orgies, Member sex (yes you can REALLY fuck Cathy yourself!), Fantasy Fun, Solo, Orgasms and Stories. Of course each site will have different content so this is just an example.


Content within each member area is displayed identically or very similar. Thumbnails, brief description, photo/video, slideshow and links to download images in zip files. Under each thumbnail is the quantity of pictures and video available for each section. I must say I was very impressed with the photo and video quality and was not expecting that at all (no offence intended, just was expecting something of lesser quality!). Video quality varies with age - earliest examples offer lowest resolution with the current crop being way better. I found the Member Sex area fascinating. Guys from all over the US email Cathy with lewd suggestions about fucking (and what not!) and if their location is on Cathy’s travel itinerary (Cathy and Peter travel coast to coast three times per year to meet up and screw fans), well, basically they get their wish granted. Its recorded for posterity and placed on their website… un-fucking real, how’s that for customer support?!


Hey, I’m banging on here. Check it out for yourself. This site is undeniably massive with 1000’s of photos and movies (WMV and MPG). is genuinely one of the best amateur sites around, EVER. Action is diverse, totally gonzo, gritty and real. No fakery here its 100% amateur fucking, sucking, anal, creampie, DP heaven all wrapped up in one sticky site. I can’t wait to watch some more of Cathy sporting sexy tan lines and taking two cocks up her tight wet pussy!


Highly recommended site - no glossy production values but that’s not what you want. Join now, and select 90 days access, it’s the best value and only deal that’ll scratch the surface of this eye and cock popping look into Cathy’s Craving!


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