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Reviewed 18 May 2009


If Cathy’s friends are half as fucking horny as herself (I thought to myself) then should prove to be a cracking little site. Well the only way to find out was to take a look inside the member area. So with tissues at the ready I clicked enter…


I should explain that this site is actually a ‘freebie’ (a spin-off site really) included with membership to and you can join this site or get access to everything by joining the former (which is the main portal). In other words it makes no odds what site you join in this network you simply get the lot! Anyway, what we have here is another amateur offering from top sex mad swinger Cathy, but this time focusing on her friends rather than herself.


Layout and link navigation is pretty much identical to all the Cathy inspired sites, a bit dated in design, but its genuine ‘amateur’ so that shouldn’t put you off. The main areas are titled: Featured Friends (basically the latest babes), Amateur Friends, Web Friends, Group Fun, Other Amateurs and Stories (some smut ridden tales). Basically the main content boils down to something like this…


The Amateur Friends section contains never before seen amateur models (100% exclusive to this site). This is a great area, each model has a bio and thumbnails point to photo galleries and video content. Overall photos were pretty good quality - movie content may disappoint some just because their relatively short (2 to 3 minutes long for some), but their hot and dirty - cum sucking sluts that love cock up their wet pussies and butts - its all good!


The Web Friends area is really an advertising platform for other web based amateur sites. Is this bad? Well, not exactly BAD but not really good either. There are 52 amateur babes currently listed here (some are well known such as Desirae Spencer, others totally new - to me anyway). Each amateur has a couple of promo photo galleries (some more, many just one) and these are ’okay’ but nothing special - image resolution varies from good to average. As could be expected there are links to the individual partner sites. Talking of which, the ‘Other Amateurs’ area is almost identical to this section with just more babes doing their thang - not sure why its in another section.


Group Fun contains 5 sections devoted to orgy type fucking and sucking sessions, split between photos and short movie clips - again the length of the clips may leave you wanting more, but at least their full of what we want.


So there you have it. I’m slightly perplexed about all this. On one hand there is plenty of material, but on the other a lot of it is pulled from other sites (aka the Web Friends section) so its not exactly exclusive (and you cant download the photos here either). Then again the Amateur Friends feature is really good, all new and you can download ALL the content too, so that’s a bonus. I guess the main issue here is cohesion - it doesn’t flow particularly well - it’s a bit of mish mash of stuff amassed over the years - it’s a shame because there is some really hot shit in the mix, you just need to check it all out, click here there and every-fucking-where to find it. And one last thing, unfortunately some gallery pictures weren’t there at all - the dreaded 404! So points knocked down for that. Shame.


Worth joining? It’ll come down to your personal expectations. There is anal and pussy creampies, fucking, sucking, gang bangs, you name it, its in here and if you can put up with the slightly unpolished feel then you wont be overly dissatisfied by the experience. Of course this site is given a shot in the arse by being a part of the much better Cathy’s Craving network so, on that alone, its worth signing up for at just under $25 for 30 days access.


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