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Reviewed 28 May 2010


When I was a nipper Sunday’s were such a drag made all the worse by the early evening TV line up which included my least favourite show, ‘Black Beauty’. Aimed squarely at sub teenage girls that was a right load of old equine crap. Skippy (the Kangaroo with attitude) now that’s another story but anyway I fucking hate horses, with their big elongated dopey faces and stupid clip cloppy hoofs. So its with great pleasure that I can finally address my fucked up childhood! I’m sure you have already guessed that I am about to unleash some of the worst play-on-words to hit porno in quite some time?!


Okay here goes… right this site is definitely one for the boys and boys that like big round curvy horse like rears. You don’t need to feed them on carrots (just dick), they like being rubbed (with bell ends) and they most definitely appreciate a hearty slap on the chuff cheeks every now and again. It gets better… you won’t get arrested if you stick your cock up their asshole or blow your load in their stable either (win-win situation). In fact this is the type of show I’d have liked to have seen all those years ago. Roll in the hay anyone? Fancy stroking a mane or two? Want to muck around? Nay, nay me laddo, its not a remake of Black Beauty, its fucking


Okay the ‘bonanza’ bit maybe stretching it - there isn’t a wealth of big black ripe butt action with just 44 decent quality WMV/MPEG movies (accompanied by video captures) and a similar number of photosets to wank over, but as sites goes at, this is one of the bigger ones. Not all the movies have a high resolution photo set but the ones that do are packed tightly in a zip file (200+ images per set).


Action centres around the lovely ebony babes and their big booty (or asses if you prefer). That means plenty of rear action, be that showing off their bubbles to camera, getting laid, sucking spunk rods or getting hammered up the bum hole (or a combination of all four). Its pretty much black on black at this site but I did happen across a white guy emptying his love spuds into a chocolate skinned stunner‘s pink slit.


You can download everything with no restrictions, its 100% exclusive and there are plenty of excellent bonus sites (60+) including more black fun at sites such as Black Dicks Sweet Chicks and Black Juicy Creampies, plus many other cock teasingly quality productions to keep you entertained. network updates are erratic and this one no longer updates but its still first across the post in my book. 30 days costs a reasonable $29.97. Gallop in and take a look!


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